Huge Mutable T-Square Ahead – 2022 – Get Up & Morph, Now!

mutable t square dec 2022Late November into early December, 2022, the sun, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius will oppose Mars in Gemini. All four bodies will square Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, whipping people into some kind of frenzy. You’re looking at a client’s Solar Return chart – December 1st.  Click to enlarge.  Looks like the peak of this to me.

I’m not writing this to scare anyone. I see people really struggling with Mars in Gemini clashing with the other Mutable signs but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Seeing this coming in, it makes sense to figure how you’re going to deal before this is upon you!

The problem in my view, which is merely one of many, is that people are angry. They are mad but they are not using this MUTABLE energy. I feel this is a major mistake.  You cannot just keep doing what you do and expect a new result? Classic instruction there.

I hope you can see that ALL the personal planets in Mutable signs BEG you to shift your perspective. I’ll take this a bit further…

If you don’t change your mind/perspective soon, it will be changed for you.  You’re looking at a hurricane there. Get with it!

Yes, I’m pushy.  But damnit, get in the game here, don’t you think?  Saturn square Uranus as well. PRESSURE to CHANGE.

Do you have planets in the mid to late degrees of Mutable signs? Surely you can feel this. What’s up?


Huge Mutable T-Square Ahead – 2022 – Get Up & Morph, Now! — 30 Comments

    • It depends on your chart along with what is clearly no longer working (or going to work in the near future).

      It’s like I said in my newsletter…

      We are not going back. We are never going back. We are going through something to somewhere else. I guess some a frozen like a deer in headlights while others might be in denial but this is like having out in the path of a hurricane beyond anything I’ve seen in my lifetime, anyway.

      And people are mad at ????? which does them no good all and I mean NO GOOD.

      • Shift my perspective to what?? Actually yesterday I felt myself letting go of a certain idea I’ve been working, just broadening myself a bit. But I continue to hit brick walls with every direction I take. And I am mad, not all the time, but when I see people doing what I am trying to do, who are already at where I am trying to be, I get mad about it. I’m trying new things, taking action, interacting with different people and oh look, another brick wall. So where do I shift my perspective now??

        • Just keep in mind that perhaps those people that you see doing what you are trying to do most likely also hit brick walls and stumbled- heck they might of even failed but dusted off if they are still in that in that space.

          I say this with compassion as I too am trying to apply what Elsa speaks of…perhaps just being open is a shift. Open to —— (fill in the bank). I know for me, my rigidity helps to direct me where i need to be ‘mutable’.

          • I 100% agree with you on everything. However, these people I speak of are way younger than me, so I feel late to the party. I’m sure they have other issues they are stuck in as well…That’s where I’m at with my annoyance of life lol. Kicking myself for not starting sooner, 2nd guessing my abilities. I’m done. I’m moving forward, but the bricks keep piling up.
            I’m a Pisces moon, I can go with the flow and adapt to most things, but I can for sure feel this stuck, yet urgent energy upon us. 🙂

            • @Andrea Go easier on yourself, there is a lot of judgemental energy in the skies with Saturn in Aqua. Self-criticism is amped up right now. A small change that can be made is to catch those self critical thoughts and replace with something kinder and gentler. To give yourself support, acknowledge your strengths and positive action. Comparisons with others is a trap of your mind in order to hurt yourself. The reality is there is no one quite like you in the whole world. You are unique and can offer this completely different element. Small steps in our thinking can lead to massive change.

  1. Moon @ 24 Pisces. Yes, I’m changing. Finally standing up for myself. Feels good. Mars transiting Gemini falls mainly in my 12th house. Finding it very healing.

    • Yes. Me too! Mars is transiting my 12th house with the Sun in Gemini, and Venus in Cancer. Pluto is transiting the 7th with Capricorn on the cusp. Lots of changes. It feels good to create boundaries!

