I Told You That Manners Would Degrade

I deleted this guy’s post. He asked me why. I told it was because it was graphic sex and not allowed on the site.

He wrote:

It wasn’t graphic……. That’s absurd…….the only thing I did was MENTION the word sex……

What a bunch of  Amish prudes……..geez do these people even know how they came into this world…..their mom and dad were screwing

That is bloody RETARDED

I wrote:

You’d probably prefer another site. Good luck, Tony.

He wrote:

I am copying this email in its entirety. And I am posting it on every astrology site I can find…..I  going to let everyone know how you treat people……. If you don’t believe me then I will send you every link so you know I am not bluffing. I am going to publicly defame you……watch me

I wrote:

 I couldn’t care less. I have been defamed many times. It’s excellent press!! 

I can’t wait for you to bring me traffic, Tony.  Please get on it right away. 

As I mentioned in my newsletter, Mercury in Libra is squaring Pluto. I expect more of this.

I did fix Tony’s spelling for him. I hope he spreads my (wonderful) name, far and wide.

Are you seeing people clash as well?


I Told You That Manners Would Degrade — 48 Comments

  1. People try to post things/say things they think will scare us. I think its all about knowing what or how deeply our fears are about our reputation, and coming up with the most logical way to approach it, as you did. Fearlessly.

      • good one! 😀

        weird about that guy — he probably thought this was a sex dating site looking for single people into what he’s into. I guess he hasn’t been reading enough or something. Just wants gratification.

  2. No one wanted to hear how horney you were Tony. I saw it. And then with the pic of himself…. please. This is not a dating site. How could anyone here have possibly helped him. Sorry, I don’t think any of us are here for that.

    Sorry pal, no one will pay attention to what you post all over the internet and besides…bullying is the last thing that works with this bunch. Wish you luck Mister!

  3. What illusions of grandeur this man has that anyone gives a flying fig that you deleted his post. It’s your blog and therefore your right to delete any post you choose for any reason

  4. Yes, I have seen a couple of doozies! Actually, I think it’s refreshing. People are shooting from the hip. I’m Pluto-ed & I am sick to death of fluffy.

    Right or wrong or whatever… say it straight!!

  5. I love the image you use here. So elegant like your responses.
    Thanks for deleting this poor guy’s post, Elsa. You saved me and so many people from such a sad view.
    An thanks to him in advance for all the free promotion work he will be doing for you, benefiting the site and therefore all of us who enjoy it.
    Pisces sun, Scorpio rising (really, love the illustration) 😉

  6. Elsa, you’re awesome. And seriously, what possible defamotary content was even in that email? Cos I dont see any. There’s plenty of places he can go on the internet to discuss sex in depth. This is an astrology blog first and foremost… Gahh!!!

  7. I have seen people clash… Didn’t Obama make a speech in Wales yesterday at the NATO conference about joining against Russia? It seems like all of our diplomatic efforts were in vain. I’m kinda worried about how this will turn out, esp with Scorpio being the next stop for Mars.

  8. Bravo Chicka !

    I made a recent (Jupiter and Venus in Leo) mistake of friending two people on FB who’ve been involved in some pretty long and deep astrological conversations. I should’a waited. After friending, I’ve discovered these person’s personalities and interests are mugs of arsenic to my cups of tea. I’ve quietly un-friended their pages.

    I’m usually a better judge than this, but don’t mind chalking the mistake up to Mercury finishing its Virgo transit lately … opposite the Pisces final degrees.

  9. Yes, I’ve been feeling it too (Mercury in Libra squaring Pluto). I think it’s great you deleted his post and sad people like that think they can defame your web site. Can’t he go to Craigslist and do his business over there? I didn’t see his post but it sounds absurd. Ugh.

  10. I think it’s just bad manners. Coming on this site is like visiting someone’s house. You’re a guest. I’m a guest. Plain and simple. I’m on your turf. At your house and I must respect your rules. They may not be mine. But that doesn’t mean I should tell you to change your kitchen to a darker color or get new furniture. Who am I to tell you how to run things? Just plain rude. ! Cap rising rant Alert!

