How’s The Stellium In Pisces Treating You?

If you get my newsletter, you know I’ve had a bad feeling about this stellium in Pisces, what with Mars in Sagittarius prodding it.  I’ve certainly felt the impact.

The shooting in Florida and it’s aftermath is haunting many of us. The rapid news cycle and the spin leave no time to even begin to process, never mind, grieve.

Over the last couple weeks, I have been sensing a death close to me. I told several people. This happened, Monday morning.

It was not a family member; for this I am grateful. But it’s very close just the same and it’s affected me deeply. Further, I expect the effects of this death to be long-lasting, or rather, to alter the course of things for a number of people around me.  The swirling (pain) is just incredible.

I’ll be attending a funeral tomorrow. I have to tell you, I may not get another newsletter until next week.  Though it does not have my name on it, I am part of this death. I simply have to attend to it in any and every way that is asked of me.

How are you faring with the stellium in Pisces?


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  1. I shared grief with a friend as his mother recently passed away. I have lost my father recently and my mother ten years ago and I truly felt for him, from the heart from the core. he went on to use the act of empathy I showed in a way that has gutted me, to have power over me. I’m going to have to be careful how I share grief. (Transiting chiron conjunct chiron and sextile neptune in scorpio) I never see these things coming, time to tighten up barriers, perhaps this is what Saturn transiting my eighth house is trying to teach me.

  2. I’m sorry that someone has died.

    I’m either going to get sick or quit my job. I’m miserable and the sale of one vehicle would have me completely debt free. Very tempting.

    • Tam, you know I was there…..either quit, or get sick. I did not quit, and I got sick.

      Yesterday, we became debt free. For the first time ever….debt free.

      Sell the vehicle honey….. get rid of it. Don’t do what I did. It took me two years to climb out of that illness.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss…

    To your question–I can’t get anything done. Lots of day-dreaming and resignation. I feel sad, too, just listless. I looked at the charts to see when this would let up–not for weeks! ;()

  4. I’ve been cleaning out old files and came across a letter and some photos from dear friends I lost contact with 20 years ago. In the process of looking them up on the internet I discovered that both the husband and wife have passed, she in 2003 at only 45 and he 3 years ago next month. I am stunned and sad.

  5. All in the twelfth opposing sun in sixth. It’s a “parting is such sweet sorrow” time. So far treading water pretty well but it would be easy to go under. Fortunately I have a retreat situation so spiritual time helps. The force is always with us.

  6. Very interesting. I attended a funeral today of a friend’s mother, who incidentally was one of my high school teachers. My friend’s grief is deep, and I felt compelled to go, not only because of our friendship but because I sense some similarities in our relationships with our parents. I feel I will be pulled into this and I am prepared to be there in future months as needed.
    Other than this I’m in the midst of a grand cross that’s tightening and I’m trying hard to focus on what’s real in it all (birth info: Gemini Sun 18 deg, Venus Gem 15 deg, (in 7th) Mars Gem 21 deg (in 8th), Pluto in Virgo 21 deg & Uranus in Virgo 25 deg (in 10th)). Pulled in multiple directions, multiple demands, losing bearings at work, etc., I’m feeling it.

    • It appears to be symbolic of a mother losing her child. Giving it over to the angel in the boat that is being driven by Kharon on the river Styx.
      Hauntingly beautiful

  7. I am so sorry for your loss Elsa..
    Years ago I was part of an aol chat group, an astrology one .We used to have in person get togethers and became vey close. In the recent months 3 of the beloved scorps in the room have passed also one of my birthday twins that I thought had got ticked at me and unfriended me on face book had actually passed 2 years ago !!,Also found out a Taurus I had dated during my single years died in 2015. So much to learn in just a couple of weeks. Oh also my cousins wife just passed a few days ago.

