How Will The Full Moon Affect You?

full moon cookie“The moon’s the North Wind’s cookie; he bites it day by day.
Until there’s but a rim of scraps that crumble all away.”
–Vachel Lindsay

Wednesday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius happens at 24 degrees, 23 minutes. Most beginners are savvy enough to figure out where that axis falls in their own charts. However, to fully assess the impact on you personally you can go one step further and compare the entire chart of the event with your own. The synastry between the Full Moon chart and yours will give you a more detailed picture.

How do you do that? Many here are familiar with using to generate charts. If you go to their free chart selection section and generate a chart for the date, June 15th, with your own city as the birthplace, you can advance the time till the chart has the Moon at 24 degrees, 23 minutes, the exact time of the eclipse for your area. If it helps, Pacific time, in my area, it is exact at 1:15 in the afternoon. This gives you the eclipse chart.

Once you have generated the eclipse chart you can compare the chart with your own: synastry. You can see where each planet in that chart falls within your own house system, what aspects each planet makes to your own planets. For instance, the Moon ruler for the eclipse is Jupiter. Where does it fall in your chart? Do any of the planets hit your planets? Do they hit your angles (ASC/DC, MC/IC), your part of fortune or vertex?

It’s not important that you understand it all. The point of the exercise is to give you experience in comparing charts. So it doesn’t make total sense to you this time. Over time it will.

Where does the upcoming eclipse fall in your chart? What are your thoughts on how it may affect you?



How Will The Full Moon Affect You? — 23 Comments

  1. the full moon eclipse is almost exactly conjunct my natal moon-neptune in the 11th house. is that the beginning or the end of something? it’s trine my own mercury jupiter too. the gemini sun and mercury are in my fifth house conjunct juno. wow that’s a big home theme but i have nothing brewing on that front…that i know of! i’ll let you know if something emerges.

  2. K…Transit neptune is on natal saturn, transit mars is on natal jupiter: they are square. The eclipse is conjunct my south node and the sun and mercury are on my north node; and jupiter is transiting trine natal venus in the eighth house.

    Pluto is trine natal venus and the moon.

    Looks like I survive a zombie apocalypse through Scorpio wartime tactics.

  3. Wow! This is so cool! Thanks, Satori!

    It falls on my 1st/7th axis. I’m feeling sort of superstitious about voicing how I think it may affect me. There’s a lot going on right now, a few crucial things coming down the pike this week, so I’m very interested to see how all of this plays out.

    Some of the aspects that interested me were a Venus/Saturn conjunction, Sun/Venus trine, Mars/Pluto trine, and a few Saturn conjunctions.

  4. exact, to the degree,conjunct my Jupiter/Midheaven in 10th, and opposing my Mars in 4th, squaring my Sun in 7th…..I’m feeling more than a little uneasy regarding the effects of this eclipse….there have been major happenings in my workplace over the last two weeks…..these happenings have left me with my nerve-endings frazzled……very uneasy 🙁

  5. The full moon is conjunct my natal Part of Fortune (Pars Fortuna)@23Sag in the 4th House but Sag rules the 5th. And it is opposite my natal Moon @21Gem in 10th with Gem ruling the 11th House.

    Not sure how to interpret this. Anyone have an idea?


  6. Transiting Jupiter is in my 11th sextile natal Jupiter.

    The eclipse and transiting NN are in my 1rst/7th house axis square my natal Moon, Saturn & Chiron.

    Is this eclipse more significant because transiting NN is involved? Anyone?

  7. the full moon is loosely conjunct my neptune/mars in the 12th.. square my virgo moon.

    i can already feel my grip on reality slipping away.. like i’m stuck in a constant dream state. i’ve been working on keeping myself calm and contained because i know that i will be super prone to viciously angry emotional outbursts that are completely unfounded. as i just posted on the boards (what you don’t like about your chart), this is hitting my worst aspect.. brace for impact, this spaceship is going to be shredded to bits on re-entry.

  8. I am going to be turned on my head? This is exactly my half birthday, the event IC is on my natal MC within a hair and the ASC and the DSC are exactly on top of each other. It looks like a fun house hall of mirrors. What a tool is right.

  9. Hmm, this is interesting. So the chart ruler for where I live, is jupiter too. If this jupiter falls in my 11th house, should I expect matters involved with the full moon affect [my] matters in the 11th house?

  10. The last eclipse kicked my ass. I’m hoping this one is better. It’s right next to my Jupiter in the 11th house. Mercury will be conjunct my part of fortune-exact. Sun will conjunct my Saturn–3 degrees. Uranus trine my MC–exact. As a matter of fact, I’ve also got Merc trine Sun, Venus square moon, pluto sextile moon, jupiter trine jupiter, neptune sextile jupiter, uranus square jupiter, uranus trine neptune, uranus opposing pluto and opposing my lilith with transiting moon sextile mars, trine chiron (ah..this is my problem with moon in SAG! just saw that) and square my vertex—all between 0 and 1 degree.

    Yep, looks like a fruit salad–wear your kevlar kinda day to me.

    I’m afraid to see what this is doing in Ox’s chart. Our aspects frequently mimic eachothers. The last eclipse was a kick in the tail for him too.

  11. Well I had to look didn’t I. This is in Ox’s 1st house and just glancing at the transits he has the following exact that day:
    sun square sun
    Merc square sun
    Mars trine sun
    Venus square MC
    Mars conjunct AC
    Jupiter sextile Saturn
    and now the Uranus tumbleweeds..
    Uranus sextile Jupiter
    Uranus square Saturn
    Uranus trine Neptune
    Uranus opposing pluto
    and, lets top that off with a pluto sextile venus trine mars and opposing Saturn, square pluto and conjunt NN..shall we.

    good grief..there’s more within 1-0 degrees but I give up.

  12. I’m a Sag with Scorpio rising. First house Sag w/stelliums. This eclipse according to synastry chart affects almost all my planets because they are conjunct, training, etc. All really tight degrees. 12/21 and this one are connected right? If so, I’m going to start praying & hide somewhere. 12/21 eclipse lead to breaking up w/bf of 8 years because he got a mistress pregnant & heard through the grapevine she did it to break us up- plan worked, moved out obviously & now they live together. How lovely. Eclipses show weak links but I truly don’t know what else I can handle. Cries.

  13. What a great exercise! I’m a total novice when it comes to reading a synastry chart. What I notice most is there are a hell of a lot of squares… five of which are with my Sun. Sounds like this eclipse is going to be a challenge.

  14. “Sounds like this eclipse is going to be a challenge.” a challenge can be a good thing. sometimes challenge can be having to exert yourself to your own benefit. 🙂

  15. The full moon will be in my 9th house, trining tranisting Jupiter in my 7th but conj. my Vertex in Cancer in the 8th quicunx my Saturn in the first. I will be on a camping trip and with my ex (go figure!) so we may be working out why fate brought us together and where are we going from here. I am sure to be feeling quite emotional around this time. Maybe one of us is going to have larger expectations of what our future relationship will bring.

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