Hunting & Gathering & Thriving Under The New Moon In Cancer

Cancer girl fishingThe moon is cancer now, joining the sun and Mercury in the sign. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn, hanging like a loose tooth, waiting on tomorrow’s new moon.

We’re pretty used to all this Cardinal energy by now, but Mars has ingressed into Aries and there has been a shift. I feel people are active or even activated.

Cancer and Capricorn are concerned with security. I see a lot of people acting to get ahead of things.  It’s a pretty big shift, really.  You might have started out, scared to death. At this people are ready to fight.

I’m not talking about attacking other people. I know this can happen but people who want to do that have very little company. Your average person is doing what they can to best navigate this intense, high-pressure period.

There’s another thing that’s quite remarkable.  Setting the news aside, I have worked a lot of people, lately, who are pretty clear.  They’re OK.  There are a good number of people who are going to be just fine. In fact, they can look forward to a great year,

Specifically, I’m talking about people who do not have planets at the late degrees of Cardinal signs, but do have planets at the late degrees of Taurus or Virgo.  Scorpio is also faring well. Pisces is okay.  Some people are catching tremendous support and they may not even realize it.

Here’s an idea – it’s possible you’re doing better than you think.  Generally, you can only affect your sphere. There is a clear emphasis on FAMILY right now. Food, too. Support.

Yes, I have a garbage-spine but I have a productive garden, a marriage, a great relationship with my children and a business that I am able to maintain. With Mars in Aries, I am driven to act with courage to protect these things.

Yes, it’s intense but ask yourself this: Are you okay?

Then there’s this – it’s no small thing!

How Will The 2020 Stellium In Capricorn Affect The Taurus & Virgo

You don’t want to discount the support you’re receiving from wherever.  When I go out to my garden, well, it doesn’t appear the sky has fallen on it. Chances are high, I will have a garden in 2021. Would you bet against it?

How are you feeling as we head into tomorrow’s new moon?



Hunting & Gathering & Thriving Under The New Moon In Cancer — 13 Comments

  1. “I see a lot of people acting to get ahead of things.”

    Yep, doing that now. Bulking up the pantry, while trying to find a living situation that doesn’t jeopardize my ability to stay safe at this time.

    Online I see nurses (on a nursing forum as well as Facebook) who are worried about this coming fall and winter and making preparations–or asking what they should do to best prepare for the hard times we’re facing. (My Jupiter and Mars in Cancer are checking out the landscape, to say the least.)

    I do feel supported at this time, though. Mercury in late Virgo and Juno in late Scorpio.

  2. I feel great. I have the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter thing conjuncting my 26 degree Cap Mercury (ruler of the 10th house). I think I will finally be able to teach my class the way I’ve always wanted to teach it–as a six week course rather than a once a week class ( due to Covid restrictions)…go figure lol It will be more like a deep dive rather than a shallow weekly dip. I’m psyched.

  3. How have you guys stayed sane who are still completely avoiding people and staying quarantined? I think having a job is very important

    • One of my clients who is immunocompromised stayed home completely during the shelter-at-home orders in spring. His wife stocked up enough food and supplies to last a month, then cooked like CRAZZZZE-EEEEEE all day, once a week or so. Lather, rinse, repeat.
      She is normally a super-busy woman with 10 things going on, so the bulk cooking sessions helped ease her nerves. That, and avoiding the news.

  4. I’m a late-degree Cancer sun who just got a new job with more responsibility. It’s another state job offering more money, and the ability to stay at home full-time for now. They’re very happy that the team is fully staffed now, so I’m much needed there. All of this spells, more security.

    The work I do will help vulnerable members of the population, such as low-income, disabled, or at-risk schoolchildren, get healthcare. So I feel good about that as well.

  5. I am feeling grateful to have what I have: a picnic table top garden with food growing small and close-by; a husband who loves to putter and vacuum; a son growing a family across a ocean who keeps in touch/and upgrades our technological tools; a place to live within our means; and the potential to share more of our small-footprint elder in training life in the coming months.

  6. “Cancer and Capricorn are concerned with security. I see a lot of people acting to get ahead of things.”

    Well, I have just been informed by my landlords (aka my parents) that they may be evicting me at any point henceforth with little notice. They will need to do this to take care of themselves financially. (I rent a house that they recently bought for me to live in.)

    Ok. I’ve lost count of how many moves I have made in the last few years. They were all abrupt, unplanned, and essentially precipitated by someone else’s decision. With a lot of homelessness and couch surfing involved.

    Knowing what I now know, I am not going to sit around like a lame duck to scramble like mad at the last minute, at their convenience.

    I am immediately starting to look into my options to ensure my security and yes, “get ahead of things”.

    I can only “control the controllables”, and that is what I will focus on.

    I know they are also acting to ensure their own security and “get ahead of things” at their end. So, no hard feelings. It is as it is. For them, and for me.

    Onward ho!

    • I feel ya, Tango. I am flat out tired of moving, and yet, the universe keeps pushing me out of one place after another. I’m about ready to sell all my stuff! (Silently, I feel myself digging in my heels, in Taurus fashion, so that could be a challenge.)

      My housemates are turning me out because their son needs to come home next month. His lease will not be renewed due to colleges going online. His mom expects to get COVID once she returns to middle school to teach next month. So she needs a space to isolate and if they all share a bathroom, she can’t. Plus my housemates just got married and need their own space.
      So I’ve been offered a rental situation where I’m helping an elderly woman stay in her home. Her family is trying to get ahead of things quickly, too, because of memory issues she’s facing. She lives tucked away in the countryside, so I would feel safe out there, and it’s a slow, quiet life.

      • Good luck and brave and loving guardians(in seen and unseen forms!) be close to you both, Tango and NotMyCircus. Your situations are so familiar, we have moved many times in the past decade. So yes, I’ve been there over and again. Take good care!

        • I have been thinking of you, NMC; thanks for the update, glad you found a safe place to land. I had been concerned for you.

          Three-way group hug with Moki to celebrate and strengthen our re-homing skills and fortitude!

    • “Ok. I’ve lost count of how many moves I have made in the last few years. They were all abrupt, unplanned, and essentially precipitated by someone else’s decision.” That is a stressful thing to have to worry about now during a pandemic! It’s good though you can see your parent’s point of view. The same has happened to me many, many times. Between 2009-2013 I moved 3 times, (had to due to other people’s circumstances that affected me-not because I had planned it or wanted to). Now it’s 2020 and we may be able evicted by years end and cannot plan ahead because we are being pulled in too many directions, which demand we are we are as a base camp. But this rug may also get pulled out from under us! May we all land safely!

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