Insight Into Your Progressed Chart

Interested in understanding your progressed chart?  I wrote an overview on this topic last year – Wolverine.  Check it out, if you want to a grip on this topic.

Other than the moon, which changes signs every 2 1/2 years, progressed planets move very slowly.  I am excited for this period coming up because both Jupiter and Uranus with change signs in the next two years. You can easily go your entire life without either planet changing signs so this to be significant.

On top of that, Jupiter and Uranus are in aspect and hey! I expect my luck (Jupiter) to change (Uranus).

I’ll also have my progressed Sun running into Neptune and my  progressed Moon mashed with Uranus and Pluto, so I’m not likely to be bored. In short, it looks as if I will disappear, transform and shock, all at once. I think this is funny.

If you want insight into your progressed chart, I offer a comprehensive report for $12. It’s a great value.

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Insight Into Your Progressed Chart — 6 Comments

  1. My progressed Moon is exactly conjoining my natal Uranus right now. Weird does not even begin to describe how I feel! It’ll be moving on to my Ascendant and Moon in 3-4 months. Really amping up my natal Uranus + Ascendant/Moon in Leo aspects. And my second progressed Lunar Return is in June. Fun times!

  2. ThankYou Elsa P. !!!

    As Usual Great Insights I Think Your Site is Superb I Wish to Invest more Time in Your Site !!!

    Also with Your Insight I try to see which Planets are Changing Houses it is Interesting also !!!

    In My Natal Chart I have Pluto 2nd House Now in My Progressed Chart it is in My 12th House I am saying this to make You Laugh a little !!!

    Best Regards Blessings !!!

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