How Will The 2020 Stellium In Capricorn Affect The Taurus & Virgo

wooden braceI want to update this post because I realized there are two stelliums in Capricorn in 2020! Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto will be conjunct in Capricorn for most of the latter half of 2020.

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto will be in Capricorn for four weeks, mid-February until mid – March.  Now check this out:

Mike Gemini asked: How about an insight for those with Earth planets at these degrees?

Sure, Mike.

First, it’s the later degrees that will be most affected. If you have planets in Earth signs between 19-29 degrees, this means you.

The affect of this stellium will be significant and it should be quite positive. Think in terms of being shored up and supported.

The picture illustrates what I mean, in a way that is understated.  It shows wood supporting wood, like planets in Earth signs supporting planets in Earth signs.

But in the support in the picture is dead.  It’s no more than a crutch. The crutch does not supply energy to the tree and that’s where the difference lies.

The transiting planets are  not dead. If you have planets in Earth signs, you will not merely be supported, you’ll be fed.  You’ll be actively helped and/or sustained in some way. You’ll be strengthened and empowered.  It’s a huge difference.

  • Imagine a crew of people, showing up in physical form, to help you.
  • Imagine being dealt the right cards.
  • Imagine needing something and having it be supplied.
  • Imagine being fortified in such a way, you’d be hard to topple.

These are the kind of scenarios people with planets in the later degrees of Earth signs can expect, particularly Taurus and Virgo.  Not bad, huh?

Here are details on the February/March 2020 stellium – Phenomenal!

Do you have planets in the later degrees of the Earth signs?  What’s going on?



How Will The 2020 Stellium In Capricorn Affect The Taurus & Virgo — 71 Comments

  1. Interesting. I have Venus @19 deg and Mercury @29 deg in Capricorn. Seems my mode or way of thinking and communicating will change.
    I keep having these intuitions about doing something for the public, i.e. a large community farm for instance.

  2. I’m a Virgo sun 27 degrees trine Taurus Mars 29 degrees . Good news I guess but this natal trine is also each square Natal Saturn/natal moon (sun only) and Natal Pluto (Mars only). I don’t know what the interpretation is but maybe it won’t matter.

  3. I’m a bit concerned about my boyfriend cause Pluto is already very close to his AC (24 degrees), when Saturn hits it will be even harder. He is handling it well so far, but I’m a worrier by nature. At the same time he has Venus at 22 degrees Taurus, 4th house, and his love life and home life are blooming. He moved in with me and we started making a home for ourselves.

    • Saturn is already past that degree though it will return. I know because I’m a 25 cap ascendant and Saturn crossed a few days ago for me! The 12th house transits were no party. I actually feel a bit better now, so I wouldn’t worry!

  4. Wow! I have SN , the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Pallas,Vesta, Venus, IC and The Sun from 11 Taurus to 5 Gemini. Planeta grom Mercury to Sun will be supported. But meanwhile Uranus starta transiting Taurus…

  5. Capricorn ascendant at 20 degree here. I expect tremendous support, hard work and goals realisation. It stars already.Slowly. Venus is 23 Taurus as well, Saturn at 22 Virgo, it will be interesting at least

  6. Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury – all in Scorpio between 15 and 20 degrees.

    I do hope for some support, cause right now it’s pretty darn intense out there this week! Phew…

  7. Elsa – thanks for this encouragement! Things are certainly intense for me and I expect they will ramp up… Sun AND Pluto in Virgo 20 degrees (yep), Uranus in Virgo 24 degrees and Moon in Cap 20 degrees. I expect great things to happen and am buckling my seatbelt for an intense ride!

  8. Late Taurus sun that’s had her share of hard Saturn and Pluto transits. Hope to pay it forward for others struggling and animals, too, that are hurting.

