How Will Pluto In Aquarius Affect Leo?

leo lion regalPluto’s transit through Aquarius will see Leo meet their shadow through another person (or thing). Story goes something like this…

The Leo sun person is out there, shining, living in the sun, with their life full of the heart and drama they love.  They meet a powerful individual (Pluto in Aquarius) and become transfixed. The power can come in any form.  The Leo’s heart is captured and a bond is formed.

The bond becomes obsessive or otherwise pathological.  Drastic. The Leo, caught in this tractor beam, realizes the relationship is degrading their life force.

The Lion may thrash around awhile but ultimately, they’ll be forced to dig deep inside to find their own internal power, in order to break the grip the relationship has on them.

In this process, they will discover their own darkness which can be horrifying. See: Your Own Horrifying Disposition.

I have been through this process, personally. If you want to know what you are in for, and how this plays, see Obi Wan Kenobi PhD.

Is your sun in Leo? What degree?  How do you feel about Pluto in Aquarius headed your way?


How Will Pluto In Aquarius Affect Leo? — 42 Comments

  1. I’m 80 any minute. Pluto will oppose natal Pluto 4 degrees Leo in seventh house then –if I survive–later oppose Moon 14 degrees Leo in 7th as well. Sigh. Have been through all those years of the 12 th house plus over the ascendant. Rough on health, but some spiritual healing came my way when I asked for it. All rather exhausting but can’t complain because compared to the world out there being ripped up, torn up stirred and shaken what I’ve been through is nothing! Some peace would be nice. 💜

  2. Excellent, Elsa. Thank you! Going to oppose in sequence my venus, mercury, and down the line ascendant in Leo. Is it similar territory?

  3. I have my natal Pluto, in the 4th H, at 2 Leo. So at this moment in time, I moved, across the hall from my original apt. It is a scheduled arrangement. A redo is in the works. New flooring, new paint, new toilet, new windows. Then I will return to the apt. In due time I will have a visit from Pluto to my 12Leo sun, in 4th H. Also my Mars at 20Leo in 4th H. Into the future my natal Uranus 25 Taurus,in 1st H will finalize Pluto opposing my natal planets. The interesting thing about my temporary living situation, is I have been in this apt before. There is an issue with a sloping on the floor as I walk from one room to another. It startled me the first time now I chuckle each time it happens. Plus I have lived in this geographical area before. I was so drawn to this area and got a place to live immediately.This August I will turn 83 years old. So for the next 20 years , me and Pluto will be dancing and hanging out. LOL

  4. I have 28 degree Cancer ascendant. Most of 7th house is Aquarius. It may be my workplace that is the transforming agent, shapeshifter and black hole. The organization was created with an event chart Aquarius Sun. It kinda makes me sick at this initial phase, and I intuit the gravitational pull is a necessity and only exists due to something within myself, if that makes any sense.

  5. Hi Elsa – I want to add a positive spin to Pluto in Aquarius – I have 8 natal air sign planets so pluto will trine all- my mercury, sun, jupiter, MC, mars, moon – at the same time when uranus enters gemini in 2025 it will trigger that trine — I am very excited about these and thank YOU so much for enlightening us with your info.

  6. woah … hold on to that final image of ‘knowing’ that your life is shaped for a better future you feel 100% positive about (maybe for the first time in your life?!) freedom, with the wind in your hair – anyone with Leo placements!!!!

  7. This will hit Mr. Leo/Libra’s mercury (11degrees), sun (21 degrees) and mars (29 degrees). It’ll be leaving my chart alone for a while (thank heavens!!) since it hit my cappy moon/jupiter, opposed my sun, mercury & mars and hit my dsc all in cappy. I’ve been doggedly dealing with this crap since 2007/08, and at least can be there to help if possible, if not it may be his ‘hitting bottom’.

  8. Oh my, this opposes my Moon at 0 deg Leo. My 4th and final daughter is flying the nest, I guess my mothering role will take a huge change over the next few years as Pluto transverses this degree five times. Emotional, who me??

    • Me too, Tinkerbell! 0 Leo but in H1. Battling Mars in Cancer too. If it exits, it’s pissing me off! Ha! Can’t have a gun anywhere near me!

  9. Great question Elsa. My sun is in the mid-degrees of Leo, as is Uranus. I’m fortunate b/c Pluto in Aquarius is a ways off, so there’s time to prepare. Pluto is highly aspected in my chart, it’s part of a stellium with the Sun, Venus, and Uranus but, out of sign in Virgo. I’m Scorpio Rising and, Pluto’s transit through my 1st house was hard, hard, hard. We’ll see what it’s like through the 4th, another ANGULAR house. I’m sure it will bring big and inevitable changes re: domicile and family. Relocation is definitely in the cards, maybe more than one.

    • Hi I was born with Pluto in Scorpio, but Saturn in Scorpio transit did a NUMBER!! I mean like, I’m still having to medicate …

  10. I just survived 12H Cap stellium only to discover 7H 0 Leo Moon :(.

    Any good parts?

    Seems I am emotionally processing the losses I was too breathless to process the past 16 years.

