How Do You Feel About Having Your Reality Obscured?

From the “Enjoy the Lack of Clarity” blog:

joana writes:

“I think I’m feeling that already. I’ve gotten used to this unclarity, this indecisiveness and reality is as scary as ever. I need some cloud, even if just a small one.”

Elena writes:

“Oh hell no. I need reality and I need it bad! I have Neptune conjunct everything in my chart and as far as people are concerned I have been living in la-la land. I need to see them in broad daylight. Warts and all!”

I thought these two comments up against each other were very interesting. Were do you fall on this continuum?

What does Neptune look like in your chart? How about Saturn?


How Do You Feel About Having Your Reality Obscured? — 8 Comments

  1. Saturn conjunct Pluto sextile Neptune conjunct Moon. I am so grateful for Saturn sextile that Moon/Neptune conjunction, otherwise it would very, very difficult to sort out which emotions are mine, and which are someone else’s. Nasty!

    The current opposition is forming a T-square to my Mercury with Neptune in the 3rd & Saturn in the 9th . . . learning to express the inexpressible? Or am I just kidding myself . . . thankfully, Saturn is moving on by the end of June. 🙂

  2. Considering that everything’s been just peachy, I’m a little nervous about the thought of things, um… clearing up. One the one hand, I like truth. On the other, truth can be really ugly and I’ve had more than enough ugly truth over the last several years.

  3. My Saturn is a part of my 8th house stellium along with Pluto, Venus, Sun and Mercury which trines my Neptune-Mars conjuction.

    I guess it kinda evens out for me( the whole saturn/neptune aspect) Im use to a very real unreal reality if that makes sense in a weird sort of way.

    See..Im a Pisces rising and my Neptune-Mars conjuntion is exact in the 10th house, making the neptune apperance quite apparent. People tend to always under estimate me especially my strength (mars). They tend to think Im quite docile, meek, sweet and not very determined, sometimes people dont even realize Im there. And believe you me there is nothing docile about an 8th house stellium which includes a scorpion sun and then I have for back up a helpful lil capricorn moon.

    So Im down with the saturn/neptune aspects and anything plutonic….

  4. I just feel so stupid that I haven’t understood how Saturn/Neptune has been affecting me until now. Now that it’s over.

  5. Hm, well, y’know? I took off my rose-colored glasses once. It was ok. I survived. But, it really wasn’t *me* to be viewing the world unvarnished. So now, I not only wear them again, I also have acquired an entire *rainbow* of glasses from which to choose depending on my mood of the day. Variety is very nice, yes?

    My Neptune is quite happy. It is sitting in Scorpio conjunct my SN, and it trines two of the four planets I have in my 12th house (in Cancer), and trines the stellium I have in Pisces (including my Saturn there). 😀

  6. Hey, Dani, don’t be so hard on yourself! Personally, I find looking back and recognizing patterns to be a lot more manageable than ‘knowing what’s going to happen.’ That’s why the Saturn/Neptune opposition has been so wild at times…there’s just no telling what’ll happen. And we still have a couple of months yet!

    I voted ‘not sure,’ though I can make a guess or two. I was born with Saturn and Neptune trined (part of a grand fire trine). I finally feel like a grown up, but maybe that’s because I am psychologically less cluttered than I was before my SR began.

  7. Golly the whole Neptune/Saturn has been sooo huge for me. This opposition has hit my natal opposition! (T square). So look at this:
    Transitting Saturn conjunct natal Moon (Leo 4th)
    Transitting Saturn opposite natal Saturn(Aqu 10th)
    Transitting Saturn square natal Neptune(Sco 7th)
    Transitting Neptune conjunct natal Saturn (Aqu 10)
    Transitting Neptune opposite natal Moon (Leo 4)
    Transitting Neptune square natal Neptune (Sco 7)

    Golly. I can hardly understand it and it has been going for years…i felt transiting Saturn in the 4th is really hard – body felt heavy, unmotivated, dark, fearful, anxious, insecure. Things have moved through since those feelings and the clouds have cleared some what ie. more motivated. Neptune through my 10th house has loosened up a stiff natal saturn there and bought with it positive work opportunities, however small now, may have long term potentials.
    Give me clarity! have been jarred, shattered and totally destablised for years. Yet have been functioning on some level as work options are there. Bizarre – yes. Complex – yes. All grown up – yes.

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