    • God bless you Nancy, I am hoping for some positive so I can do much more for animals, a great deal of help needed. Virgo rising here at 25, Jupiter in Virgo at 27, Venus In Capricorn at 28 Mercury is inaround 14 in Cap. Also Sag Sun and Mars

  9. As replied to Elsa, thanks for accepting the suggestion.

    I’ve been waiting years for my “ships to come in”. Moon and Mercury Conjunct at 19 Taurus in the 9th and Saturn at 25 Virgo in the First { not to forget Venus opposite the stellium at 25 Cancer}. Looking to Feb 22 as the invitation to the January 2020 party. This grandpa of the Spring of 1951 would love to share the wealth should I reap what was sewn. As for those with Cardinal Planets at these degrees, follow Elsa’s advice in her prior writing and I wish you well.

    • This is an update to my “expectation hopes” that originally prompted this assessment from Elsa. AMAZING !!! My stock portfolio is soaring as those “ships” appear to be arriving and more are on the horizon. Furthermore, I just won $5000 in the lottery ! Yes, money isn’t everything, but I’ve always liked the saying “…it sure beats what comes in second !”

      I hope this doesn’t sound like boasting, but people look to Astrology more in times of strife than in celebration. We also need to celebrate good news. Like Elsa frequently writes, “Energy is neither positive nor negative; it just depends on how you use it.” As a stock trader, I’d rejoin the saying, “Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.”

      I wish everyone a touch of my fortune from these aspects with loaded Taurus and Virgo 20-25 degree placements. Folks with Cardinal placements need to use these challenging aspects to prepare for when your trines come.

      • ‘Folks with Cardinal placements need to use these challenging aspects to prepare for when your trines come.”

        Sound advice. I would add that when you have a positive aspect to use that to your advantage as well. When Tr. Jupiter was in Sadge my 10H and trining my natal Saturn in Aries 2H, I worked my tail off – I mean I said yes to nearly everything. I knew to take advantage of this transit so I could achieve a major financial goal. Was an assbuster of a year! BUT…a year later I have been promoted to a semi-management position and no longer have to do all the hard physical work of the previous year. And I have the cushion I’ll need for when the squares come knocking.

  10. How will the 2020 stellium in Capricorn affect the … Air, Fire, Water… Signs?
    I am Pieces rising, Libra 21 Sun/3 Moon/8 Mercury, Scorpio 4 Venus/23 Mars, MC 28 Saggitarius. My Saturn is 16 Aquarius and Virgo 8 Pluto/13 Uranus. Virgo is my ONLY earth.

  11. Ascendant and mars at 26-27 degrees virgo. I’ve gotten so used to supporting myself that when I try to envision an existence where life is working with me rather than against me, it almost feels wrong haha. Like it would be considered cheating, or something.

    Things are really looking up though – I think. I’ll consider myself very blessed if I find myself supported rather than demolished.

    • That’s good to know. Saturn is a time you reap what you sew and if you’ve been sewing good seeds then well, there’s a chance things will look up.

  12. I have Venus 18 degrees and Mars 27 degrees in Taurus. Im tired of scraping by all my life with heavy depression and little optimism . Im almost 50 years old and getting tired of life itself. I hope there is something in this alignment for me to help boost me up.
    Im also a cardinal square in all the cardinal signs. This past years have been something else and I feel deflated. Some kind of cardinal square is up this Friday, maybe it will do me a favor and put me out of my misery, lol

  13. Oh boy! A reprieve! It’s been a hefty learning experience this past year. Re-learning patience, tenacity and fortitude…Knowing this is all temporary. Regrouping now, and looking forward in a huge way! Thanks, Elsa!

  14. Oh, besides the 2020 10th house Jupiter in Taurus coming…right now I am in the midst of nothing happening career wise as Uranus is in the beginning of my 10th (Aries Midheaven). But for the firest time in life, I have no pressure to be or do anything. And I am being materially supported with food, shelter and someone who loves me in the house (not my house but a new found family member). I am resting and having to despatayely wonder how I will make it in life. I figure something will break through about my professional life. But right now…I am able to have space and time without pressure while waiting for my hard work to meet opportunity. You know – “overnight success” and “luck”.

    I want my children’s books to start selling and my consulting business to attract clients. But all is quiet and I did so much hard work for a long time. I can work too hard. I wait for the open window to know what to do next and meanwhile, I am taking care of my physical, spiritual and mental health and keeping tabs on my chronically ill Aries mother and living with my elderly Aries cousin who is bravely fighting breast cancer again. My 6th house is Cappy. Actually I feel very blessed right now.

