How Important is the Sun?

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Don’t mind me! I’m just busy being the CENTER OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM

There’s a lot of talk among astrologers lately about decentering the Sun when interpreting a chart. They point out that when someone asked your sign in the ancient world, you would reply with your rising sign. They also say that the focus on the Sun leads to an oversimplification of astrology. I even had a friend of mine who is relatively new to astrology say that now that she’s familiar with planets, aspects, and houses, that the Sun just doesn’t seem that important.

I don’t entirely disagree! The Sun is definitely not all there is to the story. You have to look at the whole chart to understand a person. I’ll admit that when I look at a chart, the Sun sign often isn’t the first thing I notice. Instead, I’m usually looking for the planets or aspects that are associated with whatever problem the client is having.

And I also understand that when you look at all the planets, the Sun can seem hard to pin down. The Ascendant is your public face. The Moon is your emotional life. Mercury is your mind and communication style. Venus is your love nature and tastes. Mars is your drive. When you put all these things together, what’s left for the Sun to signify?

However, I think that it’s a grave error to discount the Sun. The Sun is the core of our being! The Sun represents the essence of our being, that numinous spark that makes us individuals. Without the Sun, there is no self-expression because there is no self to express!

The Sun is the ego in the Freudian sense, the construct that connects our inner life to the outer world. It’s our self-concept, the collection of ideas and behaviors that answers the question “Who am I?” Without the Sun, we would be nothing more than a series of processes reacting to the world. The Sun is what ties all those disparate parts together and gives them meaning. There’s a reason the other planets revolve around the Sun. The Sun is the center of gravity, the focal point which all other energies serve.

The Sun gives us our inner truth. In Greek mythology, Apollo, the Sun god was associated with oracles and intuition because he was unable to lie. Any information that came from him, assuming you listen carefully enough, was guaranteed to be true. And the same applies to each of us. The Sun gives rise to inner knowledge, to our deepest wisdom. The Sun keeps us in the light, connected with the simple yet powerful joy of living. The Sun is our light.

So while I agree that focusing ONLY on the Sun is a mistake, I would caution against swinging too far the other way. No matter what anyone says, the Sun matters. Don’t abandon the light.

What do you think of this? How does your Sun express itself?

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How Important is the Sun? — 15 Comments

  1. Hmmm – well I’m Leo Sun, but don’t feel at all like the astro folklore describes, but I might have a huge blind spot. I think I’m driven by the other planets in my chart.
    What I wonder about are those who have a non-aspected Sun.
    What happens with them? I’ve seen this in a few charts sometimes in high-profile people. Does their Sun just sit back & watch their life going on?

    • Satsun – Queen Elizabeth II has an unaspected Sun in her chart. This supports her stalwart stances in her decision making processes regardless of the emotional ramifications.

  2. My 8H Libra Sun is intercepted and it is conjunct my natal Virgo Mercury. It can be a little tricky to fully “shine.” My trine with my 4H Gemini Mars comes to my rescue to “kick start” me into action, usually with a well thought-out (Gemini) plan of action.

  3. I had a conversation just a couple of days ago where I was asked my sun sign and qualified my answer with my sun is in Scorpio in a packed 4th house with moon and rising in Cancer. I remember Elsa once said the sun is where you shine. I really took that to heart and focus my efforts at home. So while I do feel my sun sign expresses itself in certain ways, inquisitive, investigative, good problem solver, the joke in my family is “mom is a fixer.” You got a problem that needs to be solved, talk to me, I’m pretty good at that. I also have a Cancerian side that is crabby, protective nurturing, empathic to the nth degree, I love taking care of my home and family. I LOVE that I make money working from home. I feel my chart is very concentrated in these ways but I’m also trying to harness my Saturn in Leo in the 2nd house. I think I neglect that and I’d like to give it the attention it deserves.

  4. It would be a mistake to abandon our greatest light. The house it resides, plus the aspects between other planets, all contribute to who we are. Some people are not conscious of their sun’s energy, but that does not mean it’s absent.
    Despite having positions and aspects which amp up my emotionality, I still feel the overarching driving force is my Aquarian sun.

  5. My 29° Cancer Sun is in 12th, adjacent to my Leo 4° Asc. While I am a good nurturer (when I’m in the mood), I am intrepid, social, and have always felt like a “child of the sun.”

  6. I’m having a sun Neptune transit that’s sapping my energy and I guess it wouldn’t sap my energy if the sun wasn’t important.. I don’t really like my sun placement cause it takes aspects to Jupiter and Uranus that make me very spastic and I guess a bit egoic.. my energies and enthusiasms tend to get wasted and go nowhere.. but hey I have sun/Chiron in the 5th but the Chiron element makes it complicated

  7. I have a 12th house sun which conjuncts Venus in Sagitarrius. I needed to express both Sun and Venusian energies. I identify also with my Capricorn Rising energy (more than ever with the current atellium). The position of the Sun definitely matters.

  8. My unaspected Cap sun in the 11th Sag house has brought me the best of warm fiery best friends over the years, all of whom found me, while I was off in my Aquarian rising/Gem moon air mind, musing on things and staying detached. I’m grateful every day for that 11th house placement!

  9. I have a 3rd house Sagittarius Sun and its only aspects are a sextile to my Ascendant and Quincunx to my MC. When I was a young child, I was very much like my Sun; sports minded and very outgoing and curious, but by my teenage years I felt more like my Scorpio planets and Libra Ascendant. It was like I lost touch with my Sun for most of my adult life.

    Now that I’m much older and retired, I’ve become more like my Sagittarius Sun again. Its like recapturing my early youth in a way. I really feel like I’ve been away from my true self during my life and have finally come home again.

    I wouldn’t discount the Sun sign in a chart. Maybe there are times in your life when it remains in the background, but at some point it will shine brightly in your life.

  10. A great post Midara. I totally agree on the Sun being the gravitational centre of our being, of the Self, Carl Jung and Roberto Assagioli’s devotion to astrology is anything to go by. Much as I view the Sun as the centre of a person’s awareness and will, our inner light and vitality, dominant planets in a chart tend to shunt aside connection to our true self – the Sun.

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