“I Will Make Myself A Hag For No Man!”

Speaking of control and relationships….

“What is going on here? Do you have me mixed up with a hag? Is that it?” I was talking to the soldier. “Because if that’s what you’re thinking you’ve got me mixed up with someone else. I’m not a hag, I’ve never been a hag and I will never be a hag. When they hell have I ever been a hag?” I said, with my voice raised and threatening. “I AM NOT A HAG AND I WILL NOT BECOME A HAG… EVER IN MY LIFE, WILL I BE A HAG FOR ANY MAN ON THIS PLANET AND THAT MEANS YOU!”

“No, I don’t think you’re a hag, P. I don’t know what you’re talking about – hag,” he said.

I laughed. “Well that’s good. I hope you mean that. Because I am not going to be a hag for you or anybody else. That will not happen.”

“Hag? What do you mean? What’s a hag do, anyway?”

“A hag? A hag is woman who used to be a woman. She used to be normal and happy but she makes herself into a hag over some man. She tells him, don’t do this, you can’t do that. Do this now, and you can’t go there. That’s her whole life. Her whole life is to run this man’s life. Well to hell with that! That’s what a hag sounds like and I’m not going to be one. I will be a hag for no man! So if you are going to hang around me, you have to decide. Do you want a woman?” I said like a Libra presenting two sides, “Or do you want a hag? Because if you want a hag, then go find one and leave me alone! Don’t call me anymore!”

“I don’t want a hag,” he said. “Why would I want a hag?”

“Well I don’t know. Maybe you like it, plenty of men do. They go out and get themselves one hag after another. They get some gal to bitch them out so they can pissed off and go do what they want. Rebel. Play games. And that’s fine, but don’t call my me for that. No hags live here, no hags ever will! The day I’m going to police some man’s life and tell him what to do is the day I am going to shoot myself in the head. And I’m way too smart to be tricked! I am not going to make myself a hag when I can be myself, an un-haggy desirable woman so if I were you, I would decide. Do you want a hag? Do you need some woman on your ass all day? Need someone you can say is ruining your life? Fine! Then go get her! There are plenty of women out there just waiting to be dissatisfied with a man, any man. You’ll have no trouble finding this but if you want a non-hag… if you want an actual woman, who is a human being then call me back because that is all that lives here and that is all that ever will because my daughter? Well she’s not a hag either, is she?”

This is what Venus in Leo (square Neptune) sounds like backed up by a big mouth Mars Mercury conjunction.

What kind of partner are you? Just as importantly, what kind of partner are you not?


“I Will Make Myself A Hag For No Man!” — 7 Comments

  1. Equitable . . . I’ve listened to that same s*!t that you’re talking about & am in complete agreement. WILL NOT DO THAT! And if i did that to my Aries, that would be the last I’d see of him! We both operate on the basis the other is a functional adult, and to imply otherwise is a major insult! Yeah, Mars/Mercury here too . . . 🙂

  2. men wanting me to be a hag is a recurring theme for me. I’m so not interested in taking that role. so they eventually find someone who will. fine with me!

  3. I will admit. I used to be a bit of a hag. But I learned. I figured that it was all due to my poor self-esteem anyway, and I don’t have to do that anymore.

    I have a Venus (and Mercury) in Virgo. So I suppose I do tend to worry. It isn’t very nice, so I make myself go do other things instead.

  4. I used to be a bit of a hag, too. I still tend to be the responsible one when it comes to money and planning, but then I tend to pick guys who are a bit ‘lighter’ than me. I sorta need a man who can lighten and soften me up and make me laugh. *shrug* These days I like to take care of my man, but I still want him to be a man. I just want him to be a man with clean clothes and good dinners. *lol*

  5. My parents are like that. My mother has always policed my father and they are very content with that arrangement. I’ve never been willing to operate that way and have always chosen very dominant men who would never tolerate being parented by their partner.

    I think I’ve learned in recent years how to be in a more balanced relationship and how to be nurturing without fearing that my mother would appear from within me and start bossing everyone.

    Cancer Venus in the 8th. 7th house Gemini sun and Mercury.

  6. i don’t consider myself a hag and find that my SO wants to hang out with me all the time and I am the one needing space/independence…so I think I’m right on with that (as far as letting him just be)….but….I had recently been pestering him about why he had several pictures of his ex (just her and not other friends/exes/etc) around his pad. It was more to find out if he still had feelings than anything else..esp as things btwn us have been moving fast. If he did, I wouldn’t be horribly upset…unless a year went by like that! We talked, sorted, joked, loved on ea other and the pics have since come down. I’m done. That is hopefully the end of my haginess. Is that even haginess? He’s sun/mer/ven pisces so I felt horrible even poking….I mean, it’s ok to be sentimental.

    sun/mer/mar leo (meow!) & sat/ven/moon in gemini

  7. I am one independent bitch, and I expect my partner to be equally so. It’s a tough one to balance – because I tend to be a bit of a mother hen, too *chuckle* But for the most part I tend to let people come and go as they will, and enjoy the times when we can be together.

    Sun/Saturn/asc 1st house gem, moon/neptune 7th house Sag.

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