How To Deal With Traumatic Loss – My Crazy Idea That Worked

canceledI am perceived as someone who knows how to deal with grievous loss or trauma and the perception is correct. Once, I took a blow that knocked me for a loop. I felt like I was drowning.

I know I am not meant to be a shell of a person so I desperately grappled for a frame or some perspective that would allow me get beyond the trauma that had devastated me. I finally found that frame. I found a trick that helped me reconfigure myself and as stupid as it may sound to some, I want to share my idea on the chance it can help someone else.

Let’s say it’s a relationship you’ve lost. You loved that person. That person was your favorite person.

Well, how about when a show goes off the air? Have you ever had a show that you like be canceled or seen a mini-series you loved, come to an end?

I decided to consider this thing I lost to be something that had gone off the air. When they take your show off the air, that’s it, right? You realize this. It’s something you have no choice to accept, so you accept it and start looking for the new thing you are going to do now that your show is off the air. How will you fill the void?

Thinking like this will put you in a much better position then sitting in front of your TV waiting for your show to come back on when that’s not going to happen. It’s also better than writing 100 letters to the powers-the-be, telling them you want your show back when the decision has already been made, the actors fired, and the show for the new slot is in post-production.

My show is gone. The show I loved is fading into history as I type. Understanding this, I’m looking ahead at what I can do and who I can be in the future. This has helped me tremendously and I hope it helps you too.

Has your show been canceled too? What was your show?

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