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Libra HomeLibra
Libra homes are some of the best decorated of the signs and Libra has a natural understanding of how to mix and match colors to make their home a showcase for their good taste. A Libra home should be comfortable but eye pleasing because “ugly” hurts the eye of a Libra! Mixing colors is what you are good at and finding some colors in flowers can be a place to start. You can feel quite at home with a sofa in a pattern with complimenting color chairs or even two different patterns in your furniture but with colors that are very similar. Go ahead and experiment with color in your home in the way of matching two to three colors of the same family or complimenting colors and have fun with your home.

You do well with drapes and throws as well as throw pillows and those accents in your home that make it interesting. You do well with mauve, pinks, and lavender and can mix all three in different tones and feel quite at home! Try wall paper if you haven’t yet because you have a great eye for themes in wall paper that compliment your space and furniture. You like quality furniture with an eye on the feminine side which is very pleasing to the eye and inviting. Throws on your sofa of patterns in colors that add to your color palette in furniture are great for you as well because you can mix different prints vey well as a Libra.

Touches such as interesting side tables and coffee tables appeal to the sociable Libra because they add warmth to the home and provide space for you to display those very carefully chosen knickknacks that remind you of loved ones and that look sophisticated and please your eyes. Try a chest of small drawers for an accent piece because you have the ability to take complex pieces like that and make them work very nicely in the home. You also can use fabric so well that you might consider having sofas or chairs done over and covered with the fabric of your choice. If your budget isn’t as big as you’d like to get the look you want, find thrift shop finds and have the re-covered in your favorite colors and patterns. You can design your own throw pillows as well by finding someone who can sew if you can’t and providing them the material you’d like to use! Remember to mix colors in your home no matter how you do it because you have a talent for it and it makes the home interesting. You are a natural decorator and should use that talent to the fullest!

Place settings and coffee and tea sets appeal to you so think about what you choose when you are buying china or dishes for your home. You are a master at dinner parties and like to entertain so buy patterns that are simple yet tasteful and colorful for your table and mix it up a bit. I once knew a Libra that also did a great job using off white for her china and cups but chose a very interesting pattern for them so dining there was always eye candy and very interesting. You do great whether picking a pattern in one color or many colors so whatever draws your eye is probably “you.”

Try setting your table even when it is not in use so you can show off your great gift for plates, place settings and even napkin rings. You can set your table and decorate it and leave it that way so it is ready for any visitors or those that drop by and it will look pulled together and very decorative! You do well with themes when it comes to your kitchen so think about what theme you’d like to stay with and buy those kitchen and dining items that match. Try matching your dining table style with your dish style, for example. You are great for things like cloth napkins which are very “green” to use and also add a bit of class to your table when you are serving or even if you have someone over for coffee! Cloth napkins can be right if they launder well and don’t need ironing so add some more color to your home in your napkins, or buy a few sets of napkins that you can alternate for your mood our the seasons. You should have a great set for cream and sugar to add to your table for serving and keep it in the same period as your dishes and cups.

You do wonders with a hutch so think about finding one if you don’t have one already and display your favorite dishes, wine glasses or other kitchen items on your hutch and keep it close to your dining area. Buying yourself a great set of wine glasses instead of a lot of sets is best so you can invest in quality instead of quantity and have an eye pleasing situation for your guests as well as yourself. Using two to three colors is no problem for you so don’t spare the color if you are not an “off white” sort of person. Hanging pots and pans look great in your kitchen so long as they match so that is also a good idea for display in your kitchen area. Use real pepper grinders and match it to your salt shaker making sure to use sea salt which is not only healthier but also better looking to the eye. You can even set your place settings for coffee instead of a full dinner setting and have a great table for all to see. You do well with table decorations so try picking a theme for your table whether it is floral or taken from a favorite location and buying all items for dining from that theme. Again, floral colors are where you excel and you can combine them with ease.