  11. Lets all post sexually graphic material EVERYWHERE!!! We are adults! We have the right to post GRAPHIC SEX EVERYWHERE!! LETS ALL DO IT! WE ARE MATURE PEOPLE. WE CAN VIEW SEX! WHO CARES WHO WE OFFEND ! IT’S not perverse or creepy to expose our sexuality upon other people whether they like it or not! How dare the Amish Prudes!

    …. oh wait… i have to take it down….

    :FOLLOWED by temper tantrum/ whining/ crying/ and acting like a 15 year old by who just got grounded.

    Clearly- he isn’t mature enough to handle sexually graphic content himself, and clearly- he is a little off kilter

    HOWEVER! Elsa- you continue to amaze me. LOL The way you handled that, was so perfect, I was laughing, because that is kind of the way I argue/defend myself, too. A little bit of sass and a little bit of sarcasm with a mix of I don’t give a sh*t.Bravo Elsa, your awesome! 🙂

  12. We are here to survive these transits. It would be way too taxing on me to try to unravel someone’s penile malfunction. I just cant do it right now. Maybe with Saturn in Sag I could try but now while its still in Scorpio. I might have a meltdown!

  13. “Let he without sin cast the first stone”.
    There are a lot of errors in what elsa does.

    I never seen his post, but I have to agree, that a lot of the posts/headings are about relationships, in one way or another. There are also a lot of women on this site. They do ask leading questions on occasions, that can only be interpreted as ‘fishing’.

    You do on occasion have a go at people. Either posters on this site, or those you have met off this site.

    All you are doing with this post is fishing for support in your action against this guy. Looks quite successful by the way. But even if those who have joined in this thread and slapped your back for a good job, it still does not equate that you have done the correct thing, or that those who have backed you have the correct view.

    It was a bad thing to do. Just because he had his own point of view. A public forum that is censored for content that the owner finds acceptable.

    • What I’m actually doing is entertaining the readers here. This guy is funny. This was a funny post, that illustrated what I wrote in a recent newsletter.

      Of course I am going to delete graphic sex posts off my site. If I leave them, my site will become classified as porn, and I’ll be put out of business.

      As for having a go at people, I am hoping to do a lot more of that going forward. I’m thrilled at the prospect, which I explained in an upcoming newsletter. 🙂

    • I don’t think Elsa did it to assert her power, but because it was gross and inappropriate. I’ve never seen Elsa be anything but fair here. We are allowed to express our opinion.

  14. I can’t wait for you to bring me traffic, Tony. Please get on it right away.

    *snort* Oh my gods, that’s brilliant. Thanks for the laugh, P.

  15. JH says ~ “I never seen his post” (Use SEEN only when you are using HAS, HAVE, or HAD as part of the verb)

    Well, I did. It was ridiculous. He claimed he didn’t know what to do about being so horney and wanted someone here to help him. He left a link to his chart so we could find the horney in it and then a picture of himself and his dog. He titled it ‘Sexually explicit’

    Elsa does own this blog. It’s her home so to speak. When you are a guest in a persons home you should learn to mind your manners!

    We come here to help each other. A good doctor would be needed for someone claiming to have a sex addiction. I am not qualified to help with that or his alien abduction he speaks of. So, what do you suggest?

    Yes, it is a public forum ~ that has an owner.

    BTW ~ I am the one that flagged the post. So there is that. Come after me.

    • I saw it too! It was WEIRD. I couldn’t load the picture (glad I couldn’t) and I’m pretty sure that was his first post. He was probably a spammer.

      For those who get offended by Elsa actually taking care of stuff like this–why?? I don’t get the logic of people who come here, pick fights right away or post nasty stuff, and then complain that Elsa and her tribe are not allowing them to express themselves freely because we’re boring/prudes/cultists/whatever. 😛

  16. Good for you! Threats will get you nowhere, buddy. This is my show. I had a similar thing happen. Got into an ugly fight with a bigot. Killed him with kindness.

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