  11. Personally I just surrender.
    Uranus at like 16 degrees of Taurus is still raining effects no matter the ‘fade out’ as my Sun sits at 12 degrees but that ain’t it. Hardly.
    Right out the gate Pluto sextiles natal Saturn then will trine Mercury.
    Then he’ll conjunct (in order) Moon then Mars and Chiron.
    This won’t kick in likely til next year so I’ll at least get to enjoy if not capitalize on Venus then Jupe in Taurus.
    You see those lovely anticipated conjunctions will be grounded simultaneously t those same planets squaring my Aquarian (Moon, Mars, Chiron).
    But I think that’ll be relatively ‘do-able’.
    In fact I’ve got a nice little period of semi nothingness (years actually)before Pluto opposes first Jupe then Pluto in Leo.
    Saturn in Aquarius did exactly the same stuff Pluto will so believe me I’ve culled, discerned, eliminated, edited and revised.
    So what’s left fir Pluto to kill/transform is my question?
    Everybody has pretty much died including best friends and former lovers.
    If nothing else I’ve got me.
    But it’s already been a very heavy, serious time of it. Very little joy or fun.
    What’s up Ms Elsa?

  12. Oh Well!!
    Leo Rising with natal Pluto and Uranus conjunct within a few degrees.
    My Seventh house is Aquarius.
    I did meet this Dark Entity and was immediately Obsessed.
    For 12-13 years !!!
    Even during the time of 7 years without any contact!!!!
    I was manipulated, very cleverly,which brings me to the Article, when a player with a full hand still gets played by the lesser.
    True dat.
    However my veil lifted in 2016, I saw it for what it was.
    Still couldn’t let go,until Ketu or South Node ..came into the picture.
    As soon as it entered
    I ended it on the SAME day !

    I think I know what to look out for this time round.
    Though Pluto is very deceptive and irresistible.
    But having Saturn as wll as Uranus in my Midheaven.
    Makes me a cool Cucumber.
    But I will still try to keep both my eyes wide open..
    Thank you.

  13. My husband has a 29 degree cancer sun. Pluto opposed his sun and he died last November. It was a process, he was diagnosed with kidney failure in ’21, and given six months, but he lived longer. What I want to also communicate is that the pluto opposition or square or conjunction doesn’t mean a person will literally die. The entire chart needs to be considered, we all have different aspects and free will.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss.

      I began reading the first few words and thought to myself, My husband and brother are also very late degree Cancer suns. But to your final point, you are absolutely correct that this aspect to Pluto doesn’t mean someone will die.

  14. Elsa, thank you for your reading.
    What about the effect in a Leo moon?

    Hits my 3th house oposition to my venus conjunt jupiter in 8th house.

  15. I’m not well versed in astrology. I do know Pluto was 4 degrees into Virgo when I was born as a 7 degree Leo, but it was for most people born in 1960. Any words of guidance for Pluto entering Aquarius for me/us? Thank you, Elsa!

  16. Hoo boy. Pluto is already manifesting in my life. 29° Cancer Sun, 12 house; Leo ASC 4°. (Pluto resides in my Leo first house) My husband of 39 years has not been well for six months already. Transiting Pluto is directly opp my Sun now, dancing back and forth. When it gets to my seventh house I can only imagine what could happen—if he makes it that long. Or it could be me. I’m 73. Saturn is opposite natal Saturn, just to make things interesting

  17. Pluto won’t hit my Sun for a long time (15 Leo), but I felt his effect just after he went into Aquarius.

    That and Saturn into Pisces, landing on my North Node, annihilated my career path.

    I kept trying to make it work, and I only succeeded once, finding a rare species of veterinary clinic. It was wonderful. But my boss retired and I finally moved.

    Once I moved, I encountered the same toxicity. Found two jobs and was let go from both. Didn’t have time to help me work on my skills because they were too busy.

    This was like a nuclear bomb went off inside me. Enough was enough.

    The next day I went to interview at Lowe’s *and didn’t feel like I was a failure*.

    I still plan to work with animals. I’m working on how. Vet clinics though – DONE.

    I use whole sign cusps. Pluto was wiping out what was left of this lark at 29 Cap. Then 0 Aqua, into the 11th. Gone. Ashes. Nothing left.

    • I’m so sorry. You are so passionate about it. Somehow, I feel that you will make it but you will make it in your own way, by your own rules, your own values, whatever and however it will be!

      • Thank you Allie! I wish I could find that rare bird clinic, but the amount of duds the average vet tech has to go through to find it is stupid. I’m tired of wasting my time!

  18. Pluto will oppose my 9Leo55 natal Pluto in 2029. I will be 83 or so.
    A very long time ago, a highly psychic Pisces friend told me I’d die in 2029 (after I BEGGED her to tell me). I checked my ephemeris and agreed with her.
    I’m not at all afraid of death. It will probably be the most fascinating thing that will happen to me in this incarnation. I’ve had a great life and there are not too many things on my bucket list.
    What I don’t relish, is the prospect dying slowly, or painfully, or being a burden to whoever looks after me at the end.

  19. Thank God it will be a “once in a lifetime” experience! Whew! Hoping to survive it, and realistically, I don’t see why I shouldn’t. And if not, then I’m sure I will learn something from it.

  20. I have natal sun 0 deg 45 Leo /9th so Transiting Pluto in 3rd . am aware that way for me to channel at least some of this unnerving Pluto energy is to rather obsessively learn something in an intellectual sense I am focusing on French ! ..the house axis is very helpful in finding healthy ways of expressing the force

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