How to Take Care of Each Other During Unrest

silenceWith Uranus in Taurus facing off against Saturn while it finishes its current foray into Aquarius, social unrest has become a reality for many of us. While I won’t get into the specific reasons for the unrest or my feelings about it, I am interested in talking about what we can do to help each other during this time. Nothing is easy for anyone right now. Whether you’re on the front lines of the protests or staying at home trying to stay healthy or anything in between, this is for you.

Aquarius has a certain duality that is the key here. Aquarius rules both collective humanity and individuality. And that is the order in which you address problems like these. Add in Taurus’s basic comforts, and you have a blueprint for keeping each other sane.

First, when you or someone around you is in distress, address basic human needs. Is the area safe? Can they be taken somewhere safer? Are there medical concerns?

Second, use Taurus to make them comfortable on a basic level. Do they have water? Food? Can you help them become grounded? Help the person identify five things they can see, four they can touch, three they can hear, two they can smell, and one they can taste.

Finally, tap into Aquarius’s individuality. Remind them that they are doing what they believe is right, whatever the circumstance. Identify any specific needs like mental health concerns or personal belongings that may bring comfort.

And above all, remember. Just like Aquarius is both the collective and the individual, so are we. We are all connected and make up a powerful, cohesive whole.  We are also individuals with necessary and distinct needs, talents, and gifts.  And when we being those gifts together to take care of each other, we fulfill our highest purpose.

How are you coping? How do you care for your fellow humans?



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Midara has been a consulting astrologer for over a decade. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, personal growth, tough transits, or whatever else, she’s here to help.


How to Take Care of Each Other During Unrest — 26 Comments

  1. My big focus is on my immediate family. I have been gently steering my son, my sister my niece and my roommate into healthier eating to improve their overall gut health during this crisis. Advocating gut health and other rather less conventional health practices that I have talked about and practiced for years before anyone even heard of them. Things I knew to ensure a stronger immune system.
    For a long time they listened to my advice but never took it serious. Now they are more onboard.
    I hope this continues.My family and friendships mean so much to me

      • LN, to be real, I’m quite turbulent inside. But I’ve been trying not to get old people sick so there’s that

        • Thats ok to be turbulent inside. Noone is unaffected at this time. You are not allowing your inner turmoil to make you into a lunatic-thats positive! I appreciate that. Thank you for not rioting and looting, even though you are upset. Seriously.

          • To be real, LN. I completely support what they are doing and am on their side. This country is built on white supremacy. My generation was bemused and emo about the Iraq war and did nothing. They are taking a stand. I’m completely proud of them and wish I was doing it too. The country is mired in an internalised racist structure that goes unchallenged.

            And I’m ashamed of the idiots who refuse to wear masks in public. I’m completely ashamed of the country which is like Rome in its last days but the middle echelon is poorly educated.

            I understand your point of view, but cosmically I don’t know what’s going on. I have planets in the 6th and 11th and while I lack foresight, I know that silence is complicity. So yes I’m ashamed of myself and quite frantic. But my mom said stay inside.

              • I support people pressuring the government to end their racist practices. They are killing no one. They are being gassed and having rubber bullets fired at them even when they non violently protest or are walking away. The government’s response is over the top violent. Again, it would have been best for me to say nothing but stay on the sidelines, but I do enough of that as it is.

            • Whats preventing you from standing up? Maybe that will provide a clue to what needs to be healed. Again, don’t discount personal healing. It radiates outward.

              Also, I think peaceful protesting is a very healing ceremony! Im not saying it’s better to meditate in a cave, Im just saying that real change starts in our own consciousness. I just see a lot of people challenging outside structures but neglecting to challenge the structures in their own psyches, so that they just play into the cycle and our world remains divided.

  2. I am staying inside. Going through Ptsd reliving the 60s and 70s.Feeling all the racism I felt toward me because of my love for a black man and his family. I just want to scream about all of it.Why cant we just love each other?

    • I think we never did love each other. If we landed in other countries and subjugated other nations, maybe we weren’t capable of loving strangers. Maybe if we see someone that makes us suspicious and scared in our neighborhood and call the popo maybe we can’t. If we fall into office politics and competition maybe we can’t.

