How Things Unfold: Tell Us Your Story

jupiterI was talking to the double Scorp earlier this week about the idea he was headed for a time where all his skills would come into play. The soldier thinks like this and so do I.  We both think everything is always leading to the next thing and it’s just miraculous the twists and turns a life takes.

As an example, if you are reading the story, Royal Somewhere, Grocery Man tells me that I should go into sales. He specifically mentions, Frito Lay which was the same as saying Tomatotropolis to me at the time. But 18 months later I was sitting in an office talking my way into a job at Frito Lay and I went on to be the number one salesperson in the state.

I think I was probably the number one salesperson in the country (or something near that) seeing as my sales were more than double the number two guy so this just goes to show you that you never know what all is going on or even that anything is going on when something is going on. Because I obviously heard the guy, right?  Is this why I was sitting on that patio that night?  Or was it so I could tell this story decades later?

I got mad at the soldier and blocked his email in early 2004.  He consequently read my (other) blog for 3 years, silently. This forced him to reconcile his projection of me with reality and we wound up together of course. Could we have made it any other way?  I don’t think so.

This post was inspired because I glanced at the soldier’s 2011 solar return and it popped my eyes out of my head. He is clearly going to be called up that year.

That his wife is an astrologer and can tell him this means something I’m sure but exactly what it means, I’m not we can ever know but I do know this stuff inspires.

Tell us a story that unfolded in your life…

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How Things Unfold: Tell Us Your Story — 34 Comments

  1. For old timers, I should mention that it was the security I got ($) by working at Frito Lay that allowed me to write the blog all the time my daughter was ill. You get the point, I hope. This whole blog exists because I decided to be nice to a lonely person… you just never know.

  2. “Only time will tell the way that it goes,
    you just never know the way it flows.”

    “All my dreams are blowing into the wind,
    I just got to find my wings again,
    life is full of endless mysteries,
    only time will tell the way it’ll be.”

  3. I personally think I’m headed for the big time and I think the story is unfolding. This may be some kind of deluded ego trip, but I do have Mars rising and Jupiter on the midheaven and Saturn in 2nd, all of which makes me think my career and income is going to blow sky-high in midlife after much persistence, and considering that aligns with my goals….well, I hope I can do some good with it all. I am so motivated, you can’t imagine how much. I dream great dreams at night. 🙂 I hope, if I get it, I can use it in a way that helps others. Seriously.

  4. I will book mark this entry and tell a story another day. One of hundreds. But in the meantime, I like your story Jessica. And your optimism! Some where way back, I learned to enjoy it when others are striving for success and especially when they do succeed. This is contrary to our hardwiring as humans. For some reason we are supposed to beat people down when they succeed or trip them up when they are on their way up. I have learned to cheer people on. It’s a lot more fun!

  5. This post brought tears to my eyes. That everything is always leading to the next thing has been the only constant in my life. I have sun, moon, merc and uranus in Sag so I like this large perspective 🙂

    I went through a phase when I was extremely passive and didn’t participate in my own life, if that makes sense. As soon as I started becoming active, little chances I would take or people I’d talk to would lead to something bigger. My story would take too long to tell, but I’ve definitely learned that one must be an active participant in life and express the energies you were born with in order to get on the track you were destined to be on. Nothing is handed to you for existing. Jupiter in Capricorn.

    Hope this makes sense to someone outside of my head 🙂

  6. wow.

    yeah, once i started paying attention to the people and the depth in the world around me… and feeding the good stuff… things have just been flowering.
    and i have no clue where i’m going.
    ask me in a few decades, maybe i could give a real answer then 😉

  7. Reading. Taking it all in. And reaffirming what everyone posted.

    I read this following astro post today and somehow some things fell into place.

    “Enlightening experience (Neptune trine Uranus valid March 2008 to January 2010)
    Valid during many months: This influence will expose you to ways of looking at the world that are quite different from any you have known before. The alternate states of consciousness designated by this influence are not terrifying or confusing. Instead, you are much more likely to experience a widening interest in the greater depths of the universe and an increased ability to perceive them. Your intuition will be enormously heightened at this time, and if you have any innate psychic talents, they will appear now. You will be increasingly interested in the occult and astrology, and these disciplines will give you understandings that you have never had before. It is quite likely that you will have an enlightenment experience – a perception of your true place in the universe – on some level that is meaningful to you.

