How Can Capricorn Deal With Uranus Pluto?

capricorn goat charm“…Sun conjunct Saturn in Leo is an actress with control.

Uranus Pluto is Miley Cyrus, experimenting with being repulsive.

The smart thing to do is to learn from people like Miley. Try to shown some restraint with the things you try. Because the Saturn element will cause you grief if you cross certain lines.

There are a million examples of people who go over the lines. Just make sure you’re not one of them.  It’s the difference between experimenting with drugs for a time…and dying from them, because you forgot to exercise some caution.

If you can balance this stuff, there’s a sweet spot. I think you’re smart enough to find it…”

I wrote that for a client who’s Sun is under Uranus Pluto transit, while Saturn transits her 5th (Sun-ruled) house.

Being shocking (Uranus) and repulsive (Pluto) may be good for business (Saturn) but there are definitely limits.  If you go beyond those limits, you’ll damage your reputation.

If you damage your reputation, there is no guarantee you can get it back.  People are not that forgiving these days, so caution is advised.

Have you ever taken something ‘cross a line and lived to regret it?


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  1. I have Sun conjunct Saturn in Leo but not very Miley-like, rather the contrary – too restrained. (Apparently she is Sadge, my little experience with that sign is that they are somewhat exhibitionists)
    So, actress: no, control: yes. Not to say that I’ve never crossed the line on anything, but my lucky stars have kept me out of trouble (so far) and I’m very grateful for that.
    Still, I do admire people who have the guts to do original things, sometimes it takes courage. But doing repulsive stuff just to shock is (in a way) too easy. (Hhhmm, ever tried shocking with beautiful things???…)
    Also some “over the line” stuff is so not very elegant, embarassing too. That is too uncomfortable for me. My upbringing is too old-fashioned I suppose, but shockers prove just that : they can go above and beyond the way they were taught.

    • Like you Satsun, I have conjunct Saturn-Mars, and Pluto in Leo. I suppose all that Capricorn, plus a Capricorn Moon has tamped down (most) of the outrageous activity in my life. Has it all been for my best good? I wonder sometimes whether that outrage must sometime surface anyway! I suggested, in response to Elsa’s Newsletter today, that my updated avatar would be Old Annie Oakley … gray, cool, smilin’ and tottin’ her rifle!

  2. Great post – I have a Sun/Saturn quincunx from 4th/11th so I think I have this in check 🙂 Reminds me of the movie, “The Story of Us” – when the Michelle Pfeiffer’s character talks about the Bruce Willis character and the book, “Harold and the Purple Crayon.” I’m definitely like her…

  3. I have a Sun/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius and my Mars is @25 Capricorn.

    Normally, the Aquarian side might want to push the envelope but the Saturnine side always keeps that tamped down. Also, the fact that Saturn is the “day ruler” of Aquarius adds to my need for control almost always.

  4. This is a complex topic for me. I have a Uranus-Pluto signature in my chart, with Uranus in Scorp and Aqua on my 8th house cusp. Plus I have Mars trine Uranus; I am driven to be shocking, but it does tend to work out for me. I also have an Aqua South Node, so being “out there” is somewhat comfy territory. But I also have Saturn and Uranus in aspect natally. Uranus is also transiting my 10th house and later this year Saturn will aspect my Uranus! So it’s a big puzzle. I want to stand out, yet need to do so responsibly.

  5. Yes. It was a compulsive energy when I was younger. Now I can ride the tension a bit better. I’m not that much of a rebel but really as a woman it’s not hard to be subversive just by letting the body be what it is. Oops, tangent. Anyway, there are definitely limits and they are absolute and pretty unforgiving. There are a few lines crossed I lived to regret; communities it become more comfortable to move on from, but nothing catastrophic.

  6. lol @miley’s photo. this act of hers and jame’s franco’s “act” on showing off the world his naked selfie was just repulsive and hilarious.

  7. Nothing major. I like where I am now so I can’t really say I have any regrets. All part of that journey deal thingy. However, I tend to wander into places that might not always be a very good idea. So development of awareness and peripheral vision has been helpful.

  8. I think Robin Thicke is equally repulsive as Miley. Nepotism these days…

    Libra & Virgo keep my Aquarius/Sag from taking me off the deep end. I suggest studying the concept of “the divine Feminine/Masculine” to keep from wylin’ out.

    • i read that his ex wife didn’t want him to do any “racy” stuff/like overtly sexual stuff on stage, which he did. Apparantly, they had a huge disagreement with that.He didn’t want to be “controlled” in how he wants to express his “creativity” even if it’s repulsive kind. lol. So therefore, it placed a huge strain on his relationship.

  9. [I hope my screen name isn’t something Uranus-Pluto in another language!] I have Pluto transit Mercury in 2nd; it’s already gone over Moon (dredged is the word that comes to mind); and it’s square Uranus in transit and natally. Sound fun? I thought not! Only the water trines have probably softened it. Elsa, I’d love to know what books from 1500’s you read (on other post) – I feel the same way, except not always that far back. If I read something metaphysical, I prefer from before the 1960’s, for same reasons – no marketing department at the publisher, no “how do I write this to make the most money,” etc. Thank you for your posts and sense of humor. And I agree, Miley does seem to be trying to be revolting (sorry, Dolly – she’s not just “growing into herself”).

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