      I think people are complex and often tribalistic. I care about people close to me more than those who are different. If I see a drunk man on the street and am walking alone I tense up. I don’t think everyone is equipped to intensely love each other. But systems are patriarchal and constructed to place certain people above others. Again all my piffle leads to nothing and it is really best if I stay silent because nothing can be done or proven by me to disagree with good people. Or to jerk my uneducated self off in any way. But I don’t think loving one another is possible for now. Respecting one another and developing some compassion or cross understanding might be. Sorry.

  3. I just want to thank you Midara for this.
    And add, that staying put right now, if that is what you’re doing, it is enough. We need your anchoring and grounding in these times.
    Use your abilities to communicate, talk, listen, write, sit. Allow yourself to trust your intuition and know that you will be vulnerable when the time is right for you.

  4. Yesterday I prayed. I declared that I was ready to serve the Light. This is above and beyond race (waaaaay beyond) and anything happening on the world stage. There’s a war going on on the Cosmic stage. That’s where I do my work. It’s accessible in my own psyche. Undoing my own conditioning so that I can hold a space of true equanimity.

  5. Last week they were arresting parents for taking their kids to the park, this week gangs of antifa and minorities are looting, burning buildings including police stations, and killing people….with no action by city “authorities”…There should be some astrology for this lunatic situation!

    • Feel like you have it the opposite way round. I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t respond. But taking your kid to the park was a purely selfish action rebelling against protecting old people from diseases.

      The looting is a response to years of racialized violence and police brutality that continues and has come to nothing. Not everyone is looting. People are uniting and responding to an unequal violent system. Rather than sitting with their hands together.

  6. I personally would just like to say that I love to see people “Agree to disagree” …those three words will save you so much grief. Understanding that it is a person’s perspective that forms their opinions and all perspectives are valid.

  7. Ever since Uranus went into Taurus(my sun sign) my life has been in turmoil. I have been very restless Uranus is in my 4th house conjunct my natal sun. I was planning to sell my house and move to the east coast of Florida. The deal fell through because the realtor was not honest. We had a hurricane in September The damage did not show until 2 months later the roof was falling in. 70 thousand dollars damage.I have natal Neptune in Virgo at 29.53 retrograde. It will never move by progression in my lifetime. It makes an out of sign inconjunct. Interesting how astrology works.

  8. I honestly no longer know what to think, except that what is happening right now is a product of the “collective unconscious”. It’s all being brought out, in all its glory and also all it’s ugliness, to show us the stage at which most of humanity has evolved. I can’t even pretend to know what the solution is… I read as much as I can, listen to the opinions of all sides, and in the end I am just BEFUDDLED. Obviously the “love-ins” of the 60s and 70s won’t work, obviously martial law won’t work…. so what’s it going to take? What’s the truth about WHO is doing the rioting? Fuck me if I know ANYTHING. But holy hell, this Full Moon eclipse on Friday is going to be a doozy. And lastly, I sit here in abject fear for my son, who is 24 years old with a Cancer mercury/sun (Midheaven) square Libra Mars (on the Ascendant) and is completely immersed right now in the protests. You might say “this is what he was born to do” but LAWD, help him to keep his mouth shut when necessary…. as in “when confronted by people with guns”…

  9. It’s been a breath of fresh air reading this thread and feeling so not alone; thank you. I so agree with Kri …. I’ve been sitting still, doing almost nothing even though I’ve probably done more than most its just like nothing for me. On one hand trying to bring some sense to things, sitting still in the midst of the chaos… Right there with you Libra Noir, there IS a war going on in the cosmic stage and I too am trying to do the inner work, undoing as you said and yes to be able to hold a place of equanimity. Diane, yes holy hell and fuck me if I know anything. I’ve been without television since May 3rd mostly because I’m not good at following directions so I haven’t set it up, I don’t feel anything I have read or am seeing in other outlets really is addressing the root nor do I feel like there is a practical leadership outlining the reform. I keep telling myself that we are living through a time that is like a “crime of passion” in that it is utterly illogical, yet brutal and swift. I agree with the dark side aspects some have been discussing and that we are all there. I have cried, and laid in bed being still for more days hours and sometimes more than one day…than I have done in the last decade or more. There is an answer somewhere for “what do I do with this”, myself, how do I go forward, feed myself, find love and and while those are all simple concepts they are core needs and yet what I am really searching for is something higher than that. I feel compelled to step onto a stage if you will and yet there is no foundation at all to that concept…. Anyway, thank you all for sharing here, I need it. Love:-)

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