How To Overcome Stage Fright

saturn2Dear Elsa,

How can I get over my stage fright?

I’ve been somewhat of a musician/poet for about 20 years. But when it comes time to share my work, I get scared. I often make excuses not to collaborate with others when I really want to. I know I’m pretty good at what I do, and I’ve heard nothing but positive responses and encouragement. However, I remain shy.

It’s strange – because deep down inside, I want nothing more than to let people hear and read my stuff. But I have a fear of leaving myself open to be judged. I’m afraid I will never have anything to show for my talents.

Any suggestions on how to overcome my fears of rejection?

Stymied by Fear

Dear Stymied,

Yes, I know exactly how to fix this because I suffer myself, in the exact same fashion. But I’m going to have to go “woo woo” on you, because the answer lies in the ethereal world.

See… Saturn rules fear, and you have Saturn in the twelfth house where things are decidedly unreal. For example, some people could join Toastmasters and overcome this. Others could use a mind trick, like imagining the audience in their underwear. But these would never work for you. To overcome your fear, you’re going to have to access the spiritual world and I can give you a practical example: my own.

I am scared to death… all the time. I am scared to write this blog. I have written many thousands of pages over the last five years. I’ve made them public even though I’m scared to death of everything you mentioned up there – being judged, rejection, etc.

I manage to transcend my fear on a daily basis, because I think my writing is a service. I think it helps people, and I think this is my job. See, the twelfth house is about sacrifice. How can I NOT sacrifice myself if it will empower others?

Ever since I’ve been writing online, people have been telling me I am going to wind up on TV. Know what? The idea of that makes me want to puke on the spot. It makes me want to hide under the bed. It makes my heart pound and it makes me want to cry.

However, if this is what is in the cards… if this is what the universe wants and lies in front of me as a life path… then I will do it. And I suggest you do same. Because you have this talent. Not just the music and the poetry, but you have the ability to transcend your fear. And to not use all your gifts to their fullest expression; to me, that is a crime against the universe.

Good luck.


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