In A Tight Spot? Lunar Returns Can Help!

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I’ve studied astrology since I was eight years old. I didn’t get into lunar returns until I was pregnant with my first child in the 90’s. I wanted to know when my daughter would be born, so I pulled up six months of lunar return charts.

I flipped through them, not sure what I was looking for.  But I sure knew it when I saw it.

A month before my due date, my lunar return showed total chaos.  There was a grand cross in the chart, among other things!  It was a wreck! That’s when I knew I would be having my baby early. This is exactly what happened.

I’ve taken note of my lunar return chart every month since. That’s roughly twenty years now.  I’ve learned to use my lunar return chart in many ways.

Lunar return charts are particularly helpful during times of stress. Like when you’re pregnant with your first baby! Or when you have some other kind of transition, challenge or hardship stretching over some number of months. This is because they allow you to see what you’re in for.

You can see the monthly ups and downs. But more importantly, you can see that time is passing. This can be a great comfort when you feel as if things are not progressing or that a bad period will last forever. It’s a great reminder that feelings are fluid, and this includes feelings about your circumstance.

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that some months go more smoothly than others.  My second pregnancy was much easier than my first, up until my son jammed his foot in my ribs and kept it there for six weeks. OW.

You can imagine me flipping through my lunar returns to find out – when will this giant baby in me be born?

I sell Lunar Return Reports. The more months you buy, the cheaper they get. If you buy a year, I make it a Baker’s Dozen (13 months) to get them under $4 a month.

They will help you through your tight spot, and I bet you glean other benefits as well. It would have to be this way or I’d have quit looking at mine long ago. As it is, I keep the stack of them, stapled together, within reach at all times.  I rip the pages off the top as the months pass. They inspire me. It’s nice!

What’s your experience with lunar return charts?



In A Tight Spot? Lunar Returns Can Help! — 7 Comments

  1. Hey Elsa! (just joined again been a reader since 2006)

    Was wondering if you find ‘relocated’ return charts working for you. Always wanted to ask another astrologer their opinion about it.

    I remember your post last year where you said, “I wrote a newsletter once about how people (myself included) tended to be scared to death of their Solar Return.”…lol, I always hear those words ringing in my ear everytime I do one…

    So in the spirit of “fear of return” charts never spent enough time with them to figure if the return is better relocated, would love to hear you take on this.

    Much admiration and gratitude to you for all your years of awesome work on this blog Elsa..

    • Welcome back, Tima. 🙂

      I always relocate them. However, if someone wants the lunar return of their birthplace, they can enter this where it says, “current city”. 🙂

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