I Used To Be A Lot Smarter

dropped somethingSkills degrade if you don’t keep them up. It’s like being in good physical shape. You won’t stay that way if you opt to quit moving about.

I was a lot smarter in my twenties than I am now. I was chagrined when slapped down with this realization, by my own hand, no less!

I wrote my California story, twenty years ago. Rereading it today, I saw how much ground I’d lost. Specifically, I’m talking about meeting my cousins. I know who my grandfather’s longtime girlfriend was. I know for an absolute fact what the reality is. It does not matter if there are a of cousins who tell me I am wrong. It doesn’t matter if they are smarter than I am, richer that I am, live in the city with him; if they are better looking than I am, have better clothes or any other imaginable factor. I KNOW.

In the story, I readily accept the situation. The people I am talking to are blocked and the block can not overcome.  This is very good knowledge to have.  Saved me time, energy and heartache.  So what happened?

Well something happened to me. Because fast forward to now, I no longer accept situations like this. It’s a mixture of stupidity and arrogance, I suppose. I try to convince or correct the other person(s) error.

Reading the story, I saw I had to correct this in myself. I like the processor I was over the processor I’d become. Hey, it’s embarrassing and yes, that is my Capricorn talking. I am way too old to be this stupid.

I’ve spent these last weeks sorting myself out.  Boundaries, right?

I’m writing this because I’m pretty others have slipped up at some point and lost skills for any number of reason. You can slowly get lost or be seduced into all kinds on inanity. This happens but with a little effort, you can pick up things your dropped,  in some cases.

Can you relate?


I Used To Be A Lot Smarter — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Elsa, I do relate and I assume it happens to everyone in a miriad of ways at different times. I’ll state my case, a) because planets progress into different signs aka energies, and b) at some point their transits conflict (square) or flip (oppose) their natal position in a person’s chart. For instance the way you process information and communicate or not (mercury) and how emotions and needs (moon) can juxtapose or superimpose your natural intellectual inclination. Perhaps I’d look at these planets progressions against the natal. I guess I’d also watch how the NN relates to any comeback or flipping of energies and capacities. Ive been contemplating how I always seemed to know I was born to be a self-made independent, unapologetically single and singled out. Natal NN in 1H Taurus. Then enter the nodes reversed at 27yrs old, and I was thrown for a very dark loop of co-dependency and all things plutonian in a relationship (tr NN conj SN Scorpio 7H at the time). I was stuck for years in this energy! The whole 4.5yrs (square) to get me to want to swim out of that mud, and another 4.5yrs to reach the surface and crawl my way out of it. Now that the tr NN is again in my 1H and about to conj it’s natal position, I feel myself again. That’s my story. Perhaps I digress but I think there’s something to this that relates somehow. 🙂 message of hope ❤

    • Thanks for posting this, it’s interesting. I didn’t even think of looking for an astrological cause in this vein.

      I guess I’ve considered it to be sociological. I have my particular nature which operates in the current schema. So I have some Libra codependence, Saturn Neptune and Venus Neptune, porous boundaries. I’m also fairly mutable. I think I just adapted downward. I don’t like it so now I’m fighting (mars) for higher ground (9th).

  2. Yes , sadly , physically I am stiffer I know it’s from the job situation I imagine my mind is too .I want to plant some little seeds that grow a tree of hope and faith of bigger things . I do tell myself ,I love my life !!but my thoughts are staying too much in the same lane I think I need to start drawing more.

  3. i feel that i’m alot aware and smarter in that sense; picking up stuff i didnt pick up before, especially in terms of astrology. when i look at my family’s charts i get sad, when i see the bad stuff and get happy when i see the good stuff. I sigh and wonder how can it all be changed? it can’t i dont think.

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