How To Deal With The Quarantine – Check Your 4th House Zodiac Sign!

reading timeA good portion of the world right now is under some kind of stay at home order. Judging from responses online and from friends, it’s clear that some of us are adjusting better than others. To figure out why, look to the 4th house.

For example, with my 4th house stellium, I am thriving. Home is my bright spot, my port in the storm. But others aren’t so lucky. A friend of mine is losing her marbles. She is cooped up, miserable, and about five minutes away from going feral and running off into the night. I was brainstorming with her about ways to ease this when she mentioned that cleaning has been the only thing keeping her sane. I pulled up her chart and, sure enough, there was Virgo on her 4th house cusp.

If we’re staying at home more, our IC/4th house is being activated to a greater degree than normal. So the way to cope with being at home is to work with what you’ve got in the 4th house. Here are some ideas:

Aries IC or 4th house – Find an excellent home workout routine. Play video games. Become the hero by running errands for others if you can. Get moving on all those home projects that have been piling up. Go for a run.

Taurus IC or 4th house – Bake bread. Tend a garden or houseplants. Work on getting the perfect couch indentation. Rearrange your space to that every comfort you would want is within arm’s reach. Settle and put down roots.

Gemini IC or 4th house – Create a TikTok dance craze. Organize Zoom hangouts for your friends. Send quick “thinking about you” texts to everyone you know and make this quarantine less lonely. Read, play games, write, stuff yourself with new information, and keep yourself stimulated.

Cancer IC or 4th house – Rest. Cook, clean, and garden. Devote yourself to traditional household work and management. Care for others. Invest in comfort. Make your home and true sanctuary. Take time to absorb the quiet and restore your soul.

Leo IC or 4th house – Create. Make art. Rule your roost and manage household activities. Make videos and be seen that way. Get playful. Organize online game nights. Make yourself a sort of throne or command center. Experiment with your hair.

Virgo IC or 4th house – Spring clean. Simplify your space. Deliver meals to neighbors and loved ones. Update your first aid kit. Make lists of everything you want to accomplish when quarantine is lifted, and make lists of everything you have accomplished will quarantine has been in effect. Check up on your loved ones.

Libra IC or 4th house – Redecorate. Beautify your space. Have an at-home spa day. Try every makeup or crafting tutorial that catches your eye. Make sure your loved ones have everything they need. Make a Michelin star-level meal.

Scorpio IC or 4th house – Pull inward. Start really noticing the neighborhood and environment you live in. Journal. Pay attention to the ways this new experience stirs your soul, and use that as a building block for a new part of life. Fortify your defenses and protect yourself and loved ones. Purge your belongings.

Sagittarius IC or 4th house – Learn! Take one of MIT’s free courses, jump on Duolingo, see if your library has digital resources. Play travel games like Geoguessr. Build a philosophy that makes sense of the chaos. Plan a trip for next year.

Capricorn IC or 4th house – Find a project, something to build. Pare down and learn about Depression-era or other historical homesteading techniques. Create the perfect home office. Take $10 and play the stock market to see how much you can turn it into.

Aquarius IC or 4th house – Be weird. Go viral for making linguine while wearing a horsehead mask. Look toward the future. Build a new system and new rules for managing the crisis. Prep for other crises. Move your activism online.

Pisces IC or 4th house – Transcend it all. What does quarantine matter when you can explore the universe from your mind? Serve others in ways both tangible and spiritual. Meditate. Pray. Know that this is just a blip in time, and that this too shall pass.

These ideas are just a start! I highly recommend that you take a look at your chart and the condition of the 4th house. Are there any planets there? What planet rules the 4th? Personalize your quarantine plan.

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How To Deal With The Quarantine – Check Your 4th House Zodiac Sign! — 36 Comments

  1. Scorpio IC. I had my progressed New Moon in my 4th a few months ago, with progressed Venus conjoined. I’m good being home! My longtime boyfriend is living with me (instead of just weekends), so more intensive relationship time, but he has a Scorpio Moon anyway.

