Hurtling To The Future (With Mercury Retrograde)

two Penske trucksUranus and Pluto transiting my natal Mars and Mercury. There’s been tremendous upheaval for months. I planned to move my family across the country, sometime in April. The schedule has become accelerated for a variety of reasons, but it’s still unpredictable.

I feel as things are out of my hands to some degree, even though this is not the case. No one can make me move, but jeez louise, it sure seems to be happening on it’s own.

For one thing, I found a house I really like. It’s unusual and while I can certainly find another house, it won’t be one like this.

Secondly, I learned that my son is eligible for a lot help with his college tuition, based on his grades…but we have to get to the new state and establish residency as quickly as possible.

Today, the agent who will sell my existing home asked my permission to list it as a property almost ready to come on the market…I said, yes.

I was also shopping moving trucks. I apparently gave my phone number on one site, because they called me last night and reserved me a truck at a cost I think is ridiculously low! No obligation, no firm dates, no nothing. I took the deal.

It sounds like I am moving, doesn’t it? Like I’m caught in something? A whirlwind or an updraft.

It reminds me of when I was pregnant, and the baby starts kicking. “Quickening”, they call it. What a great term.  That’s what’s happening now.  The ball getting rolling and Mercury rx or no, it seems to be meant to be.

Are you experiencing anything similar?

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Hurtling To The Future (With Mercury Retrograde) — 21 Comments

  1. It is the trickster after all, i never understand mercury retro. I bought a car last summer under merc retro and its the most dependable car ever. This time mercury turned retro on my dc and my marriage is collapsing so i left. they say it won’t really be over. and honestly i don’t know what will happen because im leaving it in Gods hands. I didn’t just up and leave to my home state. im staying with someone close to my husband. its something like a testing period I guess. What ever is supposed to happen. the universe hasn’t failed us yet.

  2. I have my natal Jupiter conj. Uranus.
    Not much have changed ‘suddenly’ for me, or not yet at the least….
    I’m sort of hoping for something good to happen.

  3. It’s stressful but would be much worse if I tried to fight it.

    Bottom line, you can’t uproot after 20 years in a house and move across the country without breaking some eggs! But this was unexpected…for people to be calling me, basically, and telling me it’s time to move!

  4. Lots of sudden changes at my workplace. (This is kind of par for the course by now, but whatever. LOL) We just received new polo shirts from the new company…and they’re temporary! Don’t get too attached to anything, I guess.

    I’m also working with ST to get his fundraisers for a mobility van off the ground. Things are coming together quickly, and it’s going to be a LOT happening at once, I can see that already. This is one time it’s not good to have Taurus or be one–we move too slow! Can’t afford to be plodding along right now. Let’s MOVE.

    Speaking of moving, we’re going to be doing that this spring as well. The living arrangements will be very different next time.

  5. Wheew!! I’ve done similar moves, my brother used to shake his head in amazement “I don’t know how you do that.” Yes, I know the feel of ‘quickening.’ Life lines up and things happen. All the best to you and the family!

  6. How exciting Elsa. When its time… It’s time! I wish you all the best with your move.

    I have had my. Own version though before this Mercury Retrograde. I am in the midst of Saturn Return. My natal Saturn is squared to Pluto and Jupiter and just as Saturn was exactly conjunct its natal position … (in early Dec) I too was suddenly moving. Like you it seemed out of my hands and so much support just appeared (including my son offering to pay for my move as a Christmas present.) I am now in my own (subsidized) flat for the first time in many years…

    The area (which I did not choose as the flat was offered to me by a housing corporation) … Is awesome. And some freinds who are moving to the other side of the country have offered me tons of furniture(i had very ittle) Illness has limited my earning capacity and now I am in a secure and very nice situation! Amazed at how quckly things can change and feeling very grateful for the support from the universe (and all representatives thereof!)

  7. P.s. I really relate to the word ‘quickening’ . I feel it is what is happenning in general in these times of profound transformation and change. If we trust and go with it the energy can take us a great distance in a short time! (Haha thats true literally for you Elsa )

  8. :)!! So happy to hear things are falling into place and moving along. Sure makes things less stressful, if that’s possible with a move like this 🙂

    We call is “serendipity” when it happens around here (which is fairly common and I sure am Grateful for that!!!)

  9. My promotion to project manager has been moved up a whole month! Unexpected. I was already a bundle of nerves, now I have a ton of positive energy, positive people, positive experiences, all happening and I carry with me a tremendous sense of joy, pleasure, and self satisfaction. Maybe it’s in the stars, or of course it is! My partner/neighbor has sped up the fulfilling of a proposal on the behalf of a client with expansive influence, from April to he’s ready whenever I am! I just got my books delivered by amazon, one by Bronnie Ware, the other by Plotinus. They arrived in 2 days when I didn’t even pay for speedier delivery! I could’ve gotten successful earlier, if I hadn’t needed to experiment drugs before realizing it’s literally in my power to lead some very incredible, decisive, passionate world-healers! Ah, live and let live, is the energy I receive.

  10. Yup! We met with a real estate agent on Thursday to sell our house, by friday we received a call from a mover & gave a looksee. Yup sure enough there was the house posted online. We’re starting to look at condos & homes. We found a home in the neighborhood we wanted that is exactly what the atomic ranch style we’s just missing a pool but that’s more for the kid. I’ve been looking at this home for months it went off the market for a bit & now I back. That was fast. Just starting to clear out the house. Fingers crossed hoping we sell quickly & won’t need to short sale it. We really want out. Our neighborhood has gone down quickly & it’s starting to get dangerous. Plus my MS is making multiple stairs a problem for me.please hope this goes quick & well.

    • Something really weird. The front door lock has been giving us problems since the new year. I feel like the house is trying to tell me something. Like it doesn’t belong to me anymore.
      Good luck Elsa with your move.

  11. Yup. It has a life of its own. But I am being careful about what I get swept up in. And seems like I am not the only one. The mundane is chugging along but there seems to be something bigger at stake in my circle right now.

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