What If You Can’t Be Satisfied?

I had a client tell me she was insatiable.  I thought it was remarkable.

I’ve certainly heard people claim they are sexually insatiable or insatiably curious. They say this as if they’re boasting. In contrast, this woman said she insatiable in all areas of her life. This had become a burden.

She happened to be a Taurus.  Taureans are known for their appetite, but can you imagine this?

There are a lot of people who are never truly satisfied, but I don’t think they are nearly as self-aware as this client.

Are you insatiable in some area or areas?  Does it cause problems in your life?



What If You Can’t Be Satisfied? — 19 Comments

  1. Yep…12th House Taurus Moon here, and I can cop to that. 12th House/Pisces Moons want to ‘merge’ with other people, on ANY level really but *specifically* on an emotional one.
    You then make it a 12th House TAURUS Moon, and it basically equates to NEVER feeling emotionally satisfied, because there’s simply no human relation that can provide that level of ‘merging’ a 12th House Moon desires. And damn straight it used to cause me problems.
    I used to make B.S. rationalizations to justify the emotional void. Such as how unlovable or repulsive I must have been, because no one could give me what I wanted. And then I cut that crap right out, and grew better expectations. 🙂

  2. Try having CHIRON and Moon in Taurus.

    There is never enough love or food sometimes. And sometimes I’ve tried to fill the void by stuffing my face. It doesn’t work. Sometimes there’s lack and nothing to be done about it.

  3. Yes I am insatiable in certain areas, there is always an undercurrent of frustration. It’s become an energy reservoir that I tap, now that I’ve accepted it’s an essential part of me.

  4. I realized in western astrology I don’t have any Taurean contacts really from the Sun to Pluto but in eastern/vedic/indian astrology I am more influenced by Venus/Taurus. And that would explain my musical tendency which leads me to say I am insatiable when it comes to music. I buy instruments and gear more so than clothes and toiletries its a must have! I now plan to get mics when money comes in again and a second amp, a mic guard, pro tools, etc. I spend on money so much everyone takes notice. But it’ll pay off one day. Then .. I always have to play my music in between my schedule or when I get home. I would say most pop/classical musicians may be the same. Some are way craft and technical whereas others as myself are more aesthetic and playful. I fit the latter of course with so many planets in the 5th house. I lucked out with that stellium 🙂 Oh and of course I must see my concerts even when I’m broke haha.

  5. I have a Taurus stellium in my 5th which aspects my Saturn, Moon, and Uranus. I do feel satiable for the most part.

    It’s been part of my spiritual trajectory to work as hard as I can, to be comfortable with what I have.

    One of the ways I’m doing this is actively working on my relationship to physical objects–I can’t own every painting in the art gallery, but I can go and look at them and observe them and appreciate them.

    It’s interesting–how easy it is to observe nature and accept I can’t own it but when it comes to something that costs $20, I might think, why not just buy it. Well–why not just NOT buy it?

    I am easily overwhelmed by objects these days. Most the time I look around at them and think–really, who gives a fuck if this pretty vase sits on my table or someone else’s? This vase is physical matter and my relationship with where it’s placed, or who owns it is really tiring.

    I in the midst of a project that I am documenting, ridding my apartment of almost everything I can. It’s fun, because my partner is into it, too.

    He has an empty Taurus/7th House.

  6. I fluctuate a lot. Either all insatiable, like your lady, to experience everything life has to offer or entirely apathetic. There is no middle ground for me, I’m afraid. Mars in Taurus quintile Jupiter—expanding that. Personally, I prefer my Saturn energy over the Jupiter for that reason. I’d love to just strip back to the basics and be very disciplined. 😛

  7. OMG yes. My dispositor is Venus and it rules my 6th house and part of my 7th. Plus my SN is in Taurus. So when I am stressed I get unsatiable.

  8. I was a sex addict. I think really I was looking for love, and acceptance, and offering sex out as currency for what I really craved. Since I wasn’t forthright about what I really wanted of course it could not be satisfied and I kept seeking…

    Also, I was afraid of being loved, afraid I wasn’t good enough, did not have enough to offer. So I’d throw sex out there as a diversion and hope they didn’t look for substance.

    Amazing the way we delude ourselves…

  9. I call this the “black hole of needy.” Trying to fill it never works, all you can do is learn how to get used to being starving.

  10. Ha, I was just about to say… sounds like a Taurean thing. I am a Taurus & jokingly say I am insatiable. I have a Venus Pluto friend who we say is sexually insatiable.

  11. @Saba, I also have Saturn in the fourth, it’s a pretty deep wound in my case, having lost my father and home very early in life. I don’t know that I feel insatiable, exactly, but maybe it’s a different way of saying something seems incurable, irreparable. (Not for lack of trying!)

  12. i idealize and seek perfection “neptune/virgo), that got me through hell during my teen years. I thought the world stink and people around me weren’t getting it right. sadge was my mental savior as there was always some hope in the future

    now i just accept that i was made to be slightly dissatisfied

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