I Can Think For Myself, Kindle Fire!

kindle-fireI am heavy user of the Kindle Fire. I love the device, but recently my experience using it has been degraded by an upgrade.

I used to open the browser and see links to my “most visited” sites, which is exactly what I want.  Now, they’ve shrunk the links to where I want to go, so they take up 1/3 of the screen. The rest of the screen is filled with links to where they think I want to go.

I don’t want to go where they think I want to go.  So what I’ve got now, is my most-used screen, mostly taken up with crap and drivel. Links to propaganda..

I’m trying to get rid of this, recommended-for-you junk at this time. If it becomes impossible, I’ll find a workaround. I’ll use a different tab to have quick access to the sites I want to visit or something. But I’m so sick of this brain help. My brain does not need help.

Mars and Pluto in Capricorn is squaring Mercury in Libra right now. My natal Mars and Mercury is in Libra. I’m quite pissed off at this attempt to direct (Mars) and control (Capricorn) my mind.

Who can relate?


I Can Think For Myself, Kindle Fire! — 19 Comments

  1. I detest those links also. So intrusive and not accurately predictive at all of what you really want. They are a form of attempted mind control.

  2. I’m sick of Twitter. I’m sick of social media in general. The endless promotion and ads are mind numbing. I crave a month or longer in the wilderness. Zero technology.

  3. Anyone else notice that people, in general, are getting far pushier with their two-bit opinions since social media got started?

    “I believe XYZ, and if you’re smart, you’ll believe XYZ too! End of discussion!”

    Ugh. Last time I checked, I was a fully-functioning, mentally capable adult.

  4. I’ve invested more than an hour trying to get rid of them. My suggestions ate four links, with pictures, to Genifer Flowers articles.

    For Godsakes, this is ridiculous. And when I dont click, what’s next? Experiments?

    I assume they are selling the clicks. Ick!

  5. People designing this kind of thing, d’ya think they also believe that love can be bought? That coersive interactions are real human connection?

  6. I feel the same way I find it infuriating when devices and sites try to “intuit” what I want first because they are always wrong and secondly because it is manipulative and is more likely to make me abandon it completely than to allow myself to be coercively manipulated into a mindless sheep.

  7. Who got the idea that being pushy and intrusive is more likely to make people spend money? It doesn’t work in person and it sure as hell doesn’t work online for me. And I really love this new trend of a site automatically adding companion items to your online shopping cart because they’re hoping you won’t notice the inflated price and delete the item out. Have to remember to complain about that.

  8. That drives me crazy on my KIndle.

    I just leave a browser tab open & that way when you open the browser on the kindle it loads THAT page and bypasses the intrusive BS page.

    Took me a while to figure that out & the BS page would piss me off every time I opened the browser.

  9. I was mad when I tried to pay a bill and had to answer a bunch of questions. One of the questions was, what is something that really bugs you? I answered “questions”.

  10. And even worse, I think my phone and computer “listens” to conversations and then when I access the internet there will be ads based entirely on conversations that are not related to anything I’ve ever searched for. It’s beyond coincidental. There are lots of news stories about this, though google, Facebook and others deny the claim. It’s unnerving to have a casual conversation in your car with the person next to you and then be hit with ads and “suggestions” on the very same topic, very specific, the next time you log on to the internet. Something is going on, no doubt.

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