  2. Right on, Midara! Aries 4th house. My day:
    Yoga – 1 hour
    Weights – 20 minutes
    Lunges and squats – 20 minutes
    Walk – 60 – 90 minutes
    Rake leaves, pick up sticks, prune azaleas
    Clear out attic and carry crap to the street
    Scrub floors

    • What’s it like having an Aries 4th house?

      I do yoga and like lunges too, but I think I only do it for 30 min. But I have a 12th house mars. I also like doing some chores.

      • It is hot! I have Mars, Mercury and Venus in Aries so I *have to* do physical stuff or my head blows up. I don’t always get through all that stuff, but when I do I feel so so good.

  3. 29 Aquarius opp Pluto MH. Going viral would freak me out. I go too viral on the ground sometimes. Had to get over being the topic of discussion. It always surprises me when someone tells me of a conversation they were in about me and they always say I just told them this or that. The surprise is that they were discussing me.

    My house was built in 1873 and has not changed much in structure ie, it looks like that was when it was built outside and in. I guess I am always being somewhat inventive to make that work. And it always surprises me that other people don’t change their furniture setup. Mine changes constantly. I am always changing things around. So thanks for the tickler to think about these things.

    The problem I am having working from home is my 4th house Mars retro opp Jupiter in the 10th. I like to keep home and work separate. This just ain’t right even though I like the commute and dress code working from home.

    The question I have is, what is your take on the sign cusp of a house and the other sign in the house? Especially when it falls on a late or last degree of the cusp sign.

    • I hear you about the opposition thing 🙁 there has to be a way to funnel out the energy of that 10th house

      My oppositions are in a different place, but idk it’s hard to have the two at the same time.. it seems like going viral and starting a channel is the only way to externalize your Jupiter but really I don’t know

  4. I have a Taurus 4th house supposedly.. doing yoga, making soup, sprouting lentils, lots of Netflix/podcasts and procrastination, was taking British tea and eating choc and listening to Ms Marple radio program (my sun Neptune transit is really warping my tastes in ways I can’t track), had an omelette for breakfast.. a lot of work to do (12th house mars?) I don’t know..

    I’m not attracted to gardening or heavy duty cooking or in the past baking bread, but I feel Taurus on my IC and have been buying bread and experimenting with ornate sandwiches and folded omelettes.. just taking it as it comes when it comes to culinary stuff.. I’ve never cooked meat in my life but who knows.. I’m even contemplating making flourless cookies

    Before I was very health obsessed and would mostly eat a lot of green smoothies and salads which was tough on my delicate stomach.. it was also not a panacea.. but old habits die hard and I am still not averse to supplementation or making ice cream out of bananas.. even if I’m contemplating using a DIY double boiler or trying knife skills

    • I meant I feel the Uranus in Taurus transit which is sort of part of me not giving a shit about trying richer foods and always stocking up on chocolate or cheese which I used to avoid fuck it

      • The more I think about it, the more a Neptune transit’s escapism seems to be triggered to escape abject terror, hopelessness funneling, the leaking in your heart, the possibility that I am not for this and that I am not ms special.. that I’m moving the wrong way.. yet I kept seeing clues that I was going the right way.. certainly they didn’t come from anyone with my blood.. Neptune seems to be implying that the doubt I’m disturbed by is the wrong doubt.. that the doubt is a deeper one.. like how dare I.. I don’t know.. I also write with lots of ellipses since the beginning of this transit.. cause I keep trailing off.. idk who knows if you’re the right person or going the right way and not just packed with hubris

        • I have Saturn and Neptune pretty significant in my chart. I understand doubt, deep doubt about where I am and if I am headed in the right direction. This time has got me looking inside for answers. Just know that you are exactly where you are meant to be at this very moment.

          • Thank you. My family keeps guilt tripping me but I see numbers when I look at the time. My intuition is very muddled. I’ve fought hard and am stubborn for this. But I’m behaving like a child at my age. I’m having my sun Neptune transit. My family doesn’t mean to put me in a defensive guilt position.. but that’s what it is.

  5. Honestly most of what I’m doing is struggling with my 12th house Mars and procrastinating. Disobeying my lists and taking hours to do chores. Obsessing over small details. Avoiding creativity.