    Idealism is also part of your life now, but its nature is very abstract. You are much more interested in philosophical truth and absolutes than in practical reforms in the world around you. The exception to this is that you could become directly and practically involved with the plight of the underprivileged. You might work to reform conditions in a hospital or other such institution.

    Another consequence of this influence is that you may become involved with a religious or spiritual movement that works for social reform – a movement motivated not by political doctrines. ”

    So yeah, people and situations can make a complete turnaround and who knows if another full turn might be waiting down the bend.

  8. I think I’m still pretty much at the beginning of mine. I think things will get a lot more interesting in 2013, and I’m downright curious about 2019 when Uranus hits my seventh house. That oughta be crazy…

  9. Two nights ago a found out about another friend dying. There has been a death every week since saturn changed signs. people and situations can make a complete turnaround ? Yes they can.
    But right now I am very tired and I don’t feel much like seeing what is around the bend.
    I think sometimes one just has to take a deep breath.

  10. I’m looking forward to have an unfolded story to tell….
    In the meanwhile I LOVE TO READ THIS KIND OF STUFF

  11. I’m relatively young but had fun ride with my life already. There were amazingly good times and some horrendous times. Actually last few years were very challenging, I found Elsa’s blog and it had this soothing effect on me. Reading this blog made me think outside of my boundaries. I just love reading about other people’s experiences. Sometimes it upsets me and sometimes it inspires me but it’s a good antidote for my personal growth.
    Every little decisions and happening is leading to something new in my life.
    I have saturn in my 1st house forming a t-square with the cardinal houses. This Saturn really challenges me but Elsa told me to fight it and I’m learning to fight it (it’s working out well!).
    Thank you Elsa and everyone else for interesting stories!

  12. My solar-return chart for this year looked horrifying, and so far it has all been one big mess. I should post it somewhere on the boards because I am not good at interpreting as others here are, but than again maybe I don’t really want to know (ugh)

  13. I get ecxited(or too emotional) when I see this connection of past-future, playing in my life!

    The more I start paying attention to them, the more sense they make. And it helps me notice them when they come up again.

    I used to live in another country by myself for a year, and I used to had random conversations with strangers. They didnt know anything about my life but their words(ex. advice,ideas,help) manage to stay with me until now. It shows that the connection never breaks! When a situation arise, then, everything of the past,falls into place that make sense at the time.
    And I heartly hope that these people got something back from me.

  14. I was almost thirty by the time I realized that everything – even the seemingly inconsequential stuff – was absolutely vital to what comes next. It either set up something extraordinarily precious or prepared me for something extraordinarily extreme in a WTF kind of way.

    I hear people say “I wish xxxxx hadn’t happened to me.” I felt that way at one time, but now? Nope. It all matters and creates the person we are and brings us to the places we are meant to be. Just as every rose has at least one thorn, every thorn has a rose.

    I’ve got stories, for sure. While I recover from surgery, I’m damned well going to start writing some of them again!

  15. Elsa, stoopid me but I thought the soldier was/is/will be too old to be called up? Somehow that line scared me. The rest was reassurring that the waiting I feel right now isn’t all for waste.

    Thanks for that perspective.

  16. Whew. I was worried there. I don’t know that I could handle watching you go through that. For some reason… Gah. Thanks for the clarification.

    *begins untying stomach knots* /discovers they’re fairly intricate 😉

  17. It really feels like I’m starting a whole new life right now, but curiously one that combines all the experiences I’ve gathered previously.

    I’m starting at a new job. Yesterday, at lunch, I said something about doing something in my ‘previous life’. A colleague jokingly asked: “So, how many lives you’ve had ?” I responded, pretty much without thinking about it: “Three or four.” And he said: “You’ve certainly got around.”

    Thinking about it, I have. And the thing is that the parts of my life have been very disconnected. Things I’ve learned haven’t necessarely served me later in life. Now, in the past few months, I’ve suddenly realized I’m using skills I’ve learned years ago and havent’t needed since. I’ve also seen people I haven’t heard from in years return.

    I don’t know if this necessarely shows in my astrological chart. Possibly there’s something going on with progression. I’ve studied some palmistry, though. I have a long lifeline that’s full of marks for the first 33 years, but then becomes strong and steady. So, it’s possibile I’ve now reached or am reaching that point.

  18. there is line from a song by LCD Soundsystem that goes “I wouldn’t trade one stupid decision for another five years of life” When I first heard this I didn’t understand it. But I do now.

