How To Approach The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are from my experience like wild cards in terms of their receptivity to others and how they are approached. The earth signs seem to have a lot more duality to their nature than they’re given credit for. For these people it’s almost like they’ve got a combination of emotion, rationale, detachment, and passion within them selves when it comes to conversing with them. They seem to need to be interested in another person when approached with a conversation. They also need to have some sense of reciprocal respect, meaning they need to see that a person respects them and they need to see that they can respect the other person. I would love to hear comments from earth sun signs about what it is that they believe is the best way for another to approach them and what it is that drives them during conversations. The earth signs just have this way about them that is harder for me to pin down compared to any of the other elements, but from what I’ve noticed there definitely seems to be a need for interest, respect and genuine like of whomever approaches them.

These observations are all based off of the elements of a persons sun sign and not factoring in any of the other personal planetary placements which further make up a persons personality. We could have a Libra Sun with a Pisces Moon and Mercury in Scorpio and they may end up relating in a much more emotional way, but when observing just the sun sign by itself these are the behaviors I’ve consistently observed.

Does this ring true to your sun sign and sun signs you know?
Do you have more to add?
What signs do you have the easiest time talking with?
What signs do you have the hardest time talking with?
How do you like to be approached?

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How To Approach The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn — 20 Comments

  1. As a Capricorn sun, I find myself to be approachable. I find your comments about mutual respect to be valid though. People that I don’t feel that with, I will actively work at reducing the chances for our interaction.

  2. Virgo sun. All of what you said rings true for me. I definitely have an emotional detachment, passionate yet removed. I have to “feel” another person, mentally and emotionally. Otherwise, I lose interest really quickly.

  3. From my experience, earth signs:

    – see what’s there in a person and determine the value of others
    – believe in goals and that things can be built, maintained and a purpose attached
    – the importance of maintenance
    – above all… earth signs see the substance of all things, for that is how we determine value, provide methods for its care and
    ultimately receive security in the world because we’ve dug roots and feel purpose

  4. Pluto in Virgo on the DESC and Saturn in Capricorn in the 10th. No Taurus. I have chosen relationships and friendships carefully and have reaped the rewards!. Been very lucky overall in all my dealings. The Earth sun signs offer help without asking and I feel are the MOST psychic in knowing the needs of others!

  5. Virgo Sun here and I like the way you put that post. I have never thought of that before and now that I see it, I do like to be approached with respect, but I have a strong Neptune on my Midheaven and therefore others have no clue how to approach me. And with my Aquarian AC, I do put out weird vibes and I think I repel others into seeing me as a joke or someone to never take seriously. I have been having issues lately with someone making snide comments to me constantly and my Neptune AC and Pluto conjunct my Sun sends me into evade mode. I worry how long I can evade before I come out stinging and biting back at said person. I think it is because she is mad over my telling her that I won’t be a part of supplying her with smokes anymore. But yes, it would be nice for people just to show some respect for a change. I am avoiding people like the plague right now, because it is a warzone and I am doing my damndest to control my tongue. Sighs.

    Thank you for the post.

    • I am also Virgo Sun, Aquarius AC, Neptune conj MC and Pluto conj Sun – and I have the same experience with people! And I agree with Sarah re: the need to respect or see ‘value’ in people before engaging.

      • It is a difficult chart when dealing with other people and it is easier just to avoid people as much as possible.

  6. As a Capricorn Sun, I demand respect and treat others with respect. I am also very physical, and a good way to approach me is hugs and other physical manifestations. I am also very “picky” about most things, but it doesn’t prevent me from treating people fairly.

  7. I have Sun and asc (virgo) ruler mercury in Taurus.
    Now I have lots of fire, air and also stelliums in 2 water houses, and on top of all I’m very Plutonian.

    Sun is oppo Pluto in scorp for ex, and in contact with Neptune, Uranus, Mars.

    HOWEVER: So thise things I believe is due to my Taurus sun:
    Yes I need to feel respected. I really really enjoy the feeling of discussing something, and being listened to carefully and to be taken seriously. Now my fire venus and moon gemini does like being silly and joke a lot and I can act childish at times, So I believe its my Taurus sun who like respect.

    Also, I need the other person to listen without cutting me off, and give me good feedback, good eye contact and..this is very Taurean, I really really like it when the other person touches me ever so briefly in apropiate moments during our talk. I like the physical connection.

    Just a small touch on my arm/shoulder will do it. Whether it being when we joke about something, or when we talk serious stuff and the other person gives a quick touch to lighten me up or show solidarity etc.

    A touch for me makes me percieve the person as a warm person. As a person that is stabil and confident in him/herself and who is comfy with both me and with him/herself.

    Most importantly, it makes me percieve the person as GENUINE. That is very important for my Taurus sun! Genuinity, stability and warmth.

