How Can You Overcome Fear? Use Mars.

EnyoWe all know that Saturn rules fear. It’s the Greater Malefic, and in the ancient world, he symbolized lack, endings, and the cold touch of death. That’s pretty spooky! So when we’re dealing with paralyzing fear and icy dread, it’s reasonable to guess that Saturn is involved. But in the ancient world, we might find some disagreement. And the answer, as usual, lies in myth.

In ancient Greece, when astrology was being developed, Mars was Ares. And Ares lacked all the positive qualities we usually associate with Mars. Tenacity, strength, and victory would be later additions to his character, not coming into play until he was exported to Rome. No, in Greece, Ares meant war.

And not the positive connotations of war. Not strategy and cunning, which were reserved for Athena, not loyalty to fellow soldiers, which was left to whatever deity ruled the city, and not even victory or honor, which was Nike’s realm. Ares, the most hated of the gods, delighted in chaos.

Ares showed himself in the shrieks of pain as sword met skin, the panic and terror of a teenage soldier breaking ranks and fleeing, the frenzy of a berserker mowing through the crowd, and the shattered cry of loved ones realizing their men weren’t coming home. Even in the hymns of those who worshipped him, he’s portrayed as monstrous. “Mortal destroying king, defiled with gore, pleased with war’s dreadful and tumultuous roar.” He’s even described as he “whose works, with woe, embitter human life.” This is not a nice guy.

And he didn’t show up to battles alone. He had an entire retinue. They included his sister Enyo, who created the call to war and delighted in all manner of strife and conflict, his son Deimos, who ruled blind panic, and finally, his son Phobos, whose name in Greek simply meant “fear”.

That’s right! In classical mythology, fear was the literal offspring of Ares. And with this background, it’s easy to see why. War was a constant threat in the ancient Mediterranean. Cities and villages could be sacked at any time, and the horrors of war scarred nearly every man, with most having been called to fight at one point or another. Even in the Odyssey, there’s a mention of what we would today likely call PTSD, as Odysseus struggles with depression, paranoia, and flashbacks when he returns home. He would often be found staring out to sea, a blank look on his face. He had seen Ares’ work first-hand, and it changed him.

But there’s a benefit even to this level of Martial fury. You see, Ares brings fear with him. When you’re fighting against him, fear works against you. When you don’t move, don’t act, don’t choose, don’t fight – that’s when fear becomes your enemy. But when you decide to consciously channel your Mars? That’s when the magic happens.

When you channel your Mars, you bring the fear with you. People want to block your way? Not when Ares and Phobos are standing at your shoulder. Life wants to hold you down? Not with this fighting spirit. Someone passive-aggressively pushing your buttons? Let Enyo drag that conflict to the surface so you can have it out. Not sure which action to take? Make a move in any direction, and Phobos will be at your back instead of staring you in the face.

Ares is, as I mentioned, not a nice guy. But life doesn’t always call for niceties, does it? Sometimes life requires a bold, powerful, no-hold-barred approach to our problems. And while few of us like to live in that space all the time, all of us can benefit from harnessing that fury every now and then. So when you’re mired in fear, don’t shrink. Stand up, take action, and let fear work for you.

Have you ever channeled Mars to overcome fear? What was the result?

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How Can You Overcome Fear? Use Mars. — 16 Comments

  1. Once while in college, to help pay the bills, no family, alone in the seattle area , I hooked up with a friend of a friend, a guy named Ty. We rented a house together, and ended up sleeping together, and the whole thing went south very quickly, and I felt myself running dry on the inside – disappearing, lifeless – I can’t remember what shook me out of my stupor to leave, but I knew it was imperative that I not ever see him again. He had somekind of very weird lying type of something going on that was calculated, that I didn’t want to be around any more. ever. I was getting a music degree, so my piano was still at the house and I was there writing some music, and he showed up. I put my head down, refused to engage, and made my way to the front of the house, and he blocked the door – and all of a sudden at the top of my voice I am telling him to MOVE AND MOVE NOW – Get out of my WAY – Move about 3 times in this huge booming voice- and he shrunk up inside, and he crossed his eyes and started mumbling somekind of curse about goblins, or a word like that. One more time I yelled and he stepped aside. That was the last time I ever saw him – but i honestly think – he was not going to let me go until he was through with me, and that would be never… If I not channeled that huge voice – I was going to be in big trouble. There was no thought, I just did.

      • It’s taken time to know and understand, to feel safe enough in this crazy world alone, that I am protected and do have the ability to evoke ‘super’ natural help if needed. only by looking backward and meditating on my life…that is the value of longevity, I guess, lol!!! Thank you for connecting with me!

  2. Mars in Libra here. Too nice for Ares, constant fear of loud noises and angry people. The Power of retaliation can’t be channelled protectively, only because of the discrepancy between my inner diplomat and the utter blind violence out there. Result: scurrying away, constantly avoiding situations with a hint of possibility of chaos.. not an easy life.

  3. I have Sun square Mars (orb of 3 degrees) and my ASC (exact)natally. Right now, transit Jupiter(rt)is exactly trine my natal Mars. The present is the second time in my life (77 years old now)that I have comme under attack from people who had suddenly become very hostile to me. I won unequivocally the first time, although that took more than a year of very anxious existence, with lots of pain. That time it was my job at risk. This time it is my home. Again, I am fighting, but without a prospect of success in sight. Still, I keep seeking a break. I doubt that I am capable of giving up, depite the very uncongenial circumstance I’m in.

  4. Not without the moon telling me it feels like the right thing to do and a rational Mercury to think it through. If Venus still finds it desirable after that, Mars gets the green light.

  5. 0 degree Mars in Pisces.

    F.E.A.R. F*ck Everything And Run
    F.E.A.R. Face Everything And Rise

    It’s one or the other for me, depending on how the action will benefit me. Sounds kind of shallow, but it is 0 degrees Pisces after all… lol.

  6. Natally my Mars energy is volcanic, conjunct Pluto in the 7th and 8th Houses. But, Saturn is the third party in this linkup so the power and the vulcanism has always this limiting/tempering quality. Until it isn’t. Uranus sextiles all this from the 6th House. So over time, the unexpected revolutionary exits or solutions have created surprising Mars-effects.
    I watched this happen this week, when my family was under attack. I saw my Libra son raging and exploding when he watched his son go through his first physical pain (the boy is 9 months old). The Mars in all three of us was playing through the expression of directing fury. I needed to receive the Mars rage of my son, who was receiving it from HIS son. To be a cauldron for rage of another is another expression of directing or ‘mothering/managing’ fire (generational).
    After the ‘war’ the cauldron cooled, turned into an oatmeal bath to soothe and the baby boy is on his feet climbing walls.

      • Good to know:) In my culture, the cauldron, the home of the Pele, holds the fire until she overflows and creates? New land. As a woman of Pele, the learning to be Pele is coming because I am a grandmother; no philosophical or metaphoric one, but a fleshy one:)

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