Hopped Up, Dancing In Bliss, Right Into A Wall

aquarius weirdThe moon is in Aquarius this morning, squaring Mars in Taurus. Emotions are hopped up and surges are expected.

Thing is, most of action is taking place in the shadows, beneath the surface.  This complicates things. It’s the aftermath of the full moon.  The sun and Mercury are moving in tandem to oppose Pluto early next week.

I have planets in Capricorn at these degrees so I might be particularly sensitive. But this feels like a slow march towards an inevitable conclusion.  You can see how the Mars-rush clashes with the slow ticking. It puts people on edge and we’re back to, “This apocalypse is taking forever”.

To round this out, Venus is squaring Neptune in Pisces. I would not be surprised to see fantasies of all kinds come crashing down to earth in the next few days. I’m sorry I have to write that.

suspicious mindsIt’s a rough passage here, for most. Keep this in mind when interacting with others because it’s a safe bet they’re being stressed and strained in ways you can’t see. Harming another person or making their day worse is not going to help you but being kind, might!

With all that said, Mercury/Pluto mash-ups are super fertile, like manure that makes flowers grow. If you’re into such things:

Hard Times Lead Us To Think Deeply. 
Mercury Opposite Pluto – Suspicious Minds.

You can go all out an hit the Mercury Pluto tag. I think you’ll see that I love “needle in your groin” energy.  Never mind, Capricorn is involved. Face your fear and get to the bottom of it.

Can you feel the rumbling?

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Hopped Up, Dancing In Bliss, Right Into A Wall — 5 Comments

    • Thank you! It’s hard sometimes, to discern what might be personal to me. And I have to keep these short so I can’t cover every possibility.

      With that said I believe what I wrote up there to be very real. 🙂

  1. Thing is, most of action is taking place in the shadows, beneath the surface…YES! I feel it. Capricorn Mercury and Venus in the 12th house!

  2. Elsa, you summed up everything I’m feeling and dealing with…🙏🏻🙏🏻🤭😇💩🤷🏻‍♀️🌅💜♏️♒️♑️

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