I Am Not The Only Hologram Out There And If You Believe Yours, You’re At Risk

skunk budack with a quirky story in regards to the Neptune-on-the-midheaven hologram me, I posted about this morning…

With Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house, I go to court quite a bit and I always have. I initiated a lawsuit against my boss when I was 17 years old and was sued myself (for the first time) when I was 19. I represented myself back then, I always do.

This is not to say I would not hire an attorney. I would love to hire an attorney to do this work for me but every time I try, I find they are either not as smart as I am, not as motivated or just that the time it would take to get them up to speed  around a complex situation – well it just always becomes obvious I’d be best off to handle the situation myself. This, in spite of the old adage, “Anyone who represents themselves in court has a fool for an attorney” and so far, so good.

In whatever case, a couple years ago I told a story about gal who got me good. She ran around in advance of my introduction to a large group of people, informing one and all that I was an alcoholic. That’s right. I was tagged as a hard-core drinker when on average I had about one drink of month.

This was ridiculously effective mostly because I had no idea it had happened. This meant I walked into a room assuming I’d be seen as credible when in fact I walked into a room and people thought, “Here comes the drunk.” It’s funny, isn’t it? It’s Neptune on the Midheaven – I am drunk in public, unbeknownst to me.

So back to court, I spend a lot of time there and the place is full of holograms. There is one attorney (youngish) that dresses like Matlock, circa 1988 and I just die listening to his stylized speech, 80%  bullshit. I’m not kidding you, it is all I can do to keep a straight face but here’s what I wanted to say:

One of the gals involved was talking to me one day and I was blinded, stuck deaf and dumb by the stench of skunk weed that surrounded her.   Now, I have a poker face and from what I understand it is top notch but it was all I could do not to bust out laughing, or to say something. She was sitting there pontificating, see? This shit is surreal but anyway, it occurred to me as I was walking this morning, I might mention this to the judge.

I mean I COULD mention this to the judge. I could explain how it is hard it is for me to take people who smell like skunk weed serious. I COULD ask the judge for assistance or advice in this regard and if I did… well jaws would drop which would not be the first time, but here is my point:

If you believe your own hologram (in this case that this gal is competent to stand up as authority in a courtroom), there is always a risk someone like me, someone like the Harper Valley PTA lady shows up and if that happens, you’re toast.

Enjoy, Jeanie.. 🙂


I Am Not The Only Hologram Out There And If You Believe Yours, You’re At Risk — 15 Comments

  1. ugh. elsa, i’m just curious: why didn’t you say anything? i’m not sure what i would’ve done in your shoes, but that kind of hypocrisy hits a nerve:(

  2. i’d think what she has to say in a court of law has more to do with actual testimony (if that’s the case) than whatever she might smell like. i’m not sure it follows that because she’s smoked what she has to say is invalid.

    BUT i do get your larger point about the danger of investing belief in what you are not. and yeah, that seems to invariably come around and bite.

  3. I didn’t say anything because it’s none of my business some gal comes to work high and also because it gives me this nuclear option, doesn’t it?

    Mars Mercury in court. I’m a tactician and I know an ace when I see one.

  4. Bob – it’s just a hall of mirrors is all. I am supposed to be the impaired drunkard but in reality I am sober and can pass a drug test, background check, whatever you got.

    In contrast, my opponent has some problems in this regard.

    But this has been the situation for a long time. I’ve never done anything about it because if you don’t fire on me, I am not going to fire on you but if you do fire on me… well I am not as drunk as you think.

  5. OK I am laughing at the big fat bud up on your front page.

    But I get your point, too. I’m not sure I even know what my hologram is, what with it being so hard to see. I try, though. Toughest sometimes to see through your *own* bullshit, yanno? But I try.

  6. Yeah, Shannon, I am amused myself. I am amused by all of this from every angle.

    For one thing, I am primarily a working-hard goodie2shoes but I am forever having battles with everyone, everywhere I go.

    I feel like Pigpen in Charlie Brown

    Except my cloud is not dirt, it is strife!

    ha ha ha ha ha

  7. elsa,

    i find it interesting, to say the least, that there seem plenty of folks who do, or did, want to cast you in bad light.

    yes, absolutely, on the “hall of mirrors.”

    i have to confess that i have to be diligent, where discerning between me and my hologram is concerned. (and speaking from experience, that kind green bud can make things kinda murky sometimes.)

  8. This is so spot on. I think the whole hologram thing about all the lawyers, including myself, that I know all the time. And I wonder what my hologram is too: I know that the vast majority of people sure don’t react to me as I know myself to be. Oh Neptune. (In the first in a conjunction mash up to my asc and effectively square my MC.)

  9. Ok Elsa I love the Harper Valley PTA bit…Many times I have felt like her!Wanted to strut in and let it rip.Also have Neptune on the ascendant and folks do not know me at all, unless of course I love them..To know me is to love me.

    Also I have Mars conjunct Mercury..I have been in court all my life…Is that why?
    Mine in the 11th house!
    I also represent myself and win.Same reason thousands spent on Lawyers that I am smarter than and I find when you do defend yourself the truth can get out..I am not golfing with the other lawyers and judges after all..I am there to expose the truth..

  10. My mother told everyone that i am crazy
    Now everyone have fear ¡¡

    Ho ho ho i am the biggest weirdo, like “Lily Monster “

  11. I feel like I have walked around waiting for somebody to state the obvious most of my life. I get impatient, say it myself and get in hot water. Or, I state the obvious, ring the big bell, and people actually hate having been told, and that has consequences. Neptune conj. Asc in Scorpio, Square MC. Mars/Merc. conj. Jupiter in Sag, 2nd house. Truth telling and, well, Moon in Libra. Maybe while I’m thinking I’m standing up I have let people get away with things and that is my undoing, while I am going postal from the stress, which makes me look like the bad guy? Anyway…

    I can be tactical, but at the 11th hour I don’t use my advantage (usually). I fired a lawyer once and took the case on myself. The research process and stress wore me out long term, but in the end everybody had woken up. I had been treated like I was invisible in Family Courts/Child Support courts for 10 years. When I took it on myself, I ended up with the win, upped the ante big time, and what everybody had ignored for so long was now OBVIOUS.

    To the point that the Assistant AG interruped the Judge to insist that she Mirandize the Father of the Year on the stand after I got him to neatly put himself in a corner for tax fraud. This from a guy who spent considerable time making me look bad in public. My public image went through the wringer at this guy’s hands, because he basically didn’t want to take care of his kid, and he didn’t want the social bother.

    Talk about a hologram!! Fed a lifelong pattern of me being the goat somehow. Could have done it in a much more efficient way, and today’s a good day to look at this. In the past, I think people knew that if they accused me of something, the Catholic guilt would kick in, and I’d spend enough time finding my way out of the hall of mirrors that they would have time to escape!! That pattern just has to go.

  12. This is true of Neptune MC.. I do find that I relate or am fond of a Pisces philosophy, not to believe in one’s own personal hype or holograms.. Sometimes people take a stand for something and they are all one and alike, made of the same material them self..
    My Mercury Pisces in 1st opposite Libra Saturn/Jupiter 7th, squares Neptune Sag MC.

  13. I had also been in some fuzzy situations like you describe where people might’ve thought things about me, ie: drugs, boyfriend stealer, etc. Eventually the fog passes and people had come to see the truth.

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