    My sugar consumption has dramatically dropped.

  15. I’m a Capricorn with Mercury and Mars 19 degrees. I do hope this bodes well for me becoming financially independent for once in my life!

  16. My Vertex at 22*59 CAP and Saturn at 23*23 CAP, and my 21*45 VIR Venus will be directly affected.
    On the Saturn/Venus side, my boyfriend bought me a brand new house because he wants me to be taken care of when he is gone. We are putting in light fixtures and landscaping as we speak.
    On the Vertex side, the love of my life- my companion of 13 years- my min pin terrier had to be put down the day we moved in and is buried under the new grass in the back yard.
    Someone said that the Saturn Vertex activation might result in deaths in my life, and if so, it has already started. But even the new home is infused with the idea that I must go on, even if he doesn’t hold out hope for a long life.
    But I could be wrong- any insight would be appreciated.

  17. I have MC, and Jupiter in Cap at those degrees and NN in Taurus at 26 degrees.
    A few days ago you wrote a post that frightened me a bit saying that february will be a prelude for the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction.
    February is looking horrible.
    This present post is looking better but I don’t know which is which.

  18. Elsa, thank you so warmly for this and the earlier cardinal-signs post! Much needed and appreciated.

    The stelliums are going to wallop my chart, where all of these elements are found in 21-25 degrees: all four Angles (mutable, with Virgo rising), Saturn (Rx in Aries), Jupiter-Pluto (Virgo), and Ceres-Neptune (Scorpio). Yowza.

    Still, I’m getting just a small sense of my inner gears finally catching and revving up to go where I’m supposed to be going at last. Sure hope this glimmer is spot-on for the long haul.

    Thanks again!

  19. I have Taurus ascendant 27 degrees. I’ll have Pluto and Saturn and Venus all in conjunction …Venus 21 degree Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus 26 degree… I believe both Saturn and Pluto will conjunct my Venus def not ready …

  20. This stellium is in a trine with my natal Southnode in Virgo conjunct Plutoin Virgo, house 5 + sextile my Northnode in Pisces, house 11….so I quess a supportive push towards my lifemission. I am in the midst of standing up for my self, setting boundaries en true self-expression. Goal to transform and heal myself in order to help children en their selfexpression.

  21. Me also 21 degree Taurus Rising ( Asc.). And Uranus in trine to my Pluto and Mars as well as my Saturn as Saturn has been squaring my Moon. Crazy shit man! A lot of my changes are inner viewpoints that even surprise me!! And some great new far reaching solid and stable endeavors that are coming …oh so slowly….but I can feel that I will be able to sink my teeth in and build the physical tangible realms. Yep like pieces shaking me into place, testing my patience as I look at what I most important. I a getting so “real” in so many ways and levels..pretty cool…. quite strange and challenging , but all in all I feel it will be a great transition! I feel Uranus shaking me into my essential core shaking away what is not necessary, as Pluto is helping me with core truth and empowerment making the stakes in some ways higher, helping me own my deepest truth to be strong in shining light on places that need to be uncovered! Saturn making me stay put long enough to grow some roots and build something tangible for my life. Even though I also want to be FREE with Uranus and Mercury conjunct in Leo trine my moon…FREE to be the wild card …… and so I shall..however ,for now looks like from a stable place of simple, practical and rational movements. Of course my intuition and free speaking intuition must also ne honored!!
    WOW, thanks for reading this if you did! Did not mean to go on so much!! I must add that in this particular time, we are all really going through massive sort of Karmic transitions with South Node crossing Pluto and now coming up to Saturn as we really are in a type of awakening for sure on this Beautiful planet. And it is a DOOZY!! As I am sure you know it doesn’t happen overnight…things are escalating….WOO HOO! So for me at least, I feel that something solid to hold onto is the best thing!! Maybe for many this is also true! And something that aligns with at least some important part of who I am and what I stand for and came to do this time around.

