I Really Am a Solar Person!

28 Leo rising. That’s me.

All this Aries stuff has been in my 8th house and I’ve been feeling a little dark. I had all my emails forwarded to a crevasse at the bottom of the ocean where I was staying with some very hospitable creatures who have yet to be documented by science.

And then suddenly, as of Taurus Time! (trademark pending) I’m feeling a little more optimistic, a little more energized. The Sun is now in my 9th house.

There’s still a huge string of activity tralling my 8th, But now it’s like I (me, the sun) am up shore looking at shadowy videos from an experimental research vessel rather than down in it.

What house does the Sun rule in your chart? Do you feel a difference when the Sun moves into a new house/sign?



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  1. All that stuff is crossing my H8 too – Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Merc, but I do feel a lot better now the Sun is in Taurus. My Moon is there, but in H9. I’ve felt quite bogged down and introspective this last month… not unusual for me!

    I’m starting to reach out to the wider world again – making plans, booking things, getting out of the house and connecting more with people. Also I’m suddenly getting up much earlier, which is great esp as we have a mini-heatwave here.

    My sun is in H5, and I do love to have FUN! Brint it on

  2. I think I’ve been underestimating how much the sun by transit matters/feels. Really noticed it this time. Also from 8th to 9th.

  3. I was going to say something similar to what MoonPluto said. I disregard my sun transits because of my distaste for sun sign astrology.
    My sun is in my 8th in Libra. It is a strong player but it is such innate energy that I don’t pay much attention. I can tell you when it passed into Taurus I felt the equivalent of a stubborn lazy cow. I literally feel right now that part of me does not want to budge for anything.

    Funny thing about this Aries stellium. None of it ever made it into the same house in my natal chart. Merc, Mars, Jupiter and the sun were in there at the same time. Sun is still in my 2nd but Uranus and Venus are still lingering in the first. And I’ve felt this transition in both houses–my self and what I value have both been affected.

  4. My Sun is in the 12th house, with Leo in the 3rd house.

    I don’t know if I’ve felt better since the New Moon, or since the Sun moved into Taurus or a combination of both. But I definitely feel the shift and am thankful for it!

  5. Nota … question.

    The Pullen/Astrolog report lists the ‘Sun’ as my most important planet.

    Ok. So, is this the ‘Sun’ as it pertains to the ruler of my chart (I’ve got Leo Rising)? Or is it the ‘Sun’ as it pertains to Taurus, my (10H) Sun Sign? I don’t know if this distinction is important but I’d like to understand.

  6. Then entire time the Sun was in Aries I was freaking out about relationships as the stellium is in my 7th house right now, but the Sun is now in my 8th house and I’ve calmed down dramatically in one day.

  7. The Sun rules my 9th House. I definitely feel a shift when the Sun changes signs, I become interested in different things than the sign previously, for one.

    I have Sun/Uranus opposition so I like to shake things up.

  8. My Sun is in the 2nd conj Jupiter but I’ve got Leo on the 5th (and I also LOVE to have FUN!!!!) Debbie Downer Saturn is in there as well….:-( and it aspects EVERY SINGLE planet in my chart except Mercury. I do feel a bit stifled in my ambitions to have fun, but it might actually balance out the ocean of Neptune I also have, so for now, I’ll say it’s a good thing.
    The Sun is about to cross over my ASC (and square my 5th/Saturn) so I’ll def have to pay more attention to what happens;-)

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