  8. Earth grand trine here Sun Cap, moon Taurus, Pluto Virgo, with merc and venus conj sun and Saturn also in Taurus but not conjunct…I am extremely taken aback by unkindness and extremely receptive to kindness from others. If I sense any kind of hate or meanness in a person I am immediately turned off. I do not confront them on it but they will not be allowed in my friendship circle and I have no problem avoiding them or ignoring them. Low, low tolerance for people who cannot be socially polite and get along. All that Cap makes me appreciate traditional public niceties and rudeness makes me uncomfortable and unwilling to engage with them. When people are kind and welcoming to me I get immediately engaged and seek to get to know them or at least converse with them long enough to be able to remember them should our paths cross again in the future. Approach the earth sign people with smiling hearts and faces and they will be your friend from that day forward but if you try to make friends with me by gossiping or hacking at someone or complaining I will be kind at the time, but never reach out for future encounters.

  9. Sarah I was taken by your attention here to earth signs, especially with the word “respect”. Even though I have Sun Aquarius, my Asc Taurus demands a lot of respect, eye contact, attention to truth, honesty, quality of listening from others too. @Melinn mentions this, I agree as well. Taurus deeply affected by Nature, walks, animals, ocean, bush, views etc., need this daily and cannot share this time with folk who don’t ‘respect’ the power of nature, in all its forms. My Sun Aquarius is detached, remote even, yet the Ascendant Taurus demands, tells, points out frequently the absolute need/requirement for respect from others – or the contact/friendship/associate will not thrive in anyway.
    Sarah I can see you have a remarkable gift of insight. thank you.

  10. I agree virgos r difficult people they can never admit if they r wrong unless if it’s in their interest like if it’s to do with their job and they can’t get out of a sticky relationships they always want to b in control whether it’s family mother brother or boyfriend. They r extremely selfish Having a Virgo in the family can be very stressful

  11. I am Virgo Sun. I value and appreciate RESPECT and HONESTY in every relationship. TRUST. I get along with pretty much all signs, but my connections with Fire signs are the best! they add the sparkle, the light, the flame, the joy, the adventurous, the wild, the crazyness, they keep every conversation interesting and playfull, passionate…maybe because I am Leo Asc. with moon in Gemini. I need to connect mentally and emotionally with people, other wise, I will pull myself away very discrete. Air signs bring the intellectual deep conversations that I appreciate and value their wisdom. Overall, I can adjust almost to everybody, if I feel connection or attraction

  12. I feel it’s the same with many signs what u experience however Virgos are o e of a kind.their overall intelligence and intuitions r in overdri e this making them feel invincible!and so do not have much tolerance for others

  13. Even with just Mars in Cap I will agree to the respect-principle.

    For me it is more an integrity thing though…. Act with your highest moral integrity and dignified behavior. Might be the 12th house talking here though,because I instinctually know that without acting from a place of spiritual awareness of karma, dignity and respect, you will loose the battle and make a lot of bad karma yourself. Do your best, try to be the best version of yourself, be fair and just (Moon in Libra) and the Unverse will provide the result (Venus and sun conjunct Jupiter)….

    So yeah. Respect.
    Also for Caps… We seem to value a person from the practical side – aka how can this person or whatever become of ‘use’ to us. My respect follows if the future usefulness of this person is high… Or they are achievers like myself. Not the prettiest aspect as all people has a purpose and should be met with equal respect. Still, my respect seems to follow this aspect….

  14. This IS VERY TRUE ABOUT RRESPECT they want it from everyone and its not that they don’t earn it its just that here respect is not coupled with love emotion as such…
    Burgos r honest extremely sensitive too take a long time to process emotions so.if there’s been hot arguments exchange of words with family members its not ok kiss and make up stuff they will brood even though outwardly they put up yes all’s ok stuff.
    Their love for who is closest like a mom who takes their BS is genuine but yet they can b tough.always making the other bend to keep the peace!
    Anyways other signs have their peeves too

  15. Taurus Sun/Scorpio Rising wants to be treated like the approacher likes me. It doesn’t matter if they really like me, but just treat me like we’re friendly in case it ends up getting there. If I’m approached with disgust, with imperiousness, or with entitlement, ha ha, no. I also really dislike overly sweet fake kindness, however. If someone approaches me with that fake sweetness, I’m instantly turned off because I feel like they’re trying to manipulate me. I’ll be polite in response, but I’ll always think of that person as a fake.
    I’m aware that I can be intimidating. I have a really intense gaze at times, and a resting B face. When I notice that I’m freaking someone out, I usually try to flash them a smile and see their expression relax. It’s kind of funny that way.

  16. Cap Sun/Mercury, Taurus Moon, Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus in Virgo with Aquarius AC…. it’s all about being real for me. If I see an inkling of BS coming from you – adios! Don’t try to schmooze me because I can see/sense it and I will instantly dislike you. Just be a real, humble, and honest person when you approach me, then you’ll get my respect. Simple.

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