Your bathroom or dressing room should be very feminine and again, eye pleasing while you find ways to store your makeup and personal products that is pretty and well thought out. You can choose to keep your products in a container under the sink if you don’t have a dressing area and do your bathroom in a theme such as the ocean or even bright if that suits you. Always sort through your makeup to make sure you are not holding on to products too long and allowing bacteria to form. If you can set up a dressing table go ahead and do so which will allow you to display your perfume bottles and nice brushes. You usually have plenty of makeup because you enjoy keeping yourself fashionable and makeup is fine if it is seen so long as you have it organized. You need to remember to clean your makeup brushes with cleaner that is made for that purpose or by using a bit of shampoo on your brushes at least monthly. Try to remember to keep your make up organized whether you use a nice makeup bag to hold what you use every day or a tabletop organizer so you can see your product with ease. Decorating your makeup area is fun for you as well and you do well using things like dolls that are antiques or pictures of you and you loved ones, especially your S.O. Find a lovely frame that is a bit ornate for your photo of the one you love and place it on your dressing area for motivation and to remind yourself that you are loved.

You are a great one for layering fragrance so think about powder, lotion, soap and scent in one favorite that you use as your trademark. If you do find your signature scent there are many sets you can buy that make layering easier and try to find a few candles that compliment that scent. Ocean scents are pleasing to you as are floral so try many different scents before deciding what is “you.” Use music in your bathroom and makeup area as well to get you going in the morning or keep you relaxed if you are going out at night!

Scorpio HomeScorpio
For the Scorpio, powerful colors feed your soul and black, white and red work great for you. I’ve seen Scorpio homes that make great use of black as accents and even walls! You get some strength and relax in the color black and it helps you to keep your energy balanced so don’t be afraid to use black in your home. You also work well with metals and glass because you like the fact that it reflects a person back onto themselves so try using those as well. You can do you home in a minimal style to keep things sleek and somewhat powerful by choosing furnishings such as one large couch with three pieces for your living room in leather or black. You can also use black in a pattern so long as you keep it simple and sleek which suits your tastes. You could try accenting with black in the way of picture frames, pillows and appliances.

Kitchen appliances look sleek and very Pluto in black and are easy to keep clean and easy to find. Shop for simple lines that don’t complicate your intense mind and help to keep you clear for deep thinking. Having one great coffee table with metal, glass or painted wood is best for you instead of having too much furniture in your living room. Scorpio likes to have a bit of the edge in their home so think about power when choosing things for your whole living space. Bare rooms with just the amount of furniture you need work best for you so choose your furnishings very carefully and for the most impact. A black sofa or couch is perfect for you with white accents or leather in the living room makes you feel at home and strong. It’s better to have a couple great pieces to sit on that are leather or framed with metal than to have a cluttered room for Scorpio so think in clean lines when decorating and choosing a theme.

The great designer Calvin Klein is Scorpio and he is a master at minimal decorating and designing while keeping the “sexy” in his work. White also feels clean to you and on occasion the Scorpio is at home in ocean colors so those are another group of colors you can choose to make your home your own. Touches like metal frames for your photos and prints work for you and you can use lots of glass or even collect a piece of artwork to base your living room on that is glass or metal and have it work for you. Try keeping your areas limited in color to add to your power and don’t be afraid to make a statement about who you are by what is in your home. A Scorpio has a strong sense of self and it suits them to have things in their home that don’t compete with them but that compliment them instead. At times sculpture, so long as you use only one or two powerful pieces work well in the Scorpio home.

Too much light in the home can be irritating for many Scorpio so try having heavy window dressings if you live in an area with a lot of sun so you can have that dimly lit atmosphere that works so well for you. Less light is very flattering and appeals to the secret side of the Scorpio so go ahead and decorate how you feel best without regard for what other’s think.

Sometimes the Scorpio eye will be drawn to very powerful images in the way of hanging art which other signs find too harsh for them. Go ahead and use that intense art that you love and showcase it with track lighting that you can manipulate to shine where you’d like it to. You can also light certain places or things in your home and not use bright lamps to get the mood that makes you feel best. Having lights placed in areas that you want lit while keeping areas you’d prefer darker works the best for you so think about your lighting when doing any decorating. Photographs, as in artistic photographs, are a favorite of Scorpio because a photo catches a person’s soul for a moment or an intense situation, so think about these things when choosing art for your home. Try faming things in matching frames and having them evenly hung for the most powerful look when it comes to wall art. You probably would enjoy a low level of light in your living room when entertaining so try buying low watt bulbs or finding those lighting fixtures which are not bright and are meant for accents and using them for light. Practice bouncing light off shiny objects in your home for another way of indirect lighting. Most importantly, you are very sensitive to the “vibes” in your home so check everything in your home to see what energy it gives off.

