Virgo: Dogged and Disrespected But Just Try To Get By Without Them

Virgo – the most underrated sign in the zodiac!
This is in support and defense of Virgo men and women. Without them, we’d be lost! 


Virgo: Dogged and Disrespected But Just Try To Get By Without Them — 123 Comments

  1. Virgo sun here – related to the dark side posting earlier, but I have to say that I cannot personally identify with the OCD type of Virgo at all!

    Kingsley – definitely right with the servicing aspect. Certainly the Madonna/whore concept is close to the truth.

    Cannot say that I have great organizational skills, enjoy being in a library but never worked in one. Love fast cars, spontaneity and living for the moment!!

  2. Thanks for defending us Virgos. I drive my boss crazy because of my pickiness but even he will tell you I rarely make a mistake.

    And also had to laugh about stocking shelves, every label has to be facing forward so you could see what it is 🙂

  3. I’ll admit it I am guilty of mocking Virgo. I’m so sorry. I’ve got Virgo rising and my boyfriend is a sixth house Sag with Virgo moon. Whenever we do anything OCD-esque, we laugh and say “virgo, virgo, virgo.” People are so mean about sweet Virgo. We should declare a Virgo appreciation month.

  4. me too luci! i lived with a double virgo and her room was like a hurricane hit it. she was a vegan who got up at 5 am to work out every single day though and her skin was immaculate for it.

  5. I’m a Virgo Sun, Pluto conjunct, Jupiter and Uranus all in virgo the 11th house. I tend to pile stuff and I’m not neat in an uncluttered way. But, don’t mess with my stuff. I’m very picky about my piles of chaos. Picky is my word – though virgos are often unkindly denigrated with that word.

    I’m bothered by dustbunnies in the corners or spots on the windows. I like to clean – a freshly cleaned room feels really good especially if I cleaned it (gives me satisfaction – satisfies the virgo in me perhaps?).

    I can file and organize and put things away when I want and usually have a detailed system so I can find it again. In fact, I can find stuff in my piles and chaos too – but it’s my own private system so don’t mess with it….lol

    I have been volunteering for a small library. I love being of service to help people find the info they need. I have a Gemini moon and Libra rising. I also help put the books into the catalog which requires lots of detail to input into the computer. I also tend to take more of the cleaning jobs at the library which sometimes I resent because no one appreciates it….lol- very virgo.

    the worst part of being a virgo is coping with the worry. Like I’ll post this and then worry about the details I missed or worry I’ll be misunderstood. I am way more self critical or overanalytical toward myself than toward anyone else.

  6. The school secretary where I work is a wise, gentle & very efficient Virgo. She keeps the school office running like clock-work. There was a kidnapping last week (student waiting for the bus -abducted and held for ransom – but he was later found in the forest unharmed.) Rest assured that for every child absent in the morning now – their parents will be called to be sure the kid is home. She won’t miss anyone on that list. Even if there had not been a kidnapping, she wouldn’t miss a name on the list. I agree the world needs Virgos in a big way …

  7. Both my husband and daughter are Virgos and I don’t know what I would do without them. If I need help figuring anything out…how to work something, help around the house, etc… daughter ususally responds with, “Mom, it’s really easy, all you have to do is this…never mind, let me do it for you” and my husband will say something like, “leave it alone, I will fix it or just think of it as done” I love it, love it, love it!

    My husband (Virgo) and his father(Pisces) run a consulting firm and his father receives alot of the glory while my husband does the behind the scenes work and when I have mentioned in the past for him to step into the limelight too, his response has been “he is the chief, there can only be one chief, I am happy being one of the indians….indians are the ones that get the job done”, spoken like a true Virgo. I love them!!

  8. yay! I couldn’t stand Virgos until it turned out I was one – late 29th degree sun and also venus. Actually I couldn’t be more Virgoan – I love healing, health, nature, animals and I’m organised and efficient and no doubt profoundly irritating 🙂

    My mother has moon conjunct mars in virgo and I find her uber virgo. She is service personified- worker bee times 5 million. It is quite humbling to see.

  9. My husband has Venus in Virgo, which is directly opposite my venus/mars conjunction in Pisces. Sometimes I feel like we don’t understand each other because of the opposition, but especially lately I really appreciate how sweet, gentle and calm he is. He’s so sweet, and he actually offers to help me do chores. He’s very “no bullshit” and hates to see me wallow in guilt or sadness. He’s good for me though, because he helps me to be strong and try to change the things that bother me, instead of wallowing.
    He’s only 27, but he’s very successful for his age, because at every single one of his jobs he’s been the one to do all the thankless little things! Time after time people tell him that everything would go down the tubes without him.
    Right now he’s an IT guy/technical writer. He’s worked his way up the civil service ladder(he’s also Moon in Cappy) and I’m so proud of him. I tell him I would just be a glob of Pisces Pudding without him.

