How To Make The Most Of Jupiter Retrograde In Scorpio: March 8, 2018

Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio has been interesting to say the very least.  Jupiter is known to open things up, wide.  We’ve got all this taboo / shadow sex stuff (Scorpio) being broadcast around the world at this time.

Regardless of where you stand on this and how you feel about it, it’s mind-boggling how it come bubbling up like a geyser.  Because it’s certainly not new! For more on this phenomena check this under-utilized post – Exponentially, Not Lineally. So this is where we’re at.

Jupiter will turn retrograde on March 8th at 23 degrees.  This should be a comfortable pivot in an uncomfortable sign. I’m calling it this way because Jupiter is well supported by Pluto in Capricorn and planets in Pisces. He receives no hard aspects at all.

Based on this, I recommend you note this place in your story. Then check this time table:

March 8, 2018 – Jupiter Rx in Scorpio
July 10, 2018 – Jupiter Direct in Scorpio
October 7, 2018 – Jupiter clears it’s shadow @ 23 degrees Scorpio

We got the entire spring and summer (in the US) to dig a little deeper.

Scorpio is known to be powerful and concerned with transformation.  Jupiter rules your beliefs. I don’t know that people realize how deeply affected they are by their beliefs.

For example, if you believe you’re a lousy person, it makes it very hard to excel.
If you believe you are undeserving…

You may also believe you are entitled in some way.
You may believe you are better or worse than you are or better or worse than some other person.
You may be believe you are at fault or not at fault…

You get the idea here. Whatever it is that you believe (Jupiter), will drive you, subconsciously (Scorpio).  Understanding this, you can see how important it is that you root around in your psyche and get at the Jupiter-ruled truth.

You’ve got as great opportunity to purge yourself  of lies at this time.  If you take this on and you’re successful, come October, when Jupiter emerges from it’s shadow, you’ll be well positioned, ready to turn the page and head towards a much happier future.

This is not to say it will be the easiest operation.  But it’s certainly worth it; in fact, your survival in some area of life may depend on this.

How do you feel about Jupiter turning retrograde and Jupiter in Scorpio in general?





How To Make The Most Of Jupiter Retrograde In Scorpio: March 8, 2018 — 24 Comments

  1. This is just what I need to make the most of what feels like upturned dirt (plowed up fields) while the ground around me where I live is soggy from rain and subject to freezing. Jupiter in Scorpio conjuncts my natal Sun in the 11th house, I’m into the thick and the mug of mud as I feel my beliefs work or not work in my real life. How do I shine (Sun in Scorp) more truly a part of my whole world (11th House)? I’m getting a few clues and with Pluto in Capricorn, I remember to pace myself, too. Thanks for this one Elsa!

  2. I have surgery that day!

    After going to countless doctors and MRIs, X-rays, CT scans, physical therapy, I got a diagnosis after a year and finally got insurance to cover it and the date was set. I don’t want to be negative and sour the situation with fearful thinking but this doesn’t seem like the most favorable climate for going under the knife.

    I also sense that rescheduling wouldn’t help either.

    It’s going to be tough either way kind of situation?

  3. Hi Elsa, I’ve been enjoying your site for the past few months now and want to thank you for the thought provoking material you offer.
    I couldn’t let this post pass without bringing to attention that 8th March is International Women’s Day.
    I suspect with jupiters retrograde, we’ll see some significant things come to light with the #Metoo campaign over the coming months.
    Thank you again for this great site and the newsletter, I look forward to it daily.

  4. Jupiter has been transiting my natal moon, mercury & Neptune lately. I think that Jupiter retro motion will provide deeper insights & aid in transforming my ideas, feelings & illusions:) it will be supported by Transiting Pluto in my 1st house.

  5. I have Jupiter in Scorpio natally and right now Jupiter is having his return. This is almost too much of a good thing – feeling stuck, deep in the mud, and doubly so!

    Anyone with knowledge about Jupiter stationing on itself? It’s almost conjunct, and this is potent as it is part of a triple conjunction with Venus and my Sun, all between 20 and 22 Scorpio. It’s a triple whammy of being deep in the muck. Normally I don’t mind the soul searching for the truth, but gawd this is almost TOO MUCH.

