How To Deal With Sun & Mars In Libra Square Pluto

old manMars has been aspecting Mercury pretty much nonstop for weeks. Mars is well known to be a trigger. It can trigger events and it can trigger people.

With Mercury retrograde and Mars direct, the planets are separating at this point. However, Mars has no plans to lie down and take a nap!

Instead, the planet has joined forces with the Sun in Libra. Both bodies are locked on, headed for a clash with Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn is awfully sturdy. I think we’ve all seen this over the last ten years. Corruption to the planetary core, it seems. You’re not going to be able to just punch it in the nose and see it go down.

This reminds me of these old men I knew when I was a teenager. They were WW2 soldiers who used to coach me in regards to my life’s battles. I listened, intently!

“Well, Elsa, you better bring your friends and eat your lunch, if you want to take X on…”

larryPluto in Capricorn is X.

Can you channel this powerful energy? Sure! If you can manage to not get turned around or triggered! It’s not that easy with Mars in Libra!

Now if there is something you want (Mars), please (Libra) plot carefully (Pluto in Capricorn). Plan your tactics. I’ll even help you! But don’t act on impulse over the next week or so if you can help it. It’s just way too easy to have an accident and wind up with long-term consequences. Caution is warranted!

Also, on the Mars front – don’t forget the full moon in Aries, just one week away. It will be the peak of all this. Have a plan, even if it is to stay out of it! Boundaries, right?

Full Moon in Aries: October 20, 2021 – Pluto T-Square

This business hits my chart, dead on. I’m expecting some action!

Got plans for Sun conjunct Mars squaring Pluto?

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How To Deal With Sun & Mars In Libra Square Pluto — 11 Comments

  1. Oh, hang it! Mars is exactly square my natal Capricorn Moon! How on earth can one plan sitting on this bomb? I’m staying out of it But where? Under the bed?

  2. I Will be traveling a lot starting tomorrow with my husband of 23 years. We have had lots of practice being around each other for the past 5 weeks as we have been at his drilling rig in the middle of ND. He works everyday for 12 + hours and I cook and clean, do yoga and study astrology and feng shui, walk the dog on rig roads and occasionally visit the nearest town for supplies and yoga classes.Our only daughter went away to college last year so my life has changed dramatically from stay at home mom mode. Pluto has been conjunct my Venus and Sun for the past 2 years (24 and 26 of Capricorn) so I am “reinventing myself” to say the least! It will be great to break out and enjoy the view again, visit our daughter at her school and check on our house we’re building in Texas…then back to the rig for 3 weeks.?

  3. With Mercury going direct we just got word this morning from the Pluto Cap types, that our duplex is going on the Market next week. Our hand are tied. I could get pissed off (Mars) but have to play nice (Libra). It’s out of my hands.

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. Is there any possibility your home could be bought by someone wanting to keep things as they are? This is *apparently* what is happening to my home, but nothing is clear and my Cap Landlord is channeling Pluto’s dark side, getting me to jump through hoops and being downright nasty. My Libra stellium is smiling sweetly on the outside, seething and muttering on the inside. Hugs.

      • @Plutolover,
        Thank you. Sure there is a chance but here’s the thing-our rent will go up by about 8% and if they decide to renovate our side (the other side was updated and remodeled-new Kitchen, recessed ceiling lighting, new floors and a delux bathroom) they could make three times what we pay and pay it off sooner. But yes, there is a chance and we are keeping our fingers crossed ??. Thank you Plutolover for your thoughts and I hope the Pluto Caps don’t bully you further. Just awful! So very frustrating! Hugs and hang in there!

  4. The only plans I have is to hibernate, meditate, place my Crystal s , strategically.
    And Pray for a happy outcome.
    We just have to get past this.
    And staying within the boundaries might just be the thing.
    Especially since I have natally conjunct Mars, Mercury and Jupiter.
    My big loud mouth can trigger just about anybody !!!

  5. My only plan is to polish my halo and hang tight. This aspect is in my Solar Return, Pluto sitting on the descendant. I’m quite used to the energy having had Pluto square my natal Sun for a good while, but Mars? Ouch.

    • Hello, gemini7! Elsa has just directed me to your post. I am sure she means me to I find the answer to my frustrated question (above) in what you say here. And I did, very gratefully. I wish I had thought of feeling like you do today when transit Mars was square my natal Capricorn Moon. Do go on having feisty and stubborn fun! 🙂

  6. Am repairing old wood windows and I am still a bad hack and tacker. Some frustration however I haven’t thrown any tools against the wall yet.

    Mercury has gone direct but there is still some hangover. I have worked on my relationships and gotten to better understanding and communication. So I am/was surprised to hear all the old annoying behaviors again. And also in the relationships that had soured a bit, the people are/were all sugar and spice again. I am waiting for the axe to fall again with them. I would be really confused by all this switcherooney stuff if I did not know Mercury was retro.

    It is really interesting to hear the simmering rumble that lies beneath so I guess I’ve been lucky that nothing has exploded in my environment. Yet anyway. The key for me is to not put any more stress on people. No pushing, letting the other lead the conversation. My solitary abode always awaits where I can have it my way. Don’t know what I would do without that.

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