  10. The Virgoan ability to focus details is fascinating. When I was a house cleaner, a Virgo client looked at a pile of stuff in the middle of the floor and then instructed me to clean all the dust on the doorjambs and window sills. As a Capricorn, surveying the situation, I was flumoxed, but my Virgo Midheaven did as she was told.

  11. I hope my last comment doesn’t come off pejorative. She could have easily wanted to save the sorting of the pile of stuff for her own capable hands, and my Virgo Midheaven, once engaged in a service, PERFORMS.

  12. *claps* Bravo! Hurry for defending Virgo~! I’ll admit that at times I get annoyed with my Virgo AC but other times I’m happy I have such an inclination at remembering tiny little details, a want to “serve” and so forth- it’s a really helpful sign 🙂


  13. Am I the only one to openly show my contempt for Virgos? eh. The over-emphasis on “rational thinking” is so tedious with this sign. Did I mention Virgos have the emotional capacity of a pet rock as well? I see it as an element of discomfort when faced with the emotional responses of others. And, the obession with purity is exhausting.. and boring. I do agree with Elsa, however, my Virgo hair stylists and waxers over the years have been great. I also have a few Virgo friends- they’d give you the shirt off their backs and are very generous in their Virgo way. But, a love relationship with a Virgo? Forget it. They drive me crazy.

  14. Yeah I suppose Virgos are having their birthdays now so I should be nice and supportive.

    Side note: This Virgo guy I work with was walking by some of my other co-workers and heard their relatively tame conversation..and said loudly, “my virgin ears can’t hear this” to which I responded with long drawn-out eye roll.

    I really try to remember the virtues of my virgo hairstylist in these moments. 😉


  15. Virgo is fabulous..I mean hubba hubba..Sir Sean Connery??!!
    Seriously, my most enduring relationships are with people who have Virgo emphasised one way or another.Talented brother in law, architect and artist.These people do things thoroughly. Impressive to a haphazard Piscean like me! Two best friends have Virgo rising, another has her ruler in Virgo, favourite astrologer friends are Virgo, including Jane Ridder Patrick ( Handbook of Medical Astrology author) who runs the Scottish School of Astrology and whose currently ( as if she’s not busy enough = typical Virgo) doing postgrad studies into 17th century astrology.
    There was also a very well know Virgoan clairvoyant here, sadly passed on, who used to see clients in her city office, and one day a gentleman client took ill in the waiting room. She dropped everything, took him to hospital, called his family who were at some distance, went shopping for pyjamas and toothbrush etc, took him in everything he needed and kept in touch to make sure he was okay. All at a time when she was on kidney dialysis awaiting a transplant. That’s the essence of Virgo. They serve, without subservience and they ask only that you respect their values, don’t trample their cornfields. Virgin was, in times past, a term used to imply an independent, capable woman who would not be “owned by any man”.

  16. Thank you, Elsa, for the re-post, and to all who shared the first time around. LOTS of energy today, I plan on directing it well.

    Happy birthday, Virgos!

  17. This almost made me cry.

    My virgo co-worker’s labor is being unceremoniously stolen in a naked power grab at work. His best option for avoiding this is be a slacker and do nothing. All he wants to do is to contribute, and to have his contribution acknowledged. Just some simple human decency. Instead the pointy-headed management gives us lying and betrayal.

  18. HAHAHAHA never thought about buying my groceries at a railroad siding nice analogy. I learned to appreciate this when my Virgo accountant saved me a bunch of money. WOOT!!!!

  19. I’m of course going to be biased towards Virgo being awesome, because I am one and it’s strong in my chart. 😛 I love the grocery store analogy as well, because I see it every day I work at one of the local grocery stores – customers love me because I’m supremely efficient/fast (who else can bag groceries according to category in split seconds). The manager of stock/inventory is, lo and behold, a fellow Virgo, and those shelves are ORGANIZED. He also knows where every single product is!

    I wish I knew the signs of the librarians at the local library. They suck. So many books have gotten lost because of them, and they don’t care about it when I can’t find a book in the location it should be in, they’re so rude. I doubt they are Virgos. 😛 I’ve even discussed ways of improving the way that library functions, the way a Virgo librarian would do, and they look at me like I have two heads. They have even mislabeled books in multiple spots on the book when it is clearly NOT THAT BOOK. ARGH! They need a Virgo up in there.

  20. Elsa, thanks a lot for putting nice Virgo things in limelight. I shud say you must write a book on astrology. – myself Sun in virgo 🙂

  21. I adore Virgos but have to admit they are complicated. A lot of people I know say they think they are cold, but I find them warm as toast! They do tend to steer away from the emotional realms..they can’t handle emotional scenes but they will come over and fix your computer, or go to your parent’s house and fix their dishwasher to help them save money…and they can make you laugh like nobodies business!The woman are usually very beautiful in a very sensual earthy way or have just a really warm, earthy vibe, with an underlying nervous tension. I agree with Elsa…we would be a sadly unorganized, less caring world without Virgo.