  6. This period with all planets direct, has lead to a potential massive upset at my workplace. Big, big things coming down the line.

    For me the social planets are largely social. It’s why you get Dylan with his Jupiter conjunct Sun and this highly social theme coming through his music. ‘Positively Fourth Street’, ‘Sweetheart like you’, ‘The ballad of a thin man’ etc.

    So Saturnian discipline and Jupiterian general happy socialising/ parties. From December 12th through to now I have not been able to socialise with my larger work colleauges. I asked them out twice, went to a very small gathering and could not go to one because of ongoing legal matters. (Coming Saturn retrograde implicated and Saturn having crossed into my tenth house.)

    We’ll see, when Jupiter goes retrograde will change my manner of dealing with them? Will I leave? Really I don’t see Jupiter as being much to do with me in that if Jupiter is the group and you are outside the group then it’s transit is how the group emotionally effects you that is outside you and that you have been ostracised from to some extent.

    • Oh I forgot, when Jupiter was crossing my seventh house Pallas to the day I fell out with a group of friends of mine. “Hangers on” from my school years.

      I went to meet them and they ditched me and didn’t take my calls, this was the day before Christmas Eve and was our sort of Christmas party! Needless to say I don’t see these people anymore.

      Jupiter is retrograding over Pallas again soon so… We’ll see!

  7. Jupiter’s SR will exactly square my Nodal axis at 23 degrees Leo-Aquarius. Evolutionary astrologers calls this aspect a “skipped step”. It’s an area I have previously ignored in the past, and one that I need to pay special attention to. In this case, it involves toxic sexual self-beliefs which I absorbed from my early childhood caregivers, just a lot of old sex hang-ups from a repressed generation. I’m finally dumping that karma for once and for all and purging myself of the lies and writing a new story. Thanks, great advice!

  8. Wheeee! My Asc is at 25-26 Scorpio. Right opposite Algol…
    Hopefully I’ll emerge from the shadows that seem to have been around FOREVER.

  9. AC 3:42 sag. Sounds like time for real therapy this spring and summer. Alcoholism Recovery ’92-’18; 26yr;2 lapses 10 yrs apart; now 2yrs. 22 of 26 to good. Know any good therapists? Oh and I have that ‘thing’ or 2 that most astrologers wiggle away from. What were they, oh yea,
    ven 10th; mar 7th. I read that article you wore and put the pieces together last week. Thanks E. I appreciate you.

  10. Sorry, ‘that article you wrote’ may have been an older one. About saturn, capricorn, the 10th house, Venus and mars, I think. It’s a course you designed. I Feel I need to take it this year.

  11. I have mc at 23 scorp. Lately I’ve been deprogramming a lot of crappy, self-limiting beliefs about my place in the world. Last jupiter rx transitted my sun, moon, mercury… I hope this one in scorp delivers more than just excess weight gain lol

  12. Such good advice about affirming postive beliefs. My Moon is at 29 degrees 50 minutes Scorpio in the 2nd house, qunicunx Uranus. And over the last week and a half I have been fighting my normal sense of emotional insight and security, sense of confidence and feeling some confused Karmic patterns. After reading this post of yours, I just woke up to the responsibility of retreating while taking charge to watch the Jupiter retrograde ahead and not let the spiral move further afield. . . Thanks

  13. My 3rd house starts at 13° so it’s staying put in my 3rd. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? My main focus is material security so if that can get a boost from my 3rd, I’m all ears. 🙂

  14. Ahh yeah, that’s it-How to find your true love Soulmate with Venus saturn workshop transcript. Just being able to learn the what,how & why of my history and how and where to find solutions and navigate with it feels great. Thank you so much, Elsa! : )

  15. Maybe now my husband’s swelling will go down. Today his edema has reached critical mass: if it gets any worse or causes shortness of breath he’ll need emergency treatment. As it is, his visit to the cardiologist has been bumped up to beginning of next week. He has taken on a TON of fluid and his heart needs to be checked ASAP.

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