How Well Do You Get Along With The Opposite Sex?

“I stated on my site, I’m a man’s woman,” I told my husband.

“You’re a woman’s woman,” he said.

“You think?” I said. ” I think I am a woman’s woman too. I help women all day long, never mind I sued a man for sexual harassment when I was seventeen years old. The concept of sexual harassment was on the absolute fringe of society. What’s that if not a woman’s woman?

“P, you’re a woman / woman. You’re just a woman all the way around.”

I figured he meant, women are nurturing. They’re caretakers. We may be able to do all kinds of other things but at the heart of it, there is estrogen in the equation and I don’t think it can be denied.

a asked: “Can one learn to be a man’s woman?”

Yes! In some cases it’s a simple matter of having permission because so many women were raised to oppose men… to fight with them rather than align, they know no other way.

People who hang around me learn astrology. Women also learn to get along better with men.

Further , I believe these skills (getting on with the opposite sex) are going to be very necessary in the coming months and years because as thing get more difficult, we will need each other more than ever.

Does Venus aspect Mars in aspect in your chart?



How Well Do You Get Along With The Opposite Sex? — 52 Comments

  1. I voted pretty well… I think it truly depends on person to person then sex but yeah I like men a lot but I like women too

    Mars sextile Venus however both of them a highly influenced by Neptune Pluto and Saturn but Im glad for the sextile because its one of the very few easy apsects i have so Im totally grateful for that!

  2. I voted very well. I get along w/men about 1,000 times better than I get along with other women. I have Venus & Mars conjunct πŸ˜‰

  3. i have Venus in Leo and Mars in Cancer. They are close to the same degree….

    i asked that question because i am interested in the topic generally and also because most of my life i have been surrounded by and friends with women…. these days i have a few more men in my life…

    and i would like to keep them! And acquire more…

    Hmm, maybe that’s part of the problem…. that i want to acquire them….

    (i think i keep spelling aquire/acquire wrong…. )

  4. I get along with men very well. My venus and mars are both in Libra, though not conjunct. My best friend of 10 years is a guy. In college I hung out with a group of male friends.

  5. Venus/Mars conjunct in Aries. I voted very well. I get along extremely well with men, and with women too.

    I like the circles I travel in…they make me happy to be equally mixed in gender as well as sexual orientation. Balance is VERY important.

  6. any Libra talking there, kashmiri?

    I have Venus in Cancer opp. Mars in Capricorn. I think it might have less to do with men than how I deal with my dad. I tend/ed to avoid or fight with him I noticed, earlier than the “difficult” age. I think it stems from discomfort. As to men, I think the 11th house might matter in this question also, like who you end up being friends with and whether you can be friends with men. I have Uranus/Neptune in the 11th house. I welcome and have been friends with many. Some of those people, I am fortunate to say, have included men.

  7. I have massive “one of the guys” energy. Mars conj asc, sextile Sun etc etc. I had 2 female maids of honor at my wedding & my rock band mates – guys – as my bridesmaids. I forgot what we called them. Bridesdudes or something. πŸ˜€

  8. I may have Mars and Venus conjunct, but I only voted “pretty well.” That conjunction also includes Pluto, though, and hits everything in my chart. Bluntly, I’m a powerhouse and it intimidates certain men; I’ve found no amount of effort can overcome that.
    Plus, I’ve got a murky impression; there’s lots of water and Neptune going on, and I prefer to float along, silently, not making waves the majority of the time. So a lot of people are very unprepared for when I actually open my mouth and knock them over.

    Eh. It’s a living. πŸ˜›



  10. I clicked yes, I do get along very well with the opposite sex.

    Elsa, I think you are a nurturer of everybody, especially the people who need it the most at any given point in time. I think you once said you have Cancer on the DC, which represents ‘the other.’ you give and/or attract those who give. That is what I think anyway.

  11. “you give and/or attract those who give. ”

    Boy that’s wrong. I do attract some people who give, this was the point I was trying to make. I attract a few – VERY FEW – people who give me very important things and I attract a MOTHER LODE of people who take. I am telling you, I attract takers in DROVES and they come dressed in all kinds of clothing to the point it’s ridiculous.

  12. I get along very well with men, I always did! My first best friends in kindergarten were all guys hehe:)

    I used to hold some distance with women in my life ! But circumanstances in the last couple of years, made me realise that it was wrong! Now I can equally get along with both women and men!

    venus trine mars)

  13. Interesting post!!

    I have a sagittariaus stellium and a mars in cap, and aries moon so I’m a firecracker underneath my beautiful exterior (self esteem issues are GONE! πŸ™‚ so I attract guys but I get them to stick with me as FRIENDS because I can get to their level, goof around, make light of any situation, and I love sports, games, and making things around me into one. πŸ™‚ I’m also a leader so I think the guys I hang around with know that although Im cute and feminine looking I’ll give them a piece….and as for girls and women I am a total girly girl around them. LOVE my lady friends and honor each relationship I have.

    I feel so lucky.

  14. The relationships are not satisfying but I’d say, yes, I get along well. I look for interesting minds rather than interesting bodies so I’ll gravitate towards either sex, depending.

  15. Having a duh moment. Meant to say I get along with men very well. Given my family background and my Venus and Mars in Scorpio it just works and I am soo fascinated by men.