  22. I’ve never really been very aware of Virgoans, but this thread has been a revelation to me…. and has made me re-think yet again the vexed question of what my Ascendant might be! So much of what’s been written above perfectly describes me:

    I can spend hours arranging my underwear and linen drawers, colour-coding my sweaters and shoes, and re-organising my grocery or china cupboard. My books have to be tidy on the shelves, and in order, and when I was in publishing my paperwork and filing cabinets were immaculate. I loved jobs which required great attention to detail (publishing has many of those). I did some photo-cataloguing for a Virgo – we got on fine, two fusspots together.

    I hate not being able to find stuff! When I go into the local charity shops for more books, I often spend twenty minutes putting all their books back in order esp on the fiction shelves. I love getting other people’s kitchens in order – how can people LIVE with all those sticky jars, just WIPE the things ffs! – and I’ve quite often taken on housekeeping jobs in spite of my degrees etc – and I’ve taken great pride in running some pretty big houses like clockwork, furniture all waxed, silver all polished, freezers all full. I’m a great ‘garden tidyer’ too

    I always loved doing the Earth Mother things – looking after people and animals, but domestically I’m a bit of tyrant (a place for everything, everything in its place – and don’t mess with my stuff! – also ‘there’s a right way and a wrong way of doing things”…)

    Hmmm… back to the chart drawing board!

  23. I’ve just clued that my surrogate daughter, who amputated me 18 months ago, is a Virgo – birthday tomorrow. Graphic designer and manic ‘hostess with the mostest’ – house is always FULL.

    She’s a classic. The big row we had that weekend was because I was exhausted cooking all week for about 15 people, and she started banging on in a full kitchen in front of all these people about me not putting the damn mugs back in the cupboard in EXACTLY the correct order, when I was busy trying to serve up dinner and clear some space in the dishwasher. I felt like the servant.

    Normally I was the only person who could put up with her ‘kitchen fascism’ as I’m pretty like that myself (I won’t let anyone else do my washing up!) but that was just too much… and words were exchanged.

    I just threw a couple of charts for her – can’t remember if she’s 45 or 46 tomorrow – but they are both incredibly accurate! If she’s 45 as I believe, she’s a double Virgo with Sag Moon, which fits perfectly… LOL!

  24. The other Virgo woman friend I can think of is a truly ‘goddess beautiful’ American, very much in the Grace Kelly mould. She always looks immaculately turned out, and works in arts sponsorship; emotionally, she was ice cool but quite, er, active… she’s now happily married to a rich but much younger man.

    She lives in Switzerland – the perfect place for a Virgo haha

  25. I used to undervalue them a lot too, because I simply didn’t know many. Now I know two quite closely and they’re brilliant people! I would be lost without them, and my life would be much more boring too. I have come to appreciate all that Virgo has to offer!

  26. Love the Virgo, love the Virgo, love the Virgo. Would not be here in one piece were it not for the Virgo. Having been raised by a Sag (mom) and Pisces (dad), I had an interesting upbringing but not what felt like a lot of solid ground, stability, reliability. And for a Cap moon like myself, that would have been serious trouble – were it not for the Virgo. I got through the first 21 years of my pretty turbulent life because of Virgos, period. The most honestly caring people (well, and Cancers for me, too, extremely soothing to my admittedly obdurate and heavily camouflaged emotional side) I know. Could not live without them (and just found out my sister’s Virgo rising, LOL!)

  27. my virgo sun is totally basking in the glow of this thread. thanks elsa and everyone else for giving us our due.

    my virgo sun is largely unaspected, and is the only earth sign in my chart. i feel like i had to ‘grow’ into my virgo qualities. but once i did, things certainly got easier!

    i’d just like to add that while virgo can certainly be accused of being aloof or naive, every virgo i know has a dark, twisted side that they keep under wraps. i think we actually ENJOY having a double life! would all our dirty misbehaviors be as exciting if it was common knowledge and just taken for granted?

  28. Great topic and one close to me…well all of us really, as they were conceived at the holidays and there are more Virgos than any other sign. I was married to one for 23 years, Brother, Dad, GrandDad, and grandson..all Virgos. They are the archetype of the sacred servant, soil tiller. So earthy and pragmatic, so critical because they are the only ones that can DO IT RIGHT! HA! or so they preach. Mother Theresa was a Virgo. On the other hand they are very funny and have much to teach about tasking..I must admit I have learned much from the earth dwelling, toilers. They are sexy too! Sean Connrey and Rachel Welch. So perfect….so hard to live with. OH! and the diet thing they always drive into the ground….gotta love em. That is why the sixth house rules Virgo…worky, healthy stuff!! on the bright side..but the dark side is well>> DARK.

