Insensitive, Selfish Gemini

gemini vintage twin dolls red dressHi Elsa,

I’m pretty much a typical Gemini: fickle, superficial, a show off, and a bad friend.

I don’t think I have the ability to care about others. There are people around me who care a lot. My parents are like that, and I just don’t love or empathize with them. I don’t care about world events either.

I want to be less selfish… any advice?

Gemini Thinker

Dear Thinking,

Jerry Riopelle sings, “One girl’s a streetwalker, but her feet are so soft…” That’s you, right there. And it’s not your Gemini causing the problems.

I see all these hard angles with the air signs in your chart. You’re detached. You’re jaded. You’re an intellectual. I get it. Let the saps take care of the poor saps! It’s just like you describe… except for on little, iddle, widdle thing here.

You have a stellium in Cancer! You have three planets in Cancer – the goo-goo baby of the zodiac, the softest underbelly there is. You have a Cancer Moon for chrissakes! So what the fuck?

So you have a hard edge. And it’s dynamic enough, it can keep you busy being a detached snob for the rest of your life. But this would be foolish. Because the Cancer in your chart is your strong suit. It’s the best of you. Or at the very least, it’s the rest of you!

Think of an artist who produces some jarring piece of work. A painting. Great. Look at the streaks across the canvas, but where is the subtlety? Where’s the nuance? Where’s the love?

So listen. Don’t ask me how to be emotional. You are emotional. And you are extremely sensitive. You’ve just got to quit rising above your feelings. And I have some other news for you.

With all this Cancer in the sixth house, I don’t think you’re ever going to feel happy and satisfied… unless you find a way to serve with compassion. So here’s the trick: use your intellect to help others. Like the time the battered woman’s shelter wanted me to sell candy bars at a women’s convention for a dollar. I thought it was ridiculous.

“That’s stupid,” I said. “One rich person could write a check for money they’d never even miss and you’d have more money than you’d make selling candy bars all year long. And besides, why are we hitting up women for cash? Don’t you think we ought to get some men involved? Men are going to keep beating their women until other men stand up to stop it. I don’t want to sell to women! I’d rather sell to rich men…”

So there you go. That’s a snob, helping others.

Good luck.

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