I Have A Crush On My Doctor – Help!

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Dear Elsa,

I have a major crush on the ER doctor where I sometimes go for care. I can’t stop thinking about him. I know he’s single. I’m a Realtor and stopped by his home and gave him my business card. I got so nervous that he might recognize me that I could barely speak to him. I’m afraid if he finds out I’ve been a patient he’ll think I’m nuts.

Should I leave him alone?

Aquarius Moon Who Makes House Calls

Dear Moon,

Should you leave him alone? Probably. You’re definitely a little crazy, but it’s the authentic you and it’s not like he’s rejected you. And it’s not like it’s a foregone conclusion that he will. I asked a man about this…

He said if a woman knocked on his door and asked him out, he would go immediately if he found her appealing. Are you appealing? I’ll bet you are.

So I say, go for it. The worst he can do is tell you that you’re a hag, in which case you can thank him very much and have a good story to tell. 😀

Good luck.



I Have A Crush On My Doctor – Help! — 2 Comments

  1. Do you know how many ER doctors have to deal with with these people who crush on them and they are borderline nuts if not just plain Borderline? Happens ALL the time.

    I know this is ancient history but holy cow you are so way off in encouraging this sick woman. Be ashamed.

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