How Deep Should You Go – Analyzing Your Relationship

dark pathThree more days to take advantage of this…

Last month I introduced a new product – The Midara Relationship Review. Since then, I’ve been working with people from around the world, and the questions have really run the gamut.

Should I have an affair?

Should I keep pursuing this person?

Can my partner and I heal from trauma?

But there has been a common thread underlying every question. What everyone is really asking is:

How much deeper should I go?

Pluto asks us to go deep. To look at the ugly, creepy-crawly underbelly of our relationships. When we look with clear eyes at the totality of our relationships, warts and all, we are able to weigh the costs and benefits and decide what is worth our effort. Relationships are costly to maintain. They require so much from us. And it’s up to us to decide if they’re worth the price.

This weekend’s full moon in Aries emphasizes relationships. If you’re weighing how to move forward in yours, I recommend checking out my Relationship Review. From now through Monday, 10/21, you can get yours for only $95 rather than the normal rate of $110. I will spend an hour reviewing natal, synastry, and composite charts and synthesize the information produce real, actionable conclusions.

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  1. Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn are hitting my chart and it’s getting hard to invest in depth in my relationships. The beautiful types I met in my desperate search are hard for me to connect with now. My social issues and ego issues are coming back up in full force and it’s harder to relate purely.

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