    I don’t identify with any specific IC on the list.. I like to make lists and try to make healthy food at least in the past, I don’t like to simplify my space, mostly I like to listen to music and podcasts though nothing is able to scratch the emotional itch these days because sun Neptune is so hard for me to funnel away. The sadness and weirdness of it.. the need to escape the sadness and hopelessness of what I don’t know is my life. Mostly I procrastinate. And I have to exercise (do yoga) and not eat rich food all the time or I get angry and depressed. But I don’t like to take in new information (my birth time is uncertain, but I identify more with a Taurus IC than Gemini)

    I think the moon and 12th house also describe our experience of quarantine. But can’t be sure. I think my 12th house mars in a Pluto transit is driving my behavior and struggles cause I try to work from home but don’t achieve it. And I try to plan outdoor activities but don’t achieve them.

  6. Leo IC. Capricorn moon. I’m restless at home. Tried to wait at window to yell hi and thank you! to delivery worker, from a window at a safe social distance. Now even busier.

    So busy.

    Fundraising and getting the word out about a non-profit that is 3D Printing face shields and donating community’s healthcare workers & first responders. $40=10 professionals equipped…. 5000+ requests. I don’t want to spam you. So I’ll leave it at that. 🙂

    ****We hope you can find your local 3D-printer people and ask them to do the same type of face shield (accepted by medical communities). Support them. They are at the epicenter and we can’t wait for the gov’t or the big companies to get going to protect doctors, nurses and more. They need this gear now to save us. Thanks!

  7. Cancer on the IC, but Moon is conj. it/3rd. Restless. It’s not that I necessarily want to go here and there all the time, but I like to keep my options open. 🙂

  8. My 4H is ruled by Taurus/Gemini. My Pr Moon is now conjunct my Gemini Mars. I have been happily putzing around my yard and reorganizing and changing out my furnishings. I have at least one meaningful, daily conversation with a friend. Studying astrology and genealogy is also part of my daily routine.

  9. Aries on 4th house cusp here. I stay in touch with friends/relatives with phone/texts. Natal Mars was in 9th house. Not sure where progressed Mars is. I do take walks often to get sunlight & fresh air.

  10. My north node in the 4th ,I’ve been raking and planting and preparing areas for seeds, lots of flowers, I feel gyped if I am not outside till the sun goes down, also watching wind and tide fish have finally arrived and I just want 1 big one

  11. Taurus IC and Cancer Moon. I am made for this (the Stay At Home part) and am very envious of all those who get to stay home. Wish I could!!

    Alas, I all of a sudden have been deemed by my society to be an ‘essential worker’ and must drag my sorry butt out there and swim in coronavirus all day.

    I would gladly trade places (and ‘fevers’) with any of the folks who are experiencing cabin fever right now.

  12. Idk, I don’t feel made for this.
    I waste a lot of time at home in recent years but more due to procrastination and Saturn transits and Pluto transits and general issues with time management and procrastination.. I used to love to go outside and walk around before my insecurity made me hypervigilant.. I also love to putter and do useful things/routines and make small healthy food (6th house influence) and do a little yoga.. or just think and emote..
    I don’t feel like I have a Gemini IC either.. usually I putter around the house a lot.. but I also manage my emotions with podcasts and music and don’t always make food but frequently do.. sometimes dance or mutter a bit :/ if the song is good.. mostly I stay in the flow of things and procrastinate a lot.. just listen to music and podcasts and watch stuff and waste time on the internet.. occasionally make food and do some basic home stuff but I’m very messy and leave stuff dirty for a LONG time.. it’s my immaturity to work on.. I always have a morning routine though.. and it is SLOW cause I am slow

    I’m not an introvert or a total extrovert cause before my Pluto transit I was a tiny loner.. idk the lines don’t feel so clean for me..

  13. Capricorn IC. Have 3 planets in the 4th, including Sun. I do my best work at home, and lately, that’s all it’s been: work work work. But I like it. Tunnel vision on the MC is how I’m staying sane in the storm.

