How Can Astrology Help Me In A Crisis?

Vintage zodiac paper dollsI had someone ask me what I’d recommend to get a hack on a current problem. What a great question!

Here’s my response…

“If you’re in a big mess, there are two approaches. Keep in mind, I don’t know your level of astro knowledge.  But it may help to watch you transits, close up.

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This gives a person a little edge. It can really help them stay in control through a hard time. Day to day management until you get through the period and things lighten up.

The other approach is broad. You pay an astrologer  and ask, exactly what is going on and how do I deal with it?

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Which is best for you, depends on you. But either approach is likely to help.”

I just got on the phone with a gal, nearly in a panic attack. When I hung up thirty minutes later, she was calm and in control. She had a stradegy down around how she was going to deal with her immediate problem. She had an overview of what was ahead and ideas around how to position herself. She also knew which of her worries could be set aside, completely.

I don’t think astrology can be beat when it comes to efficient, affordable assistance in dealing with a problem. That’s why I am in this field! It’s because it’s terrific!

Has astrology helped you through a crisis?


How Can Astrology Help Me In A Crisis? — 5 Comments

  1. Sort of. I suppose it would help if I could afford to get a reading geared to me rather than relying on sun sign forecasts. 😛 *shrug*

  2. Oh my gosh, many times yes. I also find that following the Moon through the signs is a big help. I know that everyone feels more sensitive today because the Moon is in Cancer. I’m more sensitive (whether I want to admit it or not) and I’ve already gotten my feelings hurt by people who probably didn’t mean to do it.

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