How To Lose The Interest Of Each Zodiac Sign!

zodiac signs dressI’ve written about Libra seeking escape from strife and it’s true. If you’re going to be disgusting and gross and make fart jokes, Libra is going to walk.

Mercurial types, Gemini and Virgo, want constant variety and mental stimulation. Aquarius is not going to stick around to be bored.

Scorpio wants meat, preferably raw. If you don’t have energy that’s concentrated, you’ll not have Scorpio in your life.

Aries is repelled by weakness or people with a glass jaw. Cancer does not hang around to see their family insulted or disrespected, even if they insult their family themselves all day long.

Leo wants an audience. It’s appropriate to clap or tip the busker. Taurus is not going to allow you to waste their money or bug them into eternity. Capricorn is sensitive to rejection and if you embarrass a goat in public – you’re fired.

Pisces will stay interested in you, even when they’re not interested in you, so long as you don’t tell them to snap out of it, or get out of bed at the crack of dawn and look alive! You lose Sagittarius when you’re too similar them, or if you try to wrestle them onto a short leash.

What sign are you and how does one lose your interest?


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  1. Elsa, what does that saying mean:’people with a glass jaw’? Not famliar with it.

    I’m struggling to add anything as this is kind of complete already; so succinct.

    But oh, go on then. Sag turned off by people who are narrow-minded, don’t like difference, want everything/everyone to be the same. And safe.

    • Glass jaw is a term used in boxing and martial arts. People with a glass jaw litterally cannot take a punch to the face, the jaw being an especially sensitive spot that when punched can result in a knock-out. And Aries, being a fighting sign, doesn’t like that kind of weakness.

  2. Gemini is bored stiff when people are really, really literal.
    Pisces is repulsed if someone’s idea of a good time is to pick on someone else or put them down. Bored when someone insists there is no other reality than what they can see and which can be proven by science.

  3. I am a leo and I also lose interest when I see petty behaviour.

    Pettiness and small-mindedness snap me out of adoration like *that.* …and I’ll go back to adoring my hair – much better my HAIR than a petty boy!

  4. I can see me as a mixture of several things mentioned… I’m a Pisces but mega Aquarian with a Capricorn Moon, a packed 10th house and an Aries ASC… don’t be weak or boring or embarrass me!

  5. Lose me if you brag & show off, manupilate , bluntly stare at woman parts ! LOL you will 100% loss me 🙂 yea one more thing admit proudly that you don’t read !

  6. Hahaha.I’m aquarius but I relate to the description of pisces too.

    How to lose my interest?- be mean, pick on the underdog, don’t do what you say you’re going to do, be a hypocrite, be snobbish or shallow, think that you are better than other people, think the world owes you something, have a huge chip on your shoulder. 😉

  7. I can’t stand it when people play the victim card. This is surprising because I am an Aquarian and love underdogs.

    Perhaps it’s my Scorpio ascendant that expects others to be strong, to pull themselves out of their despondency and re-invent themselves.

  8. I’m aqaurius. I think sometimes people think I’m snobby but I try to be humble because of my Cap stellium. Things arent that simple sometimes though.

  9. If it were that simple! But remember we all have all the signs in our charts and all the planets. I get bored easily because I’m a Gemini with Aquarius rising. Ok. But I also don’t like a slob (Moon in Virgo). Nor someone who doesn’t like good food and wine (Venus in Taurus). I’ll spare you the rest… :=))

  10. Going back on my previous post, it’s probably good we have many blocks to relationships. If only our Sun signs were to filter out characteristics we didn’t like, we’d still probably be okay to get it on with about 80% of the population. The lucky winner may want to feel a bit more special, no?

  11. This is so helpful. Leave it to me to start to understand by looking at the undercurrents. Very helpful with my 10th house virgo/jupiter, especially since I am facing getting a job again and am still somewhat petrified by what I’ve experienced in my last coupla jobs, etc.

    I cut and run when I am being coerced to violate my ethics. Not only does it go against my conscience, but will lead me to be the fall guy. Also I will, I think like anyone, cut and run when I am bored, no movement, no change, that’s probably the pluto on the mh 10th. Going in circles makes me crazy. Pluto exact sextile to Neptune-Sisyphus.

  12. Hi Elsa (and sorry forgot to greet last time!).
    Jeanne B, very spot-on comment about the many blocks we all have, “the lucky winner may want to feel a bit more special” indeed. My taurus aspects will walk if feeling unloved, my virgo ones will be disgusted by dirt and slopiness, lots of pluto and 8th house abhor shallowness… and so on and so forth!

  13. Another thing…I can’t stand Eeyores. If a guy I’m dating can’t accept my sometimes silly and irreverent side, or wants me to be serious all the time, bleh. 😛

    Sagittarius rising has spoken.

  14. glass jaws don’t last well around aries. in a way it can be an attempted kindness when aries packs up and moves on. it’s hard to avoid slamming into things by accident every once in awhile :/ and some aries, at least, don’t like breaking people when they do…

  15. why does it even matters who loses interest on who , is’nt it all about love , affection , friendship , I mean we lose interest in others but they lose interest in us too, why cant they just love us for our imperfections

    • You can’t force people to care about you. Either they feel your good qualities are worth tolerating your shortcomings or they don’t.