  22. Mercury, Mars and AC in late degrees of Virgo….hoping! February was an interesting mix of good things socially, and a less good work thing that quickly turned out well, just what I needed and instant opened doors and continues to bloom so here’s hoping for 2020.
    Everything feels profoundly changed somehow since Feb., like a slow rebirth too. I was absolutely exhausted like a shell by Feb and feel alive and focused again two months later, and never would have expected this. I feel reinvigorated to pursue some goals. I feel bold and focused instead of like a drained servant, actually. I wonder if other Virgo stelliums feel this?… I went into a quick-working cocoon, in a way, and came out revived and new. Fascinating to think to 2020.

    Thank you for this post.

  23. Virgo Ascendant @ 16 Deg. Most other planets (Pluto, Venus in Virgo + Merc & Mar in Leo) are in the late degrees of Leo and early degrees of Virgo i.e 12th house.

    Sun in Cancer (23 Degree)& Saturn in Capricorn (4 Degree).

    What am I going thru now is pretty wild and it is all in a downward path. Not worried though. stellium in Scorp and Leo is pulling me thru!.

    Like to learn and understand what others in thios group are going thru’. But I think it is fun as I am trying to “know myself”; which is the prime purpose of this life!!

  24. I love hearing this for my Virgo husband. After everything he’s been through recently, it will make me happy to see him have more support.

  25. I have Saturn at 25 degrees Cap, coming up on my 2nd Saturn return, and a little worried about having Pluto involved and encouraged by Jupiter’s involvement

      • Thanks Elsa, Reading “Planets in Transit” the Pluto conjunction of natal Saturn seems ominous… and certainly seems to be the most powerful of the three transiting planets. I’ve been working on tying up lose ends and completing anything that has needed to be addressed so I can weather what ever is coming my way. I believe the planets are here to restore balance, so what ever I can do ahead of the transit to make the experience less intense to navigate I’m trying to accomplish at this time. All this action takes place in my eighth house.

        • With regard to the outer planet transits, that’s a highly unusual but admirable attitude to have. Has the book helped? Have you gleaned any insights you care to share here?

          The TR Saturn TR Pluto will hit Sun and Saturn (L11, L4 and L5) in 10th, which is part of a T square with Jupiter in 7th and Uranus in 1st, in my Davison chart with my husband. It will conjunct my 5 year old’s stationary Venus in Cap chart ruler. It will also conjunct Merc (IC ruler) and Venus (chart ruler) in my daughter’s chart. The July 16 eclipses has already hit these points so it will be interesting to see what comes of all this.

  26. What would you say about someone with a natal sun at 20 deg 26 min Capricorn (located in the 5th and ruling the 12th) and a natal moon at 17 deg 38 min Taurus (located in the 9th and ruling the 11th)? I’m torn between trusting this transit and fearing it, especially for my natal sun. On one hand, I’m in a Capricorn L1 period for my lot of spirit, so I think I can expect to unearth buried creative potential (singing, for me) but, on the other hand, I’m in a Capricorn L2 period for my lot of Eros. Does this mean I’ll need to watch out for stalkers or date rapists? Is there any danger associated with transiting Pluto conjunct transiting Saturn conjunct natal sun (located in the 5th and ruling the 12th)? I’m hoping the answer is no, as I’ve already had extensive experience with both a stalker and a date rapist. ? But I know I’ll have to keep both eyes open and accept reality if I want to be safe. So, what’s the verdict?

  27. Only my sun(in 12th house) and ascendant which is great at this juncture.
    Feel like I’m not taking full advantage though so will keep my eyes and ears open.

  28. I have a Mercury Chiron conjunction 23 degrees Virgo in the second house. Any comments welcomed on the above referenced Capricorn Stellium

  29. Its wonderful to hear from you all the time as I too have a Capricorn (19′) Ascendant so I have been going thru the same repetition!

  30. DH has 22 Cap Ascendant and 21 Virgo Sun…it would be nice for him to finally get some support from others. Or maybe he will finally put himself and his health (which is not good) first.

  31. Pluto and Saturn have already plowed through 12H Cap. Mars 0, Saturn 11, Mercury 16. SUN 23 ASC 24 EEK
    I have been fearing the worst.

