How The Aries Stellium In April 2011 Will Affect YOU

cage fight: WolverineOver the course of the next few months a large group of planets stacks up in Aries. Three or more planets are considered a “stellium.” It begins with the ingress of Uranus on March 12th, when it joins Jupiter and Mercury in the sign. The stellium culminates in early April when Mars itself enters Aries, with the sun, moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus already there. Because this is Aries, Mars-ruled, the stage set is all about action, fighting. Metaphorically I see it as the set up for a mixed-martial arts cage fight. With Saturn opposing the action from Libra and Pluto squaring, this is not some small town, bar scene cage fight, it’s the big time, big stakes and serious consequences.

The most serious player in this group, the slowest moving planet, will be Uranus, electric, revolutionary, ready to set you free. In the cage fight with Mars and Mercury involved, if you don’t mind what’s going on around you, Uranus might liberate you from your “good looks,” metaphorically speaking, of course. Keep moving, keep on your guard but stay loose. Follow the rules, keep it clean and take it seriously but not so seriously that you don’t enjoy the rush of what could be the fight of the millennium!

So where does this fight set up in your life, in your individual chart? Where is your Ultimate Fighting Championship taking place? The cage sets up wherever Aries falls in your chart; see what house it dominates. Does it fall in more than one house? Choose the the explanation of the one which is majority Aries, or blend them.

1st House Aries: This is Aries’ house and where you are most likely to find the literal fight. Your image and your presence in the world is electrified. You get free of the labels previously laid on you and are seen anew! Make the conscious effort to act in ways befitting how you wish to be seen from here on out. Fight for who you are, and who you wish to be.

2nd House Aries: These energies challenge you to refine your values and attitudes about your possessions. What do you stand for? What is important to you? What is worth fighting for? Now is the time decide what you will take into the future and what you will leave behind. Get rid of excess baggage.

3rd House Aries: You’ve likely been a strong communicator but now you’re really going to be heard. Your words now have a strength behind them that is impossible to ignore. They’re electric and new. You throw out or re-make old ways of communicating. You learn to make use of your senses in a new way. You listen, see, smell, taste anew. The 3rd house is siblings as well. Expect a few surprises there, but don’t punch your brother in the face. It’s bad form.

4th House Aries: The ground is moving beneath you, calling attention to how you feel about yourself, your roots and where you come from. We’re not talking about a destructive earthquake, this is a wake-up call. HEY, you’re important too! Who do you think you are? What do YOU mean to you? How did you get that way? Understandably this shakes things up on the home front, emotionally and practically, but in the end you all have a new base, where you’re free to move into the future unfettered.

5th House Aries: “You’ve gotta fight, for you right, to paaaaaarty!” Or parent, or be creative, or just to SHINE. It may seem the revolution is set to oust you from your throne, but you find a different crown, one that fits you better, even if at first you find it odd, made out of pipe cleaners and string cheese.

6th House Aries: It’s time to innovate in the way you conduct your daily life. If you’ve become set in your ways expect a turn of events that revitalizes that structure. Business as usual just can’t continue and your daily life becomes eclectic and electric. Health issues rise to the surface, not necessarily in a negative way. Now is the time to leave behind bad habits and create a lifestyle that takes you into the future.

7th House Aries: No, you’re not getting a divorce, unless you need one. You’re not going to put up with someone trying to tie you down. Partnership will set you free or you will get free one way or another. It’s time to try new ways of relating and this energy gives the push to find new solutions to old problems.

8th House Aries: Strange Bedfellows. You get yourself some new moves. Find the quirk within and bust a move. What’s your inheritance? What do you share with another? If you rely on the resources of others prepare to become more self-sufficient. Issues from deep within come to light where you can lick ’em and get free.

9th House Aries: You’re about to get a new education, a new philosophy: free your mind and the rest will follow. How you synthesize information gets an overhaul. All the bits and pieces, facts and feelings you’ve been collecting arrange themselves into previously unimaginable patterns. You’ll find you have new principles worth fighting for.

