How Do Your Handle Your Bad Investments?

When you realize you might be making a bad investment, what do you do?

Do you cut and run? Double down? Freeze like a deer in headlights?

I am talking about financial investments as well as emotional investment you make in other people.

What is your style here and where is your Mars?


How Do Your Handle Your Bad Investments? — 22 Comments

  1. I have gotten pretty good at silently detaching, and then conpletely letting go, after I have become fully aware of the bad investment and how it effects me, emotionally wise anyway.

    Financially, I just let it go with out a second thought to it, and chalk it up as lesson learned. Mars 12 Aqua,Retograde,Conjunct Aqua 8 degrees Moon, and 14 Aqua NN, all in 2nd house.

  2. Hmm first I cry. Then I call someone and to seek help. And then explore all avenues. I’ll work hard to get out of my bad investment. Usually my investments are pretty epic, yeah we are talking the bad ones too. I never do anything in a small manner.

    I can also be very detached about my problems.

    Virgo Mars 9th house trines 1st house Capricorn Venus

  3. I definitely freeze. Libra Mars isn’t sure what to do until the facts are in and most of the avenues are at least semi-seen.

    Once that happens, it can go either way. I can sit tight to see if things turn around or I can cut bait. Depends on my mood/gut. 🙂

  4. detach and transcend. Mars aqua and stellium in 12th house scorpio. But this only happens when it is absolutely hopeless. I like to stay optimistic (moon and asc in sag)

  5. Mars in Libra.

    I usually try to keep the peace and work things out, but then when it becomes more than obvious it’s a “money pit” I ditch the whole thing without looking back. Usually that’s after seeing the investment, whatever it is, has been unfair to me. (Or I have been being unfair to myself)

  6. Mars conjunct Pluto in Virgo in the 12th house. First, I try to fix it or transform the problem (if financial or work-related). I usually end up fixing it. My track record with people isn’t as good. If the relationship (typically with casual work colleagues or acquaintances) goes bad, it tends to go bad fast so I amputate with as much diplomacy (Libra rising) as I can muster. I’m not one for apologies or long drawn-out excuses–from either side.

  7. Cut my losses, cry a lot, and move on with my chin held high.

    I figure learning I’m throwing good money/time/energy after bad is better than carrying on clueless.

    Mars in Aries/4th opp. Pluto, sextile Jupiter.

  8. it all depends on my comfort level. if it impedes on my comfort level i cut and run. but if i am relatively comfortable, it takes a while for me to make the decision that’s right in the long-haul.

    mars conjunct moon in leo.

  9. i let go.
    but it might take awhile before something cuts through the denial enough that i realize it.
    at least, with people.


  10. I believe in the motto “When you’re in a hole, stop digging,” but I often fail to live up to it. I tend to get paralyzed and let things go on way too long before making a move.

  11. Mars in a very bad shape – I don’t invest. I don’t invest money. When I invest energy, I make sure it goes to places where I won’t mind even if it goes wasted.

    Mars in hard aspect with Moon, Sun, Saturn and Neptune, so I learned it the hard way, but once learned, I can channel it the right way. I still make the odd mistake but hey, we all continue to learn!

  12. I used to try to make it work, then cut my losses. Now, still do the same, but I cut and run much sooner on than before.

    Moon-Mars-Mercury conjunct in Leo in the 8th

  13. what a mess, both financially and emotionally I hold on with a death grip – too long.The less emotional I am the better decisions I can make, in general. I think taurus mars makes people really stubborn and slow, but not very smart or intelligent about cutting losses

  14. Plan escape. Amputate. Regroup. Leave. Try to block my path, and I will destroy you. Virgo/Mars h.1, has no stomach for drama and b.s. My Leo Sun lands on her feet.

  15. Cut and run. I’ve learned to trust my gut, whatever that is. Maybe it’s the best my neptunian mars in pisces can do. Oooo, it’s borderline 2nd-3rd decan. Is that the scorpian cut and run you spoke of?

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