How Do you Get Out of a Conversation? Ask a Gemini!


Yes, it will be terrible when you leave. Absolutely tragic. Now if you’ll excuse me…

A phenomenon I see all the time when two people are talking is that one person will be excitedly yammering away while the other person squirms and ages ten years. They desperately want out of that situation, but they don’t know how to do it! Or at least, they don’t know how to do it without hurting the other person’s feelings.

When I was thinking of how to get around this, at first I thought that Libra night have the answer. Libra is all about social grace, after all. But then a few real-life experiences showed me otherwise.

Two of my best friends both have Libra Moons, while my own Moon is in Gemini. I have seen them both struggle to gracefully exit situations that they very much wanted to get out of. Recently, one friend and I were on a fun outing when we ran into one of her family members there as well. Well, this family member became a bit of a barnacle, asking us to function as babysitters as well as sort of crashing our party and making themselves a third wheel. Normally this wouldn’t be so bad, but my friend and I only get to see each other a handful of times a year! So we obviously wanted to use our time to catch up. As her family member got more and more attached, and as I got more and more irritated, I could feel her squirm. Libra wants to be fair!

“I know he’s driving us crazy, but he IS family,” she sighed, “I don’t want to hurt his feelings.”

“I know you are afraid of being rude, but I’m not. Let me handle this.”

“Oh no. I do not like where this is heading.”

“Just trust me, okay?”

Her family member came bounding up. “So what are we doing next?”

I smiled and breezily replied, “We’re going to go ahead and peel off and figure it out ourselves. It was so nice seeing you! Byeeeeeeeeeee!”

See how easy that was? That was pure Gemini right there. Gemini knows that if you say anything casually enough, like of course the person would accept it, it turns out that people usually will! Where Libra is concerned with fairness, Gemini recognized that it’s actually less fair to allow someone to keep bothering you without realizing it than it is to just end it quickly. Wouldn’t you rather not be on someone’s nerves, even if it means the conversation is cut short? I know I would.

So the next time you’re stuck in uncomfortable or boring social situation, try some of these Gemini gems on for size:

“It’s been great talking to you! I’m going to go mingle. See you next time!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I need to excuse myself. If I don’t see you again, enjoy the party!”

“I’m sorry to cut you off – I need to (step away for a moment/excuse myself/ take this call/tie my shoe/plot the downfall of several major world governments). Maybe we’ll pick this back up later!”

“Oh. How fascinating. Anyway, did you hear about (subject change)?”

It might feel rude or awkward at first. It’s okay! Just know that virtually everyone would rather be cut off than be on someone’s nerves. It’s a mercy to everyone involved.  And remember – if you’re breezy enough, you can say almost anything! Take it from a Gemini.

What are your tips for making a graceful exit?

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How Do you Get Out of a Conversation? Ask a Gemini! — 12 Comments

  1. Haha! Great post. When I’m in these situations, I excuse myself and go to the bathroom – even if I don’t need to use it. By the time I go back, the tedious person is somewhere else, or I can acceptably find a different seat or person to talk to without being rude or the other person losing face. Works every time. I’m a triple Aquarius (Sun-Moon-Mercury). Just try and pin me down with your boring small talk, go on, try.

  2. All the Gemini gems you mentioned in your post, I use. I have Moon in Gemini.

    My husband cannot end conversations and often finds himself holding long conversations that get in the way of his jobs, projects…I often take pity on him and come to his rescue.

    Sometimes I come to his aid as I need him to help me with something or we need to go somewhere.

    I’d recommend practising the above suggestions. They work wonderfully!

    Those who feel guilty or bad in some way for doing the exiting-act can spend some time around any balanced/well-rounded Aries Sun people, learn and be amazed. That’s one way to deal with those feelings…

  3. My father in law Virgo sun, Virgo venus, Scorpio mars, and Libra moon (he’s actually a libra moon, not virgo) will just say it bluntly (scorpio mercury) sometimes his libra moon is not working so his scorpio will blurtly say something harsh. lol Like say, hey you talk too much dont do that or hey, your english isn’t good, you need to go back to school to learn again. I think because he has had enough patience and then boom, cant take it anymore. because i’ve seen him use that libra moon dont rock the boat but that scorpio kicks in at times. If other people around him are more blunt he will step back and let them rock the boat..but if there’s no one else, he will have had enough. I’ve seen my mother do this, she has scorpio mercury and she’s libra sun. but she does have aries mars so that could cause a ruckus with bluntless too.