10th House Aries: You’re going to fight for your reputation, fight for your career. Integrity matters, fight clean and show ’em you’ve got it. Opportunities arise that if acted upon will aid you in the future. Detach from the need to see quick results and innovate. If something that seemed like an important piece falls off on the way, let it go, you don’t need it.

11th House Aries: You need to get out more. Or less. Whichever it is will become very evident. Your position in the group and how you relate to others is changing. Fight for your right to move forward. You have something to add to the collective but you refuse to be assimilated!

12th House Aries: If you start seeing or hearing things do not be alarmed. It’s just me hiding in your closet playing a joke on you. Just kidding. But seriously folks, your subconscious is going to come alive and want to be heard in weird ways. Consequently the ways in which you relate to metaphysical concepts is in for an overhaul. And do watch out for weirdos in your closet. Now is when you’re likely to catch on to your secret enemies. Don’t let anyone gaslight you.

What house is Aries for you? What are your own thoughts about what’s in store?


How The Aries Stellium In April 2011 Will Affect YOU — 47 Comments

  1. 4th House, and I love this: “What do YOU mean to you? How did you get that way?” —Self-worth has been a big topic for me the last 18 months, so I feel like I’m on the right track. My guy has 6th House Aries, I’m really worried about his health but he’s doing the best he can (and is gearing up to start on drugs to quit smoking soon).

  2. Mainly an 11th House affair. Chiron is there in Aries.. all alone.. fitting. Perhaps I will get a good purging of old wounds dealing with friendships.

    And I already know I could use a bit more getting out of the house. lol

  3. 12 th house for me. Time to flush secret enemies to the surface. Also is my jupiter return (Natall jupiter in Aries) could be a hidden angel in ther somewhere too.

  4. In my first house, but also hoping for some SOLAR help too since Aries rules my 10th house.

    What are your thoughts on that Satori? Do the solar influences generally have an effect? Is so, how much?

  5. I think that they do, but it’s not my area of focus so I couldn’t put forth an opinion on how much or what would be the weight.

  6. First house for me, it even touches my Part of Fortune. Pluto has been doing a number on me these past 3 years, IT’S TIME TO MOVE THAT BUS!!!!!

  7. Aries is covered by most of my 9th house (which contains my mc) and rules my 10th house. Both descriptions sound interesting and liberating, I’m a “go” :o). Thanks for all the info and heads up satori, very, very helpful!

  8. Reading this has me nervous as I always worry about my health. I do get a trine to the ruler of my 6th house from the 6th house so hopefully I will just get even more disciplined with my diet……Vegan all the way baby!

  9. Satori – this is brilliant – thank you!

    6th H all the way for me! Eclectic and electric, wow big change from my hermitude of the last four years. Been easing on back out there with my two little part-time jobs, so that’ll help I hope.

  10. 12th house… with transiting Neptune conjunct Pisces Sun.
    It will be an ‘interesting’ time, that’s for sure. I’m travelling overseas 9th April to 6th May (UK and USA).

  11. ThankYou Satori very Interesting !!!

    9th House It is going to be Really interesting how and what makes my Philosophy change !!!

    Blessings !!!

  12. Aries in the 8th more self-sufficient sounds just right, l share a lot with another and well it’s fine hope we can share even more, might learn to share in new ways, yes the taxes doing them this month…!feel like lke no ‘bedfellows’ as Uranus transits 7th house. More energy and expansion in matters related to the 8th Jupiter will be conjunct venus/mars in the 8th…hmmm sounds interesting..hope l get this right
    thanks Satori love this post!

  13. Mostly in the 2nd and “what is worth fighting for” is what I’m banking on. Cut your losses and concentrate on that which is really important. Now I just need to figure out what is important..come on Libra..step the hell up and weigh out a decision.

    And by the way..I have such a HUGE crush on Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Thank you so much for making that the first thing I saw this morning 🙂 woot woot!

