How will things look in 2015?

I realize some think the world is to end next month, but looking beyond that, I wonder what the world will be like in 2015. I choose that year because that is when the Uranus squares Pluto for the last time.  Here are the dates these planets square off in exact aspect.

I don’t think anyone would argue, we are not in a time of great upheaval and change, around the world. Most of us are personally affected as well, and will be over the next few years.

What do you think things will look like, end of 2015? What do you think your life will be like? I am asking because I work with a lot of people who have planets at the early / mid-degrees of the Cardinal signs.  My family also (collectively) has many planets at these degrees and if you happen to have Scorpio in your chart, or other planets in fixed signs, you’re also having a Saturn transit.

I think it’s safe to say, things will be very, very different in 3 years, but how?

How do you think things will look in 2015? How will YOU look in 2015?


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How will things look in 2015? — 13 Comments

  1. I’m looking at Nov-Dec 2015 as it is part of the march to my Jupiter return later in 2016, and My progressed Neptune and Moon entering Sagitarius.

    I think there are some interesting energies coming around then. as for early 2015 I’m hoping the economy will be much better {Job economy that is} As many have been forcasting April 2013, so 2015 I hope will be good in that regard. Also with the pase my finances are going I should also be in a much better place.

    Perhaps I’ll also find my other half by then.

    Still I’m only seriously looking out about six months at a time so with December coming I’ll start looking at June soon.

    As far as the world ending, I know the next part of the Mayan calendar was found, however I would like the droopy stagnant job economy to turn into a more vibrant and lively one. =)

  2. I think we will have had a few or several more major weather events that will change the collective’s attitude toward the necessity of behavior change from not just a conservation angle but primarily from an economic angle.

    Natural disaster is disruptive and expensive and bad for business.

  3. As for myself, I think my events will happen in 2014 when it hits my Mercury. It is a bit unnerving — understatement — except that I will have Jupiter conjuncting the Mercury and supportive Saturn transits by then.

    My career may be entirely different and I will be married by 2015.

  4. i agree a lot with orcus and will add that i would love to see a turn toward a more local agricultural system and food supply. Changes in gas and the trucking industry may push us toward that. Id also like to think that alternative medicines and treatments will become increasingly more common including reiki, herbalism, etc. Id like to see a resurgance in the labor industry and their representation. And, i expect more spiritualism where ppl are less in hibited to ask questions and truly explore and accept a wider more inclusive type of expression in that regard.

  5. in april 2014 pluto will cross right over my dc (13 degrees)in capricorn and opposiite my ac in cancer…Im very nervous what the next 3 years will bring.what i’ve experienced with pluto conj mars has not been bad, now have mars conj these past years with uranus sq pluto have just opened my eyes,not much action yet.

  6. I am happy to have gotten my big changes and major life reorientations out of the way early as the squares started taking place at 6 degrees carinal and that’s where my Sun is. In 3 years,my new career will be three years out of the gate. My financial situation will be the best it has been since before 2005. I can see myself in a serious relationship or maybe with a kid, although I wouldn’t bet on that. It’s just a possibility. I see myself happier and healthier. I see myself having the courage to do things that I wouldn’t have dared to do before the Uranus/Pluto squares. I see myself riding the wave of change however it comes.

  7. I don’t have much plants in between Cap and Aires. But Scorpio, I have 2. Moon at the early degree and Neptune at late degree. So Saturn transit will be scary I know by the end of 2015. Saturn has already done a boot camp to me since 2008. I’m tired, exhusted. I’m looking for stability in family life. So much disturbed … or should I say horrible situation.

  8. I am still looking at 04/14/2012 Mars closest/day b4 eclipse,, How we(the world) manage those energies
    2015 > THE ECONOMY will for many finally begin kick butt,, new rich people. The results of New technologies taking hold.

  9. As a 1957 Aquarian I have the Saturn return in Sag from Dec 23. This follows on from the Uranus-Pluto sq on Dec 15. I haue had the main family and home changes starting June 2012 to this Spring 2014. My hope would be for gentle improvement in my business and community efforts. The long trawl thru Higher Ed when Saturn was last in Sag in 1980s,has not stood the test of time for me. I feel I need to continue to knuckle down and learn from daily life,minute by minute.

  10. Paradigm shift consolidation. This is not the first time. The beginning of the 20th century with the industrial revolution WWI and WWII was a paradigm shift period. The twentieth century saw probably more change within its historical frame than just about any other century in planetary history. This is painful, but change is painful, and it is also hopeful. Most people these days are aware that we live in a GLOBAL community, in the 1970’s and 1980’s that was NOT the case. We the human being, have been evolving since day one. We’re moving forward, we’re growing, we make mistakes, it is awkward, and painful, there are losses. But we’re finally getting it, we are not alone we are interconnected to EVERYTHING and (duh!) of course, our planet. Pray, meditate, visualize, love, create and work toward the positive evolution of our species, and its interconnectedness to the universe we live in.

  11. Sheeesh. I wish I would have been following this blog when this started. I would have been prepared for the crazy things that went down. 2012-2015 were so emotionally draining.

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