    Besides looking at the 4th, I’m suspecting that basic disposition, as expressed through planetary distribution across the hemispheres, is likely another big factor. People with a preponderance of planets north are probably sailing through this compared to those with most planets south. Would be interesting to test that.

  14. its about more than whats in the 4th house or IC, for instance I have Saturn in Aquarius – so I already live with isolation, makes no difference to me – but coming back to the IC then it would be with Pisces, and I have mars/sun in Pisces with mars opposing Uranus, so I am bothered by the lockdown and being treated like a child and being made to walk in line with measured steps to buy food and stuff. Its kind of humiliating.

  15. It’s fine looking at the 4th house and seeing how it can be worked with, but what about transiting planets there?

    I have a Taurus IC as well, baking bread and gardening sounds ideal (if I had my own garden) and the energies of the sign should, on paper, go really well with the lockdown …. except for the white elephant in the room, being a Uranus transit.

    Stuck at home, having to sit with all the nervous, highly strung, freedom-loving Uranus energies, with nowhere for it to go. The anxiety of how long it will be, not forgetting Uranus is future-oriented, so it takes a lot of effort to not dwell on the future and feel great uncertainty. Take one day at a time, stop and smell the roses.

    The lockdown started when Venus entered my 4th too, so a sudden disruption to connection with others. The only way to connect is now through technology, but the Taurus prefers real face to face sitting with people, through the senses, rather than tapping away on a phone.

    Funnily enough, I did rearrange the place, which actually worked! And lots of yoga too.

  16. Capricorn on the IC, with Jupiter in the 4th house at 24 Cap. Fortunately, I heeded the transits and, in December, opened up and redecorated a room, adding another set of French doors to my small space. I also adopted brother and sister kittens who are keeping me entertained.

    Even though I have moon in Capricorn opposite Uranus in the 9th house, it’s been surprisingly easy to stay home during this pandemic. In fact, I just retired. The main challenge is that my husband and I are temporarily living apart since he works in healthcare. He has Scorpio on the IC, with Pluto in the 12th, which accounts for the isolation. Fortunately, we had great timing in that we took a decades-overdue honeymoon in Hawaii just before the pandemic broke out.

  17. Capricorn on cusp of 4th H.
    Something to build sounds like a good idea, but there is a question of scale.
    Just finished sewing my first face mask – small thing, but not that simple. Pleats, double thickness for filter etc.
    Looks very professional, like doctors in movies! Made with white cotton (from extra sheet material, not used) and elastic (don’t tell anyone!) from underpanties.? Can’t find much supplies anywhere, that seems like depression-era situation.

  18. Strangely enough, I find myself tapping into my natal Jupiter in Cancer and Taurus Moon these days.

    I have an Aries IC. Lately I’m trying to think up ways to use stuff around the house, or get things locally online (arrange pickups) so I don’t have to set foot in a store.

  19. Another thing about Aries IC (possible ways to manifest it): START something.

    Start a garden. Start a compost heap. Start a hobby. Start enjoying a new show. 🙂

  20. Makes total sense! My IC is in Cancer and I am using this time to rest and restore (as I sorely need rest). That said, my Moon is in Leo (5th house) and I find so many things and projects to do around home, I don’t really need to go out. I don’t feel the need either.

  21. Pisces IC. I have been meditating and praying but also doing walking workout videos and found a great YouTube channel for 20 minute full body workouts for Seniors on HASFit channel. Also doing Yoga once or twice per week with GAIA. My meditations are usually guided from apps but I also was taught one by our Lama called “Calm Abiding” which I can do alone and any where to address anxiety. May you all be well! ???

  22. So very interesting! With Virgo on the cusp i have been cleaning, in places where i haven’t cleaned for over a decade! Also, with Pluto in the 4th i have been retreating and purging and making gifts for my loved ones using only matrerials and goodies i already had at home.

  23. Aries 4th house. Work from home, do short work outs , gardening reading cooking, go for a walk or run or bike trip in the weekends and evenings. Sun in Cancer is taking over I think. Life is dull and quiet but I manage much better than I thought I would.

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