  14. Aries is split right down the middle of my second and third… I’ve already started an ebay clearout of old stuff so I can be clear of a lot of my physical baggage and ready (in time) to move in with my man.

    And the third house stuff is very exciting – I can feel the momentum building already at work (I’m a journalist) and people are starting to see me differently. I’m on the verge of a significant breakthrough so this could be going forward…

    My boyfriend has aries sun in the fifth and almost all of the sign in the fifth. Hoping that ‘fighting for the right to paaaarty’ will mean something positive ie seeing more of his son, or taking on new responsibilities maybe, rather than having problems seeing him…

  15. 7th House Aries empty except for Ceres. I have a feeling that it will be time for me to play the hunter instead of the prey.

  16. For me I have Aries in the 2nd house and I also have 7 degrees in the 1st house. My husband his Aries is in the 8th house and is 9 degrees into the 9th house. This is going to really affect him as he is an Aries with a Leo Rising and a Sag Moon

  17. ok, in my fiance’s and mine composite chart we have an aries stellium of our own. Falls in the 9th house, would your definition up there apply to what we could expect for the effects of the upcoming stellium in our relationship?

  18. Ahhh…. 60% 8th house , 40% 7th house.

    Looks like a new way to relate to the “Ladies” is on the horizon. :::hides:::

    If she succeeds in lassoing this macho feline, I’ll gain a mate but lose the “bachelor pad”. Hmmm…. or will I gain a new method for building success / wealth??

    :::ponders usage of women:::

  19. LOL Josi! I was just thinking the same… freakin’ love Hugh Jackman! Yum! Oh, wait… this post wasn’t about him? Oh well, carry on!

    OK, that was just a joke. What I really meant to say was great post! Helps so much! Most of Aries is my 5th house but the cusp of 6th is Aries. Sounds good to me.

  20. 11th/12th house. Slight weight towards 12th. All I can say is that I’m SO sensitive to these things I get tired of people not believing me when I say “he/she/it/they/little green guy does not mean you well to someone I love and care bout” and that person doesn’t believe me and then 6 months later it all blows up in their face. Usually the person that I warn is closely enough partnered to me that I get whiffs of it towards myself as well as my partner and warn them. They think I’m being “oversensitive” or “cynical” ROFL.

    It should be interesting times tho.

  21. Hey Satori! Thank you for this, there’s nothing like it anywhere else!

    A question though; what about Aries rising? Will the 1st house description do, or be close?

    Thank you!

  22. 5th house. i really, really, REALLY hope this doesn’t involve fighting with my kid. i’ll do everything i can to swing it into the ‘be creative and shine’ direction.

  23. It’s time for me to step up to the plate in my 1st, 7th and 8th house in Aries. What a ride I will be on. Elsa, thanks for the inspiring reading.

  24. Myself :
    8th house mainly
    Also : I have my natal Jupiter in conjunction to Jupiter in Aries on the 7th Mars, ant to my natal Moon in Aries too

    My GF :
    8th house mainly
    She was born with a Stellium in Aries, 8th house (Sun+Venus+Mars+Mercury ALL in Aries 8th house).
    So on the 30th April she’ll have
    Mars conj. to natal Sun+Ven+Mars
    Jup conj. to natal Sun+Ven+Mars
    Uranus conj. natal Mercury


    So… WHAT are we expecting from the next 2 months ?
    I honestly don’t know. Our issue now is work : we have unsatisfying jobs but we can have many opportunities in this field.

    Any suggestion ?
    Thanks 🙂

  25. Right now the Aries Stellium(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus) is in my 7th house.

    Mars and Uranus are Squaring my Midheaven and Opposing my Ascendant and Pluto as well as Trining my Neptune in Sagittarius.

    Mercury is retrograding toward my Chiron

    Jupiter and the Moon are conjuncting my Sun and Chiron and trining my Neptune in Sagittarius.

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