How Can Libra Make A Decision? — 7 Comments

  1. I love this Elsa! I am a libra moon and this is so true. I’ve been in a stay v leave relationship for too long (family/ friends driven mad by the constant debate I’m sure!). A few weeks ago, I read an idea that to know the answer to any question you should imagine the decision you would make if you could magically make it without anyone knowing.. really took the scales and the people pleasing away and I knew the answer inside… I’m in a deeply unequal relationship that I will never truly accept so need to get out – all so libra. Thank you for reminding me of this 🙏

  2. I have libra on the 2nd house and I’m having trouble trying to decide if I should leave my job right now for something else.

  3. Both of my grandmothers were libra sun and they were both in the family way when they got married. My mom was Libra moon but her Pisces ascendant was often so leading her to delusions and she needed to polar seize things. I have several planets in Libra but they’re in the eighth house and I have a Scorpio sun. I tricked myself into going against my nature and pretending how to Libra like diplomacy not wanting to be in polite and into thinking I was not going to make a decision to not hurt people’s feelings or to not Rock the boat. Interestingly enough I either Drew people who had Libra moon or seventh house moons my 7th house is empty although I was married for 18 years. I also attracted a lot of and still attract a lot of Libra ascendants including my ex George with whom I was in a pandemic born rather toxic relationship when I consulted with you for reading. He could be very charming and yes he had the dimples but he was also very manipulative and one of the few bad Scorpio Moon people or one who used it for evil. After my situation of being in a lockdown and finding paperwork that I found well my mother was ill and being trapped in a house with him and her I also found out that I was Asperger’s which is now obsolete and that I had a completely different person for than I thought I had had for a partner how different birth info I’d had then I thought I had which is rather ironic but I still had Libra too. One of the things that I learned which I don’t want to admit that I learned anything good from George but I did and my one Libra granny used to say if you can take anything good from a bad situation that’s “pissing in the devil’s eye” and between my mother and George and then having a stroke during the last stretch of it, I feel like I discovered all sorts of ways to bedevil the devil blind and in every shade of yellow before it finally ended in November for good. Had one of those moments when he said to me once “you know not making a decision is a form of making a decision” and he was actually saying it about something really selfish relating to himself and his substance abuse and my mother’s resources ironically but it resonated with me it was a form of “crap or get off the pot” I suppose…. But I realized that sometimes my diplomacy has been my own undoing and as many of women my generation and those prior to it and being a nice girl sometimes nice girls and up sexually assaulted or other circumstances that are not nice because we didn’t want to be rude. I was wise enough to tell my daughter you don’t have to be a nice girl if that means you’re in unsafe circumstances…. You can be a kind girl a polite girl but be a smart girl and a brave girl. And I realized that although I have Libra I’m not naturally indecisive and I almost always have an opinion with two fixed signs and a cardinal in my true big three recipe. It’s just sometimes takes me awhile and sometimes kindness is definitely mistaken for weakness. Sometimes we do have to go to the source of what we really really think in our bones so we don’t waffle and accidentally rewrite our history how to politeness or people-pleasing. And having all that Libra at least in my case in the eighth House it’ll definitely nip up and bite us on the table interactive if we don’t face it!

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