  29. While it clearly didn’t go over that well with many, thank you for your efforts to clear the good name of Virgo. Even if it doesn’t affect those biased against us, it’s the thought that counts, and it was a good thought.

  30. Hahahaha I’ve certainly got a dark side and so do all the other Virgos I can think of…

    If Virgo is my Asc, then I’m so heavily Earth with a Cap Sun and Taurus Moon,(also in Chinese being a Wood Rooster) it’s not surprising I so often act as an unwitting lightening conductor … a lot of destructive energy seems to get channeled through me

  31. YAY VIRGO!!! lol.. great post Elsa! i may only be a virgo moon, but “stocking shelves” is what my job is based on. i supervise all the people who stock the floral departments in one of our local grocery store chains. i supervise them because i am the the most anal of them all!!! i love me some virgo.. both my mom and dad are virgo (you’d think the house would be cleaner…) but i only dog them down for over worrying, they just need to relax sometimes 😉

  32. I used to wonder if I could get a long with virgo or would like a virgo due all that. Guess what I found out, my best friend of over 10+yrs is a virgo. Plus, I’m drawn to that kind of service, and I have a 6th house moon/jupiter, myself. So I’m actually very supported and appreciative of that virgo eneregy. I’ve also become a very big supporter/defender of virgo because of that.

  33. This is great Elsa. And all the comments are really insightful. I’m sitting back and taking it all in. Oddly healing about my Virgo Dad.

    I’ve got a stellium in Virgo and reading all this, I guess I’m more Virgo than Scorp most of the time. Can relate to a lot of these discussions.

  34. Great reminder of the detail and grounding rod of Virgo at their best. The characteristics had gone under-rated in my world until you started pointing things out. I’m begun to spot them and value them: my fifteen year long sponsor and trusted spiritual pal in AL-ANON a Virgo; the computer geek partner of another gal … always working a Virgo. An old no-longer in my circle friend with the discombuberated sorta energy that I told “you drive me nuts” is Virgo with Scorpio …that friendship I miss … I made a mistake with that slip of my Scorpio sting.

    The cans and rotation of stock analogy is great. I wonder what astro signs those geeks who invented the UPC code are?

  35. I’ve got mars conj saturn in the 6th house and venus in virgo in the 8th or 9th depending on the house system used. And you’ve made me understand myself better and also feel better about who I am. Thanks Elsa. 🙂

  36. Aw.. I’m sad I didn’t see this post sooner. I admire Virgos so much. I have Virgo on my 6th house cusp, but it’s mostly in my 5th house. My Juno is exactly conjunct my South node at 0 degrees Virgo as well.

    Love Virgo men, to bad the feeling doesn’t seem mutual!

    Virgos in general, I find are fascinating. Since we are both ruled by Merc, I find their version of using their mind is just great and so practical. I definitely appreciate the Virgos in my life!!

  37. Haven’t watched the video yet, but this is SO TRUE!

    The guy who ran our facility until last year is a Virgo (Jupiter in Virgo too). In the two years that he held that position, he turned it around and brought it to life. A LOT of improvements took place, and we had a lot of move-ins. He had Leo, too, so that livened things up.

    Since he left, the energy of the place is dull. It has felt so disorganized and we seem to be in decline. When he was in charge, he did his best to get us the resources and support we needed. He didn’t hesitate to roll up his sleeves and step in to help if needed. That’s a quality I expect in a leader, and it raises my respect for them. When corporate office pressured him to lay people off, he stalled them as long as he could so we’d have adequate staffing at all times. Yes, he nitpicked and criticized, like Virgos tend to do, but I’d take that if it meant he came back.

    My stepdad also has sun and Jupiter in Virgo. The other day I was talking with a tow trucker about what my stepdad taught me to do when shopping for a used car. He agreed that what I learned from him was spot-on. (If you want to buy a RELIABLE car, get advice from a Virgo!)

  38. Wow how great all the Virgo feedback.. So true misunderstood, complicated.. I am Virgo, sun, moon, venus, mars, all in 9th ruled by virgo.. Sag rising.. I never fit what I read, but I am enjoying the ride.. the sag has kept me moving, virgo has let me keep it together even when I have fallend apart..Saturn in Virgo transist… so happy that is over for the rest of my life time.. just sharing.. a Virgo thing..

  39. So, let us consider why this thread is prevailing. Virgos have issues, that’s my guess. Yes we all have issues, but the volume of posts here, speaks volumes. ((Jus sayin))

  40. arizona sue… that made me laugh out loud.. what sign are you that has attracted so many virgos in your li fe? jus wondering..

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