    I”m wondering if voluntary loss (getting dentures) will feed the gods. There is not much left since this long transit.

  32. the only planet i have in an earth sign within those degrees is the sun, but the pluto/saturn conjunction will be exact and (together with mercury) conjunct my sun on my solar return so i guess it’s a big transit for me.

    so thanks for easing my mind a bit. mercury is my chart ruler and saturn and pluto are both very prominent energies in my natal chart, but despite that, i’ve been so very nervous about having their attention like this.

  33. I have four planets in Earth signs…. three in Taurus…. one in Virgo…. none are in the later degrees. I have the following which I don’t know anything about…. Placidus / III Taurus 21’59’ / XI Capricorn 1’30’ / XII Capricorn 21’26’ …..

    Does this Stellium affect those with planets in the lower degrees???? To what degree (amount)????

    I am going through stuff that would blow your mind (self-represented at Trial for property equalization payment/Divorce). Going forward with support or on my own. However would more than welcome the support. LOL

      • The Trial begins tomorrow morning. I am knee deep in work. As much as I would love to, I have no time to figure out how to post my chart. Does this help????

        May 24th, 1964
        1:09 AM
        Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

        THANK YOU Elsa! Your newsletter and blog are my go to…. and have helped with my life for over a decade!

  34. Thanks for the update, Elsa. I don’t have planets in Earth (what can I say, I’m an alien) but my husband has P IC and Vertex at 26 Cap. To say he’s close to his (biological) family is an understatement. He’s only ever in conflict with me over them. The transiting node passed through his PC IC not long ago. Let me tell you what I know about the Tr stellium on his P IC and Vertex: 1) almost every member of his family is facing some form of hardship from unexpected retrenchment, uncertain work situation, lack of funds for and in retirement, divorce, death…as a couple, we have been through some challenges at home too. Our daughter was diagnosed with severe ADHD after a year of tear-out-your-hair behaviour. We were in conflict over diagnosis (when she clearly has a disorder, he as a doctor called it “malingering” and refused to cooperate), he was having a particularly testy year at work (still is because he has Saturn Natally in 10th), we were having rows over my management of the children (alone, I should add, since he was often away for work), and rather recently when his brother asked him to look for me and my daughter since we were shopping (and had only been gone an hour) he physically attacked me in public, in front of our daughter.

    I’m still upbeat though because I have Sun conjunct Jupiter in cancer Natally. It takes a whole lot more to get me down. ?

    So there you have it. This is what a conjunction of the stellium can produce, if supported by progressions.

  35. I have Venus 28 degree and Mercury 17 degree in Capricorn my fourth house, Jupiter in Virgo @25 degree and I am a Virgo rising @29 degree , worn out from Pluto Saturn transit over my second house than Sun in third/ Sag/ and now my fourth, I just want to dig a deep hole!

  36. My descendant is 22* Capricorn, Sun is 24* Virgo, South node 23* Taurus – it’s already been quite intense – looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds, projecting positivity!

  37. 24* Taurus Sun, 27* Virgo Asc. Too early to tell (and Iranus in Taurus makes everything weird and off-kilter), but there is slow feeling of strength returning and the kind of energy you sense with the Judgement card in Tarot. Will see how things go as it develops.

  38. 17*/Virgo with a Virgo ascendant at 22 degrees. Sun trine with Jupiter in Taurus at 26 degrees. Feeling sad. Hope this will improve.

  39. Blimey ! You all wrote those replies before Covid !
    Im looking back on what has just happened and where I fit in personally on such a global phenomenon. Having Mercury retrograde bang on this stellium I have been speaking out about the ways the big guns with the dosh are manipulating the situation, mainly through our food systems. The week of the stellium my laptop got fixed after being out of action for a year and I suddenly moved ahead writing up my masters degree where Im trying to show how we can protect ourselves against pandemics , no shit !I am also finding it very easy now to communicate these concepts through encouraging all my mates to grow food, however small their garden is. Communication !!!!! Mercury !! Overhauled and fed indeed.

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