  8. Sad to hear of your loss, Elsa… the pain is palpable even from here behind a screen…

    I don’t know if I can talk about all this Pisces. It seems better just to float in a stabbing mist. I’ve slipped into a work situation that’s so awkward. It hurts so much to work next to people who know my greatest fall at work (almost secretly because I’ve changed my look and they haven’t acknowledged it). And doing “desk work” while I’m at it (isolated and not doing what everyone else is doing…) I’m trying to acknowledge that I’m scared that I’ll never redeem myself or I’ll stay in this personal state of ineptitude on my part. I really need to dissolve and do the right thing and just do the work. Then float away and leave. It’s a terrible feeling… but only a few things I can do

  9. Early Pisces is my North Node. Mid Pisces is opposite my Mercury. Mars is square.

    All sorts of misinformation is flying around. There was an incident at the high school on Friday. I heard two different stories. I’m tired of hearing two different stories in general. But it’s impossible for me to get to the truth under a sky like this. I’ll wait this out until my brain fog dissipates.

  10. So Sorry for your loss has been excrutiating. I told my Scorpio friend that the energy has been excrutiating. A sort of an oppressive pain. Waking up in the middle of the night sort of stuff. I dont know how Piscies people are dealing.
    My Natal has Piscies in 6th house with Chiron and Jupiter.been feeling rather fragile. Especially with relationships.

  11. I’m sorry for your loss Elsa. The death of someone in your circle stirs up so many feelings and triggers memories that are often surprising in ways one would have never imagined. It’s amazing how far & how long those ripples reverberate.

  12. Elsa,
    My deepest sympathies on your loss. Stellium is hitting my twelfth house and I am enjoying the increase of mystical dreams. I also feel the Angelic presence more poignantly.
    But honestly, that’s about it. I certainly can’t get even 50% of anything done. Very little is coming to completion even on a mundane level. For example, I planned to change all the winter bedding to Spring yesterday. As I started, the phone rang and yes I was interrupted, then something else distracted me and I actually wound up having a nice quick lunch and took what seems to be like another endless nap ?.
    Today I’m out all day so my flannel snowflakes will have to wait – just like about everything else. Where on earth is my man Mercury and what is he aspecting because I have not felt his energy in almost two weeks. With my Virgo sun and Gemini moon Mercury is by BFF. Ugh! ten more days of this … I miss my fire ?
    Aries Rising

  13. When I lost a very dear friend I laid in bed for three days I just couldn’t except it and my sister visited me and asked how long I’ve been laying down and I told her a few days and she said imagine your friend in bed for months knowing she was dying then she said you don’t have to give her back she’ll stay with you as long as you need her and when you allow her and you let go it’s done she’ll take a trip to heaven but she’ll never leave you and you never have to give her back until it’s time I hope this helps it helped me

  14. So sorry Elsa for your loss!
    A family member is flirting with suicide for the last month and I am very worried. I lost my best friend a year ago to death and then I had to end a 7 year love relationship this year. This school shooting seems the last straw in this difficult period, to a point where I have to avoid that coverage for a while for my own health. I need to turn to more pleasant aspects of life to heal a deep sadness that has overcome me. My normal state is happiness but I think that with so many of these poor students sharing their grief and rage, the whole country is in a state of deep mourning.

  15. Elsa, all the best during these tough times.

    The stellium is in my 4th house (Placidus.) I’m sun in pisces too.

    I’m realising increasingly how my urge to please and not upset too many people (a neptune pisces tendency) might get out of hand and harm me/drain me if I don’t say No more these next days.

    Due to your recent post on the stellium, Elsa, I am staying away from some topics, waiting for them to come to me in their due time.

    Right now I need and want space! (uranus rising, venus in aquarius)

    Fish laying as low as she can…

  16. I haven’t felt so busy in a loooong time. But right now, these days? It’s like the week calender has vomited all over and I’m busy as H…

    Probably Mars in Sag with too many ideas and actions going on in my 10th house 😛

  17. This has felt like the season of loss. I have moon in Pisces on the cusp of the 7th House squaring my Sagittarius sun. Currently, the Pisces stellium is a running through my sixth house. Two people, I am connected to through other people I love, are in ICU on life support on opposite sides of the country. I can only be “there” for them over the telephone. Death can be a very slow process, perhaps that is what is required to get the living through it. Perhaps it’s just to torture.