  16. omg. me and my man (privately make fart jokes) lol If you watch the movie, “turning 40” with that actor Paul Rudd (aries) married to a Pisces woman, but the actress that plays the roles with the fart jokes is an Aries. lol I’m a dominant 1st houser too. we have no libra in personal planets.

  17. Sagittarius here- First sign of jealousy and I’m out the door. I think it’s about trust. If you can’t trust me to tell the truth then you can’t trust anybody – and yes it feels constricting to not have trust.

  18. Aquarius here, I avoid hypocrites, people that complain about their lives and do nothing to change their situation and I easily lose interest in people stuck in monotony that can only tell the same 5 stories.

  19. Cancer with Taurus Moon Virgo asc… I want a challenge! Someone with a go-my-own-way kind of attitude. Im a sucker for genius and ambition! I want to be pursued hotly with sexual and emotional passion. No nancy-boys.

  20. Aries- Be slow.
    Taurus- Be pushy.
    Gemini- Be one dimensional.
    Cancer- Be crude.
    Leo- Be weak.
    Virgo- Be stupid.
    Libra- Be sloppy.
    Scorpio- Be shallow.
    Sagittarius- Be purposefully bigoted.
    Capricorn- Be humiliating.
    Aquarius- Be controlling.
    Pisces- Be vicious.

  21. Leo/Tau with lots of Libra. I lose interest if we don’t connect. If we do connect.. I pretty much don’t lose interest, ever. My last crush managed to scare me off, but my interest returned soon. Had to learn how to push against her negativity, but I did learn it. She lost interest in me though.

  22. I’m a pisces sun and I hate slippery and sneaky behaviour, also hate the victim mentality, everyone’s responsible for themselves. Think I used to be a bit like that when I was younger, but snapped out of it thank god!

    Gemini moon, hate people who are bad and flakey communicators.

    Venus and mars in Aries, hate slowness and indecisiveness with a passion!!!!

    • @tonya, yep i can see that; i know a Sagittarius with only libra mars that is very libran-like, into taking care of his body, hair and effeminiate and hates anything fart jokes. That Libra actor with Aquarius mars, Leo moon Sacha Baron is the kind of comedian that seems very gross(in his films he does alot of inappropriate things) that to me is too much.

  23. I’m Libra rising and I love fart jokes and gross jokes but preferably behind closed doors. No farting in public please. What seriously puts me off though is people who will make strong assumptions based on gender. As if over 3.5 billion people are the same because they have the same reproductive system. There’s always some truth behind stereotypes but often they are cultural and social rather than inborn qualities. If you’re not willing to change perspective or educate yourself in anything (not just stereotypes) then I’m out. I have Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Uranus.

  24. I’m Capricorn with Gemini rising, and yes, I am very sensitive to rejection or abandonment, and will literally cut people out of my life for those sins….I am also extremely curious, need constant intellectual stimulation, and multitask too much….Right on, Elsa!

  25. As a Gemini I have to agree. People who always act the same, go to the same place with the same people and do the same things over and over again drive me crazy. It’s like a prison of the mind! Humour and interesting conversation help so much.

  26. As a virgo asc I can’t stand rudness and unclean people, and also unhealthy people. In for ex men it’s a huge turn off for me mn who dont train regularly and taking care of their health.

    And also as a virgo and gemini stellium, intelligence is important. I also love sarcasm (saturnian) s its hard to communicate with people that don’t get my sarcasm (mostly libras and pisces!)

    A Aries Venus I love confident, generous, warm positive and go getter people!

    As scorpio 3rd house Pluto, I can’ stand meaningless chit chat! I hae to have deep meaningful conversations in order to feel connected.

  27. As a Cancer Sun I like people who are in touch with theirs and others’ feelings. Lack of empathy turns me off. Being fussy about food turns me off.

    As a Libra Moon I love beauty too much. Those who cannot see beauty in nature and in the arts turn me off. Lack of balance turns me off. Assimetry turns me off. Sloppiness turn me off big time. But I laugh at fart jokes, hahaha.

    As an Aries Rising I enjoy the company of active people. I can’t put up with people who are lazy to exercize, slow and boring and who complain about having to exert physical effort.

  28. I don’t like arrogance, entitlement, selfishness, criticism, lack of caring and sympathy/empathy. So for me the downside of Leo, Virgo and Cancer are the big ones. Every sign has a positive and negative (or static) energy, and I see these as the main negatives of those signs.

  29. ‘Pisces will stay interested in you, even when they’re not interested in you, so long as you don’t tell them to snap out of it, or get out of bed at the crack of dawn and look alive!’

    Spot on!

    • “Taurus is not going to allow you to waste their money or bug them into eternity.”

      My husband is a Taurus and says this a lot! Those are his boundaries (just texted him the quote.)

  30. Pisces here, smugness and a lack of empathy is a put off. Like with the current lockdowns, there are people that enjoy gloating about what a glorious time they are having – not a single mention of the medical workers who by now probably have PTSD, those who have lost loved ones and can’t even go to the funeral, those who have lost their jobs or not been paid for months, those with mental health issues, those who are stuck in abusive households/marriages, and everyone who generally haven’t seen loved ones in months. As long as they are having a wonderful time. How about, come out of the bubble and spare a thought to those who aren’t?

  31. This Libra has about had it with modern society. People are just MEAN to each other now. We are being divided against each other for sport. This turns the stomach of a Libra completely.

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