  16. I love men and have always had them as best friends. I have very few female friends and tend to keep them at arm’s-length. I’ve never been sure what’s up with that. Even as a child I was more comfortable with the men in my family than the women. I have been extremely fortunate in that I have been surrounded by good men in my life. Venus in Libra in 7th; Mars in Gemini in the 4th.

  17. venus and mars conjunct in Scorpio- I get along with men very well, women too, and there’s always an element of attraction, not necessarily sexual, but close and deep friendship love.

  18. “”Boy that’s wrong. I do attract some people who give, this was the point I was trying to make. I attract a few – VERY FEW – people who give me very important things and I attract a MOTHER LODE of people who take. I am telling you, I attract takers in DROVES and they come dressed in all kinds of clothing to the point it’s ridiculous.””

    Strong stable people with knowledge, or even just a solid point-of-view always attract wrecks. It’s science. My boyfriend is the same way and I listen to his feelings on the subject all the time. It can’t be easy to deal with.

  19. I don’t have any aspects with Mars and Venus- but, Venus is hanging in Aries, and my chart ruler is Mars- so, although I’m still a ‘girly-girl’, there’s definately enough ‘male’ energy going on. In group settings (parties), when all the ladies are gathered together ‘chatting’- I’m in the pool room, or the garage- hang’n with the guys.

  20. Venus Scorp in a wide sextile to Mars in Virgo.

    I get along pretty well with men and women…I get along very well with gay men (largely) and with men who I’m not attracted to. When a guy is hitting on me and I don’t return the attraction, it gets awkward and I run away because I don’t know how to handle…actually kind of the same thing with guys I”m attracted to!

    With women, I pretty much get along with them.

  21. Very interesting. I’ve been told several times I’m a “man’s woman” – although interestingly, this has always been from men with a lot of water (of which I have none in my personal planets.) Yo no se. My Venus and Mars are both in Aquarius.

  22. Also, FWIW, I think your bringing of the sexual harassment suit was actually more of a “man’s woman” type of action – i.e. aggressive (in a good way!) and basically a fight fire-with-fire move (as I believe Capricorn is a Mars-influenced sign, IIRC. And I know you’ve got the Goat!) You took this guy on and directly confronted/called him on his unacceptable behavior; I just think that’s a more prototypically “male” type of behavior, as opposed to trying to reason with him, negotiate, ignore it, etc.

  23. amandapm, actually no. I did not bring the suit by myself. I found 4 other women the guy had harassed and organized them and we alllll filed together with me as ringleader. And I didn’t do anything until I knew he’d fucked around with someone else. I actually did this to defend HER rather than myself. Mars in Libra. I did that for WOMEN absolutely and this was back in a time when people thought anyone who would complain about sexual comments from a boss HAD to be a lesbian. It was total, total, total women’s rights I fought for. It’s same thing I do on this blog. I get women going, I empower them. I like women, I like to see them strong and happy and most definitely not abused. So if a woman will back a woman…

  24. Aaaah – totally different scenario! VERY Mars in (Venus-ruled) Libra. You are unquestionably an empowering presence. Also extremely well balanced b/c I think you empower everyone here, women AND men!

  25. Good for you Elsa!
    I have Venus sextile Mars. Most of my friends were male and still are! But it’s almost balanced out. But I end up being more with most of my male friends in some fashion as Mars is in my 11th and Venus rules my 7th in Taurus. And they all are creative types one way or another and I adore them all!

  26. I voted “ok” because thats how I get along with everyone, “ok”. I’ve had more female friends over the years..Venus in Pisces square Mars in Gemini. I’ve never had a male friend actually.

  27. My native Mars in in Libra in the 8th house and my native Venus is in my 9th house in Scorpio.

    I generally have more men friends than women not that I don’t like women but they usually don’t care for me. I don’t know if it is Jealousy or what which is weird as I don’t see what any one has to be jealous of me. However the women friends I do have are very dear and long lasting friends. I am also a fan of peoples rights both women and men. I don’t believe either sex has any right to have domination over the other may be that Libra Mars thing.

  28. I voted pretty well. I’m not so good at romantic relationships with men – in fact I suck at them. But I’ve always been able to have really good friendships with men, where I feel like we’re intellectually matched and that there is a lot of respect between us.

    I’ve got Venus in Taurus in 8th trine Mars in Virgo in 12th, but since Mars is pretty tightly conjunct Uranus that also trines Venus, which I think is what accounts for my being able to have a kind of “good buddy” relationship with some men.

  29. I think Elsa is a man’s woman. I’m definitely a man’s woman and recognize the same characteristics in her.

    Needless to say, I get along exceptionally well with men, and well only with strong women.

  30. Definitely was my thought, Cardinal but 3 of the last 4 people who stormed off my blog were men and considering the margin by which the women outnumber the men around here, it certainly go my attention. πŸ™‚

  31. I voted very well. I have solid friendships with both genders. I like a mix–I grew up in a 5 women household which I think fueled my desire to like/learn from/try to understand men.

    Mars/Venus in Aries, sextile chart ruler Jupiter.

  32. Jilly, I think it may have something to do with my husband. I had this distinct impression 2 of the 3 men and keep in mind that people email me too, so what you see is not necessarily all there is.

  33. I didn’t mean that bitchy (if it sounded that way). I just meant to say some people don’t like my husband but he’s not here (or they would not dare take him on) so I stand in.

  34. I think more women than men study /follow astrology. But if three men stormed off the blog, it says a lot more about them then it ever could of you. Elsa.

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