How To Overcome An Addiction

cookieWhile I love sugar, if I eat it, I become desperately depressed. It puts me in a state of despair. I’ve been talking about baking cookies for my husband. Someone asked me how I was managing to make all these cookies but not eat them.

It was an excellent question because I love cookie dough, specifically. I had a quick answer that represents what I think is one of the smartest ideas I have ever had in my life.

When I was young I snorted cocaine and got immediately addicted of course. I had to get off the shit, just like I had to more recently get off the sugar. I came up with a mind trick to do it. If you are addict you may be able to do this yourself especially if you’ve got any exchange between Saturn and Neptune which can GROUND what is IMAGINARY.

Anyone who is addicted to anything leads themselves to the drug when they have the desire and then imagine that first whatever.

The taste of the first beer.
The first line you snort.
How good a bowl of ice cream tastes or whatever.
How you want to hear your ex-lovers voice…

But provided you have a negative reaction  after you use, you have the option to bring up the sensation of the crash afterward rather than the first rush.

In other words when I want to think about eating the cookie now, paying later, I choose to fast-forward to how I’ll feel an hour later when the crash comes.

I did the same thing with cocaine. I quit thinking about how the first line would be. I brought up the feelings and sensations I experienced post a binge and it worked brilliantly.

It was able to condense the whole cycle of coming up, then and going down to about sixty seconds. This allowed me to easily skip the acting out. I mean, why go get some cocaine when I already have the feelings of the end game?

I probably saved myself tens of thousands of dollars (in drugs I did not buy) doing this. This is what I call a good idea! So this weekend I did not think about the taste of a cookie.  I brought up the feelings of being so depressed I don’t even want to walk out the mailbox and get the mail and yeah. That does it.

I hope this makes sense. You don’t talk yourself out of doing the drug. You go ahead and do the drug in your imagination but you keep imagining until you get to the part where it sucks.

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