How Does One Find Their Calling In Life?

gliderLately, I’ve been asking people how they came to be what they are, professionally speaking. I asked my new eye doctor this question and his answer surprised me.

He said he was in college and he had absolutely no idea what he wanted to do. But he knew this other kid, who know exactly what he wanted to do. He was going to be an optometrist; that all he wanted, the only thing he wanted and he couldn’t wait! The kid had someone check his eyes when he as eight years old. He got some glasses, it changed his life and from that point on, it’s all he ever wanted to do.

“I didn’t know what to do so I just did was he was going to do; I’ve been doing it for forty years and I love it.”

I asked friend the same question; she worked as a nurse for 40 years. She said she grew up around a man who was a doctor, married to a nurse, so it just seemed normal to her. It was familiar…”

I have little idea how I wound up being an astrologer. It’s an unusual way to make a living.

These two people mentioned, seemed to have glided their way into their professions. I guess I did the same.

Astrologically, the sun in your chart is associated with your vocation in life.

Have you found your calling in life? How did it occur?
If you have not found your calling, what do you think blocked (or is blocking) you?



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  1. I have pisces sun in the 9th and on my midheaven. My first job after high school was a pharmacy tech. My last job ( I plan on retiring from here in 2 years) is working for a pharmaceutical company giving away free medications for people in need.

  2. I knew from early on I wanted to be onstage. However, nobody else wanted me onstage, and others have to let you be onstage. I have the sun in seventh, but I have zero knack for partnering and nobody wants to partner with me, so if that’s what I need, it’s a problem.

    I think what blocks me is acceptance and practicality. I have Saturn in Leo in 10th house, and it’s just not reasonable and practical for me to run my own business (dyscalculia) to do something creative for a living. I’d love to be a famous stage performer and this year I’ve actually gotten to do a lot onstage, but I am generally unattractive, old, and very small peanuts, so that’s never going to become a career, per se.

    I always knew I’d have to have a “settle for” career (clerical worker) and now I am stuck in it. The older I get the more intolerable it is, but trying to find a practical, rational, reasonable job that offers health insurance has not worked either. In the end, the only answer for me is “just keep swimming.” I wish I’d had a calling like “doctor” or something “easy” where you don’t have to do it all yourself and be a financial whiz, but I don’t.

    • @Jennifer Have you tried community theater, as a hobby? Many productions don’t demand auditions, some donate proceeds to nonprofits, some are dedicated to having older adults in the company. Perhaps that would help meet that desire to be onstage ? I see this in my town. It is real.

      How is Leo in your chart? Is 5th house connected to your 10th?

  3. well this couldn’t be more timely….

    “If you have not found your calling, what do you think blocked (or is blocking) you?”

    I think not trusting in surrender and needing to know and my impatience with that blocks it… I always knew what I wanted to be… or so I thought… but it didn’t happen or hasn’t … so I don’t know.

  4. Aquarius Sun, 9th house; School Teacher (at first), now Homeopath/Healer.
    How: School Teacher; by seeing friends apply for Teachers College, I was 17 years old. I got accepted, they all did not!

    How: Homeopath; a friend I hadn’t seen in 15 years, noticed I had carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists, she advised I see a Homeopath. Which I did. I loved the session, process and results so much, I left teaching to study Homeopathy.

  5. Before I had a license my dad had me driving my younger siblings to work and had found me a job at a resort cleaning rooms vacuuming the restaurant and bar he bought a restaurant my dad so I cooked and waitress I married a fisherman and Hunter and I married the land he bought equipment and I started to be the labor but as time advanced so did the request for a larger land development led me to excavation and working with builders got me into design and landscape development my divorce ;having driven large trucks put me in a bus and as a fluke I drove up to a tiny town answering an add so part time at a town hall is now but I was studying nursing in college I have recently Been thinking I would’ve been an artist if I followed my dreams ,as landscapes call me in I have some 50 journals I scribble out feelings for decades thought a book would help the money part I really can’t say what happening with my direction now?I’ve been studying and really I’m a curious person so appraisal most recently has been my thing of study . I am actually considering to collect my soc. Sec. at 62 and rent my house in summer
    To travel?

  6. With Sun in the 4th I admire the nurturing quality of Cancer and like to have the same atmosphere at work as at home! This is easier when you own your business. I should have been in real estate or the hotel/restaurant (which I did as a student) industry but opted into giving people security by dealing with their finances and estates! My outlook has gained me many faithful clients!

  7. I have envied people who knew from the start what they wanted to do in life. After all these years I still don’t know but suppose it might come clear in hindsight as to the life I will have lived. I think some people’s purpose isn’t tied to a vocation or career but to what influence they have on people along the way.

    • Your last sentence is the thread the weaves true for me, GTO. I have had professions, but the journey since they ended is more the ‘calling’.
      Bits and pieces of those professions surface , like ‘corpses’ (a favorite Elsa term) to tempt or entangle me in old identities and skins that no longer fit; my soul sings me away from the corpse. ‘Callings’ in my experience are more difficult to hear if the internal work ain’t done yet. Late Bloomer, lots of Saturn and willingness to look foolish seems an odd recipe but it’s helped me to keep on responding to the calls.

  8. My Libra-ruled 8H Sun’s strength is ulitized when I advise others regarding metaphysical issues, offer financial and divorce advice, and act as a patient advocate. I have Saturn (mentor/advisor) on my 10H/11H cusp, asteroid Vesta (investments, caretaker) in my 6H, and my SN in my 2H.

  9. I don’t have a “vocation” per se, but I always seem to end up back in the service industry. Cycle of poverty or sun in the 6th? I am a good waitress, efficient, but certainly can’t hide the attitude; I am surly some(all)times! Always envied people who knew from a young age what they were going to do. At once point (age 9) I thought I might be a nun ha! I have Chiron on the Midheaven, opposing Saturn/Mars, I feel this is a source of blockage for me, not the least of which in regards to vocation. My weaknesses are often humiliatingly visible.

  10. The calling of most of us is simply to stay alive.

    A lot of professionals are there because they came from families which pushed them into those jobs, and had the resources to make it happen.

    Let us not kid ourselves. There are 8 billion people on this planet and they all have “vocations” they want to devote themselves to?


  11. I have not found my calling in life. It’s a perpetual struggle and honestly, I’ve grown depressed over it for many years over the pressure to do so. I’ve only recently felt, after a reading with a past life psychic, that…

    I don’t have to find a calling in life.

    I just need to do the next right thing that truly helps people, learn as much as I can (however slow that is), get up and try again, and watch my expenses. That’s it.

    Eff the rest.

    Scorpio Sun and Pluto in 6th square Midheaven.

    Not a great experience for a Capricorn-influenced person, but there it is.

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