  2. I m feeling the pressure, it’s coming from different directions.
    Trying to stay cool and positive.
    Also trying to deflect rather than respond.
    It doesn’t work all the time.
    People are pushy and aggressive,even threatening.
    Lying low in this situation,is difficult.
    How to mutate this???
    If you’re forced to see only the other person’s point of view,with no or zero reciprocity??
    These are indeed , difficult times astrologically.
    The planets are not in a harmonious alignment.
    To try to grow angel wings is harder than I thought.

      • This person wants to break my balcony, this is the second time,she wants to do this.
        I have recently got my house painted,don’t want construction workers walking in .
        No I don’t think so Elsa.
        There is another way.
        She can have it fixed on her side.
        With False ceilings, and illegal construction on outer side of our building wall.
        Bullying and giving in to a bully is not my idea of being smart

  3. Hope I got this after living nearly 7 decades with a natal mutable t-square of Virgo Moon-Gemini Venus-Pisces Mars. Neptune 22 Pisces exactly squares my Gemini Venus chart ruler.

  4. I think I got my instructions from you Elsa in my reading the other day…I am learning to go with the flow and let go, wait and listen before speaking and saying the Metta prayer everyday. So learning, learning, learning. I don’t feel pressure now but May near my BD in mid November! Prayers going out to all suffering through this Mars in Gemini thing too. Ugh!

  5. Okaaay my birthday is November 30th! Open to suggestions and thoughts! I believe this signature will affect me until my next solar return right? I have done a lot of shadow work the past two years, disappeared and found solid footing. Now I’m back in my hometown with a different outlook and different perspective and I worry about another storm! I know that if I am taking the right steps I am better prepared. Oh holy cow, I just remembered my whole family and I (including my man I scorned and hurt prior to my sabbatical will be with us) will be on a cruise ship November 17- November 27th. Thoughts please!

  6. I am an angry Virgo stellium, with Gemini Moon. Hoo boy it seems everything is pissing me the hell off now. My Sept 21st solar return chart has the snapshot for a year of mars close to my moon, saturn on my AC, squaring t. uranus which is next to my saturn. Neptune’s waves hitting my pluto, sun conjunction. T mars at my moon is square my pluto, sun. Yeah, I am very angry and irritable about everything. What I need is a place where I can go to scream where I won’t be heard. I have a rant journal and normally that helps, but now, it just seems like it frustrates me more.

    Also blasted pluto in my 12th is driving me insane! This transit sucks! Ok, I’m ranting here, too, and I really need to avac..avoid all contact. Fifty two years old and getting steamed about everything. Blah.

  7. This T square is an invitation to Virgo and discernment that has been recently discussed in connection to Saturn in Pisces
    But change does not have to be a thing of pressure. Ending non productive and self destructive behaviors actually gives us a sense of mastery – which is the essence of Virgo
    Virgo and Scorpio are sextile and very compatible.

    • If Capricorn is Scorpio in a suit and with more control. Then Scorpio is a Virgo who has learned to let go of fears that hold Virgos back.

  8. Dec 1st is my triple sag’s bday as well so this will also be her solar return. She’s been suffering from a developing mental health condition for the last couple of years. What it is? We’re not sure, still waiting on testing and help. Then just when we think we’re about to get some help, it disappears. This is happening again, we’re on the list to get some help for her, so hopefully it happens this time. And hopefully it will give her the room to change and grow as she needs to.

    • Good to see you, Music. I’m sorry to her about your daughter (I think?). So many people are getting sick. I hope they get to the bottom of it. Life stress is hard on a person.

      • Thanks Elsa, it’s good to get to come up for air now and again! It’s been very hard to know how to help her, as most times it seems to upset her more. Whether or not she’s suffering?? That’s a good question with no real answer as it’s all in her head. Making it her reality, which would definitely not match up with anyone else’s reality, but that’s not necessarily ‘bad’. It’s just her reality right now, weird and yet oddly thought provoking.

  9. This post/discussion has been so helpful. I passed it on to a gemini in distress and they did a whole 180. And as a result more 180s have occurred. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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