He’s Frugal, She’s Not – Capricorn Wonders What To Do

Capricorn Enid Collins purse
Dear Elsa,

I am in a relationship with another Capricorn and it’s really good; we think the same on many levels. However, we have differing views about how to handle money.

I am frugal, examining every purchase for practicality… while she is trying to teach me that money is to spend, to enjoy now.

Is there a way to come to some common ground on this?

Money Concerns

Dear Money,

Yours is an interesting case. Did you know that you and your gal pal are both Capricorns with Scorpio Moons and Venus in Aquarius? That’s a lot to have in common, so my first thought it “viva la difference!” But you’re calling this a problem, and I do know people break up over stuff like this all the time. So here’s a more serious analysis:

You’re both about fifty years old and let’s face it. No one is going to be telling either one of you what to do. Think you’re going to be able control a Capricorn? Think again!

Further with Venus in Aquarius, you are both trying to “revolutionize” the other’s feelings about money, but what does Aquarius do? It rebels! It resists anything that wants it to conform, so can you see how hopeless this is in both directions? There is no way for either of you to win, so the only sensible thing to do is give up. Give up trying to reform each other and you may be very surprised at what happens “organically”.

That is: if you don’t harp on her and you just live, she will almost indubitably start to see the merit in your methods and vice versa! So this is my advice: Abort all missions meant to control each other and just live as you are, letting the problem solve itself over time.

Good luck.

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