  4. Very true!

    A co-worker (Gemini Sun-Mercury) is very good at abruptly walking away in mid sentence, out the room to a far far place not visible. Maybe even resorting to going to the toilet with her phone and sitting and reading for 20min i.e. running away from the situation.

    I am too the point! No misunderstandings.

  5. This is true of a Gemini Moon woman in my life. She does exactly as you say, and it works. The only downside is that she does manage to hurt people just the same, but she lacked the sensitivity to care. Good for her I guess?

    Anyway, she kept them around as “friends” and would listen to most things they would share with a blank look on her face before changing the subject or hastily leaving, and then mocked them behind their backs. I figure she did it to me too so I kept my distance. She would never just come out with it so you never knew what she liked or didn’t like. On top of that she seemed to enjoy leaving people out by announcing plans she knew they couldn’t participate in, just so she could say she included them and still only hang out with those she wanted to.

    Anyway, your example honestly would probably have upset someone like me (Cancer Moon here!). The abrupt leaving would leave me confused because I wouldn’t understand why. I’d just think I was being left out or that I was disliked or annoying. I’d rather if the person let me know that they never see each other and are dying to catch up and I’d understand and back off without another word. I feel there is value in truth, even when it hurts tbh. I realize, though, that not everyone is like me, so the Gemini Moon approach will probably sometimes be 100% necessary.

    (I attract Gemini Moons like bees to honey for some reason! I have no idea why they like me!)

    • But how would you get out of a conversation like that, dolce?

      I’m kind of overwhelmed by too many people weighing on me these days and I told one I was too overwhelmed to talk.

      How do you handle discomfort with a moon like yours? Do you find that you’re driven by discomfort?

      • I’d tell them what I’d want to hear, which is the truth. “We need to catch up, just the two of us, we haven’t seen each other in a really long time.” I kind of go by that rule for myself – do unto others. However I also acknowledge that some people you just have to say something and bolt. Know your audience, right?

        It depends on the day how I handle discomfort. I’d honestly change my moon sign sometimes! I’m not driven by discomfort. My Cancer moon teams up with Mars in Libra and this is just my way. I always want to do the kind but also fair and right thing.

        • Idk.. when I sense that someone has closed themselves off to me or is being mean I am sort of ready to defend against the discomfort of being unwanted.. I also do leave uncomfortable situations.. I haven’t been the most polite if I feel cornered or hurt or excluded..

          But I have a progressed Libra moon now..

          • I hear you.

            When I wrote “My Cancer moon teams up with Mars in Libra and this is just my way. I always want to do the kind but also fair and right thing.” I should have added “and have that done to me.” I expect that kindness and it’s frustrating to me when others don’t feel the same. Or they see it as no big deal. I have Sun/Moon/Mercury in the 3rd so have some Gemini/Mercury flavor but the insensitivity of Gemini I can’t relate to. Don’t hang out with me if you don’t like me! You know?

            Defending against the discomfort of being unwanted can hurt so it’s good that you can do that. I sometimes have to remind myself it’s ok to be unwanted, not everyone is going to like me. I’m only hurt if I like the person who doesn’t like me back!

            • Dolce, I just wanted to say that I have Moon in Cancer too (and Mars & Mercury in Pisces) and can relate to what you’ve said. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that kind of breezy brush-off either. It’s not something I tend to experience though as I’m super sensitive to the other person’s responses and cannot continue a conversation if the other person begins to look the tiniest bit distracted or uninterested. I sometimes wish I could be a little bit less dependent on positive cues when interacting with others.

              • Thanks Dee 🙂 I hear you and totally relate. I need positive cues as well because I want to know that the person actually wants to be around me or is interested. Otherwise I just don’t bother beyond the superficial.

  6. 4 days off Gemini, this Cancer has used a similar technique for years, and it works. A slight edge of hutzpah and humor leaves folks a bit spun, but generally no hurt feelings.

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