    I seriously have had many lives, I am just starting to be grateful for the chance to begin now, where I am, with what I know.

  19. when I was in early grade school I used to hang out after school with the elderly woman next door. she got a kitten just so I could have a kitten of my own. she taught me to do needlework, origami, appreciate native american art, and much more. I spent time with her, afternoons, evenings, weekends, and holidays. she told me she just wasn’t up to putting up an xmas tree so my parents and I secretly put one up while she and her husband were at church.

    even though I moved out of state we saw each other a few more times in the next decade. I was a self-centered young adult when she died. I was sad, but it was kind of the natural way of things. then a few years later when I was a struggling single mother, after I’d just gotten my first apartment after being homeless, I found that she’d left me money. it was a huge relief and made me feel so safe compared to how unsafe I’d felt previously. I’ve always been profoundly grateful for that.

    I’m not good with money and it didn’t last long with me but the effect has lasted far longer.

  20. Satori, that’s beautiful. I had an old lady neighbor like her when I was about five… She taught me about rocks and minerals, let me help her in the garden and listened to me talk about my crush on the Monkees. She had a gentleman friend in his 80s who still owned and operated a full-service gas station and would come calling every night around 6:00 for dinner, in coverall uniform, bouquet in hand. She always said, “I think he fancies me.” They never got married.

    We lost touch for several years, and then in high school, I volunteered at the local nursing home, and there she was, in room B-16! I went there to visit her pretty much every day. She no longer had the mental capacity to really relate, but she loved the company and loved knowing there was someone who cared about her. One day after school I went to her room and she wasn’t there. I cried for her like I never cried for my own grandparents. I still visit her grave on the rare occasion I make it to my home town. Here’s to my Myrtle, and to your Myrtle, too.

  21. My story begins way back, before the fall of iron curtain. We were young and my friends were just beautiful people. It was hard to close the door behind me without giving them last hug. Many years have passed when a sudden consequences brought me back to a free country now and to the city of my youth. Full of excitement I called my favored friend. I couldn’t understand her strange and nervous behavior. What a coincidence when I met her on the street a few days later and finally gave her the hug. Instantly, she burst into heartbreaking sobbing, repeating “you were so good to me, you helped me so much”. For more than a year her sobbing didn’t make sense to me until recently. She felt guilty. She had not only betrayed our friendship but also subjected my life and lives of my family to danger. She doesn’t know that I have forgiven her. It was a mad time in which hearts of innocent people were torn apart.

  22. Another story in progress comes to mind, it is my book of stories that is done and has been done for 5 years now but sits on ice.

    I don’t know why it sits on ice but it comes up and out someday and that there is some reason for delay.

    When I will figure out that reason is anyone’s guess. If I figure out, that is because it may be someone else has the piece.

  23. I am a 7 degree Sun in Sagittarius and am now going thru a huge paradigm shift in my life.

    I think it has to do with Uranus going direct, Neptune finishing its last years in Aquarius (I’m a Pisces rising btw), and Pluto leaving the early degrees of Capricorn.

  24. And also, I am an Aries Mars and I think in the next few years I will shock people (Uranus going through Aries) with the things I will achieve!

  25. Like you Reality.. so much death been reported around our circle of friends since Saturn changed sign (mine is 8th house anyway plus Pluto is transiting 11th)..and with my husband’s Sun 3 Aries and a history of heart issues ( Pluto’s trine there was his lifesaving surgery)..I can either curl up in a scared wee hedgehog ball or be thankful and enjoy everything we do have right now that’s good in our life. Blessings counted here, and understanding that life just doesn’t come with guarantees, and no amount of astrologising can immunise us to what’s actually best about us..which is that we care.

    • Myrna, I am not sure what you’re asking – what my book has to do with anything.

      My only recent insight on that…the publishing of it was delayed all those years. I think people would be very surprised at what I went through behind the scenes. But I always thought there had to be a reason. I refused to push it to be published, even though this pissed people off quite a bit.

      So then, the time came. And I did push it out there. Now it’s been some months and besides all the complexity about this situation, I personally think it was delayed so that the last page would be there. It’s very important…just critically so. And had it been published five years prior, or whatever, it would not have read the way it does.

      So basically, I have acquire some knowledge, before it could publish. This is my end of this. Obviously, the person(s) I was partnered with on the project had their agenda or side.

      To this day, I don’t know what that is or was, nor do I care to know.

      My job is done!

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