    I’m hold ing tight to this from your Black Umbrella post. “On the high side a person might act (Mars) with compassion (Pisces).” It’s where I strive to stay.

    I’m so sorry for your loss and the pain that is swirling around you.

  18. My deepest condolences, Elsa.

    Regarding your question — *wet raspberry noise sounds off in the distance*

    Precisely none of me is happy about all that Pisces energy getting Feeeelings™ and flimflam artistry everywhere.

  19. I,too, am sorry for your loss, Elsa. (((Hugs)))

    I’m finding much comfort with my pisces friends, they are the only ones I seem to want to seek out at the moment or rather the ones who appear when I need them most. I love them. I feel like nothing can be forced right now. I’ve got some big changes coming up but life seems to want me to stay put for the moment. Nothing is moving forward. Prayer. I’m falling in prayer, floating in prayer, letting fear and anxiety melt into love, faith and trust with prayer, over and over and over again. I’m wearing my Grandma’s rosary, I started reading the bible cover to cover, I’m making japamalas… and I’m trying to understand what is it about romantic love that that causes so much pain, paranoia and falling from grace. I feel like I’m on the tip of discovering some deep pathology.

  20. I am so sorry for your loss, Elsa. Nice funeral are lovely and when you state even inspiring, there was a blessing in it.

    As for the stellium, it’s in my 5th house where I have no natal planets. I’m in the gym a lot. I’ve re-examined my perspective on the empty nest especially with Colton now having a girlfriend. His 17th birthday is tomorrow and the stellium falls in his 6th house. This will be the first time there won’t be a family dinner and cake as tonight he is out with 13 of his posse celebrating at a restaurant and tomorrow he plans to take his girlfriend out to dinner and a movie (he is so excited he can drive after 9 but does have a curfew). And I am actually fine with it. It’s what is making him happy. I have mentally switched back to my pre-children mentality. FREEDOM. A lot of time in the gym which makes me happy, major overhaul on tossing out STUFF, refiguring my wants and needs (getting laid would be nice, lol), old friends appearing asking to reconnect and new friends pushing me to break out of my bubble. Repairing relationship with my oldest brother.

    The only disconcerting information that has happened is finding out Colton’s father’s on/off again girlfriend’s oldest son was locked in a closet in the Parkland school shooting in Florida. He is a few months younger than Colton so thankful he is safe but duly traumatized by what he saw and went through (dead bodies of his classmates and wondering if he would live). I’m hoping he will embrace it and work to make changes in our world. His mother was there to pick him up from school and although I think she’s bat shit crazy, I have empathy for her. I can’t even imagine having to be outside wondering if your baby is going to live and texting with him while the whole thing was going on. Bob was ready to leave her again but is loving the ‘celebrity’ of the whole situation but that’s narcisstic sociopath’s way. Sick as shit and happy he’s not in MY life except when we have to talk re: Colton, money and such.

    I dislike my job intensely and nothing has come up yet but I keep persevering at working toward a change but I no longer will let my dislike of it dictate my mood. Not as depressed. Found out my muscle relaxer Flexeril can cause depression so I stopped taking it. Going to my spinal doctor tomorrow to see what the alternatives are.

    Not so bad yet. But you never know what the future will bring by March 5.

  21. What an inspirational post. I could feel the pain reading it. I am amazed at how you process this through your words.
    This Pisces stellium is going through my H4, Mars is hitting my Asc/Desc, Venus has squared my natal Venus and today is trining my Sun. I had my own pitty party earlier this week when I was really, really down; it was a hard day to get through. I am so thankful for reading an earlier post you did on this as it prepared me, causing me to question my feelings.
    Thank you Elsa. You have taught me, blessings come in many guises.

