How Do You Feel About Voting This Year?

voteI have a hair appointment today. The salon is one block from the courthouse so I’m going to get in there and vote. I will be so relieved to have this done.  I’d rather clean a toilet!

I’ve never in my life, been so anxious to be on the other side of an election. I’m sick of the churning. I want to see the deciding card, thrown down, face up, for all to see.

I was talking to a client about this, briefly. We all have a side.

I asked her if she would gloat, if her side won. I don’t think this would be a good idea.  Jupiter in Libra.

What do you think? Do you expect your side to win this election? How will you behave if they do?  How will you behave if your side loses?


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  1. I’ve never experienced so much personal anxiety with an election before. During the second debate, the amount of stress I felt just from watching gave me actual physiological symptoms. This is abnormal! You should not have reactions like this from watching a debate, especially if you are like me and avoid most discussions about politics in general due to the fact that no one ever agrees and both sides get angry and life is short and I’d rather you be upset with me about something I actually did than the politics of two people I’m never going to meet or work with…but I digress.

    I want to get the voting done already. It’s my little Scorpio’s birthday on the 8th, so that is the best, most sparkliest part of the day, and the only thing that matters to me. This campaign season has been a joke. I’m tired of the back and forth. I have actually lost friendships because I am not on the same political side as another person. It hurts. And this is all such a hot mess; come on, Pluto in Cap, work your magic already! lol

    • I’m in your camp, Goldie. I’ve had to stop watching the news as well because it created anxiety-related stomach issues and sleep nightmares! God help our precious country!

    • I had a similar anxiety during the 2nd debate…I was actually scared of an attack on the air…unreasonable, but I had experienced physical abuse long ago and knew the feeling of being stalked.

  2. I am feeling anxiety too about a potentially violent reaction from either opposing side once a new President has been definitively elected. I think the outrage level and unwillingness to accept the verdict could be potentially explosive. I definitely plan to keep my feelings to myself on this.

  3. We had a resident this past week whose doc called and said to take her blood pressure and pulse every day through the w/e. I went in and she was watching the election stuff on TV–loud, too. Her pressure and pulse were high. I said, “Maybe you should just turn that stuff off.” She replied, “Oh no, I just can’t.” Well, there you go folks. If you want elevated this and that, keep on watching. Lol.

    • Why not read an actual newspaper to get your facts? Articles written by actual journalists? “Tyler Durden” is not someone’s real byline, nor is it a real person, but rather, is a character from “Fight Club.” This stuff you’re reading and buying into is heavily planted. No need to scare yourself silly, just adopt discrimination.

      • People post links to other sites here all the time. I’ve never seen anyone have a problem with it. KaD has been posting here and on the forum for a while and contributes a lot. I guess the only person that can really say yes or no to links is elsa because it’s her site.

  4. Sorry, but I do not believe anything will be over on election day. It will either be time to begin impeachment proceedings or double down on blocking Trump at every step. We are two countries.

  5. As to the election being stolen … and this is anecdotal, I understand … my Colorado friend lives in a very, very conservative county, something like 90% conservative. She did not speak with one person who was voting for Obama in 2012. The election results in her county came back 90% Obama, 10% Romney. It may be time to have a back-up of paper ballot as well in some of these areas? They will never come back precise, but if something is awry, it should at least bring it to light.

    • Insane. The last presidential election (or was it a local, I can’t remember) I actually had them turn me away. It was told my name was not on the list… Despite registering .i didnt kno about provisional ballots, I turned away feeling like fuck it, I’ll never vote again. It would’ve been my first time voting, since I wasn’t 18 in the before election.

      I voted last week, absentee ballot. Since Ill be out of town during the election.

  6. I experience this same feeling, at every election. (I.e. I would prefer to clean anything, however skuzzy.)
    I abhor that segment of political strategies, that sneers at ordinary people. So, when all the options are sneerful.. Well, I suck it up, and choose the least disgusting. 🙁

  7. I absolutely don’t believe it will be over November 9. I don’t even know if I will breathe a sigh of relief after I vote. And I won’t gloat if the person I vote for wins. There is so much work to do.

  8. Just google “life in the Soviet Union.”
    If that doesn’t crystallize your voting choice –
    send your dog to the polls and let him decide.

  9. I’m an American who lives in London. I’ve just mailed my US ballot back last week, 4 months after Brexit. Anything can happen, and it will. Bring it on! Someone has to live through strange times in history, and I suppose this time round it’s us.

  10. Like so many others I voted as soon as I could! I lived through the 60’s and I am a peace-loving person. I am so disappointed in people today…we are all hurting in many different ways but there is no excuse for the anger and hostility that is happening! I pray peace and love will overshadow chaos and hate 🙂

  11. The other day, I read that some schools plan to close on election day due to the possibility of violence. Early voting might not be a bad idea. People are so emotionally worked up now that I expect violence to erupt no matter who gets elected. I expect fights to break out, and relationships to explode.

    How do I feel about voting this year? I feel okay…and a little nauseous.

  12. I am very disgusted to be put in the position of having to decide between “sneaky snake” and “richard cranium”. I will not be voting early I like to go vote with my neighbors. I do expect to win and would be extremely shocked otherwise. I will not say anything if my side wins or loses. Somehow I think that once the election is over things will get really ugly with law suits etc. If nothing else I can cancel my satellite TV and save a lot of money each month and buy books and music.

  13. I am very excited about voting. Finally!

    The fear and negativity have been sucking the life out of people. After the election it will not evaporate, but at least we can make the case that it’s time to let it all go. Start creating a new country where we can all live harmoniously together, working it all out – step by baby step. Different opinion by different opinion; discuss, disagree, confer – but work it out over time….

  14. I like the quotes, “if voting made any difference, it would be illegal” and “i dont care how many people vote, i only care who counts the votes” (stalin)
    Its a dog and pony show, they are both in the same camp controlled by the same puppett master.

  15. I agree with Iris above. No side. I just want to talk about food and deal with the life right in front of me.

    Renee, I have extended family who lived in Russia during the cold war. The stories and experiences they have shared give a perspective not often found in public discussion. The best I can describe it is they are more considered in their opinion. Tempered as it were. Much of the shouting and screaming we’ve seen the last few years or so they shake their heads at. They say “these people do not know, they do not understand, they just create fear and that is just like it was in the USSR” They are sad, too.

  16. I voted on Tuesday. Glad to be done with it, glad it’s almost over. I expect my side to win, but there will certainly be no gloating on my part. It’s not like either candidate is a magic panacea. I hope once the decision’s made, people will be willing to let some of this go and tensions will dissolve. I really hope so. Whoever is in office, it’s everyone’s responsibility to make the world a better place. Not just the president.

  17. Well if it’s anything like post Brexit, there’ll be lots of gloating and jubilation from the winners, followed by recriminations towards the losers for not being happy about the result, and not ‘getting with the programme’. Sigh.

    • Yep, on November 9th, I am absolutely expecting the Trump Train crowd to gloat and crow all over those who didn’t hop aboard. They’re already doing this all over my Facebook feed. Sigh. Jupiter in Libra, my foot.

  18. i voted two weeks ago, for much the same reason. this whole business has been making me sick.
    i’ll be working in europe for several months out there. i might just end up staying, if my country starts to look unrecognizable to me. but i don’t actually expect that to happen.
    i’m not one to gloat. there’s too much work to do and it would be best if we started remembering how to work together, again… i appreciate everyone who participates as a citizen in the democratic process of electing a candidate for office. even with all this ugliness it’s a whole sight better than armed overthrow and pogroms.

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