  22. My 18-year-old birth daughter, now son, is on transgender testosterone therapy for going on five months now. Meeting him tonight after some time apart (his choice) really hit home that my daughter is dead, and I don’t even get to go to the funeral. Now I have a kid that I don’t know all that well, and he’s going through a second puberty that I am ill-equipped to understand. I intend to use this Piscean time to surrender and be selfless for the good of whatever may come. I’ve always been supportive but to be honest, I’m bewildered by all of this. This was not a kid who gave any indication up until about three years ago that he had been born in the wrong body.

  23. After feeling like shit and disgusted at myself last weekend due to a big social event I had to go to (without friends), I’ve been feeling better and surprisingly I am having a lot of ideas and inspiration to start various small business and sources of passive income. I’m not a natural entrepreneur. The weight loss mountain doesn’t seem so hard to climb right now. But so far all this is only a mood, I haven’t done anything real yet. I hope the fallback isn’t too painful.

  24. Its on my 12th house, squaring my Gemini Venus and sun, and opposing my North Node. Im crying everyday at home, at work, on the street. I dont think I’m surviving this. Its not being a physical death but I’m not surviving this.

    • Hi Patricia,
      It’s on my 12th house too. Really difficult so I understand where you are coming from.
      I think with Piscean energy it’s not about surviving – it’s actually about surrendering. That’s what I intuited and now I am applying it to my schedule and routine. If I need to sleep more or nap again or just cry and meditate, I don’t fight it or criticize myself, I take a deep breath and just do it. Of course all of this strongly conflicts with my natural Aries Rising that wants to do, help, fix and proceed and that is part of the pain we feel. Not quite sure yet what the lesson is we have to learn from this Stellium, but I know it’s in there and when it’s over we will hear from Uncle Saturn about how we did. Hope this helps.
      For now I wish you peace and love. ?

  25. I just want to mellow out with my natal Jupiter in the 2nd, but it seems that everyone else is spoiling for a fight. :/ Very busy right now. Mars is currently in my 11th house approaching my Uranus. I’m sorry for your loss, Elsa. ?

  26. OMG, someone put me in the looney bin, please. Oh wait…I’m already there.

    ST has a Leo caregiver (birthday fell on the eclipse). Her personal life has been a continual three-ring circus and we are stuck in the middle! We’re looking for a roommate (preferably before my savings runs out) and I’m scared that potential ones will come to our place and end up running away screaming. LOL I’m half-joking.

  27. I’m lucky because this is energy that I understand. This conjunct mercury/neptune transit and stellium in pisces activates my fifth house and are inconjunct (energy demanding release) to my own identical conjunction (in a stellium) of the same located in my 12th house in Scorpio.
    I can “see” this energy in my mind and associated archetype urges and even though the inconjunct can be a stressful aspect, in my case it manifests perfectly as an urge to be creative and have some fun, even in a spiritual sense and thankfully not as escapist behaviour. The more powerful empathic attributes manifest with all kinds of information received from other people. I have learned to use this gift constructively and can steer the energy conversationally and with the use of body language for whoever is transmitting for their own benefit rather than have them bitch and whinge about the challenges in their lives. If being a sponge gets too much I simply seek solitude as I know that works too.
    I’ve only learned this about myself through the study of astrology. That’s the power of these tools used and manifested correctly.
    I’m so happy to be able to finally understand it. My dreams are like watching movies, I can even participate in them consciously to some degree like a movie director. They are so lucid I can remember almost exact details. I wish this influence would hang around permanently!

  28. Oh boy! I think that Pluto got my father in law. My Marine father in law died on 2/12th and my husband lost an Uncle on his Mom’s side on 2/10th. Both were Libras. Life as we knew it has sure changed. Sudden deaths. Condolences for your loss.

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