In the Scorpio kitchen, minimal is best as well while using colors such as black, white and those items that have touches of those colors in their design. It’s fine to use black dinnerware or black patterned dinnerware for you kitchen and dining area, and use tall candles or fat candles that are also tall for lighting. Be careful with scent when choosing candles because you are sensitive to scent and prefer those that are simple and clean or have a musky scent as an exception. Use touches of chrome and metal in your kitchen to break up the theme while keeping a eye out for good lighting when you cook. A dimmer would be great for your dining area while you make sure your actual cooking area is well lit. A Scorp loves a well functioning and simple kitchen to work in so have your knives well sharpened and keep clean and simple cutting areas open to make things most efficient.

The Scorpio often has a love of actual family heirlooms as well so if you are that type of Scorpio that values those items handed down from generation to generation go ahead an incorporate them into your design. Simple and powerful decoration for your table are best for you so keep your dining table minimal with an eye out for that one centerpiece that makes a strong statement. You dislike a crowed area because you prefer your home, like your mind, balanced and keen so keep that in mind and don’t over shop when you buy things for those areas that you might entertain or work in. A somewhat stark living environment helps Scorpio keep those personal and deep thoughts about life to themselves so you want to carry the idea of one or two great decorations for your dining and kitchen area.

Matching your pots and pans is best for you, and buy those with some shine that reflect a person back on to themselves. Often it suits Scorpio to keep things in cupboards and under sinks rather than leave them out on a counter, and some prefer to dot this with even the simple appliances such as coffee makers! A coffee press is great for you because it is simple, has clean lines and makes a very fresh cup of coffee. Try keeping the front of your refrigerator clear of debris and photos because those can distract you and make you feel as if things are complex. Have matching containers for things by choosing sets of containers that are meant to hold things and keeping them all together for a smooth look. If you are lucky enough to have a pantry make sure you use it to clear out the dining and kitchen space. Even dining areas that are painted gloss black with white accent chairs work well for Scorpio and can even feel “warm!”

Your bathroom and dressing area is another place where “less is more” is best for Scorpio. You do well with dark towels and a white bathroom with only a few touches for decoration. Use a sexy sort of picture in your bathroom, and when I say “sexy” I mean anything from a portrait of yourself to some photographic art that feels sexy. You want to have your makeup area well lit because you are often big on wearing dark eyes, so try having a pull out makeup mirror that magnifies and comes with its own light. You could also use a strong light in your bathroom to set off white walls and see what you are doing and switch to candlelight when bathing to get a more relaxing feel. Keeping the walls very light is best for you in any case when it comes to these personal areas so you get a good reflection of yourself.

When bathing or showering you respond well to those products that exfoliate and get rid of the days energy or that clean your “aura” for the day in the morning. Try products that have ingredients that promote cell turnover and try using bathing tools that help you scrub off the dead skin will not being too rough. Those products with little balls are better than those that have rough salts for your skin so keep that in mind when shopping for bath products. Try things like grapefruit that have natural cleansing power for your ingredients while keeping in mind any mild chemical product that helps regeneration. You love to transform so have your products reflect that and make sure to finish off with something very moisturizing afterwards. You do well with musk scents or clean scents and don’t like anything cloying or too complex when it comes to what you drench your senses in so keep that in mind. Often a Scorpio will fall in love with a strong perfume or scent that makes them feel attractive and if you are the kind of Scorpio with a signature scent make sure to layer it!

Use glass and chrome containers in your bathroom for the sleekest look or try all metal bathroom accessories. Arrange your bathroom with containers that are alike and line them in all one height or try using a tallest to smallest look that is simple and keeps things “your way.” If you are a Scorpio that likes to “transform” through clothing try lining your closet up by look instead of color. You may have one look for one part of your life and another for another part so keep those separate for ease of dressing. If you are one to wear jewelry you will respond very well to metal jewelry and try to keep it in drawers away from the eye. If you are dramatic with your makeup make sure to wash your makeup brushes and tools and to replace your mascara every three to four months.

Sagittarius HomeSagittarius
Sagittarius homes are always very interesting and it’s not unusual to find a home in a certain state or country that is decorated like it is in a different place! A Sag often finds “home” in another state or country and does themselves a great service by decorating their home like it is in the locale they feel most at home in. You do great with home accents that reflect your travels or places you would love to visit. Don’t hesitate to decorate your home like it is on the beach if that is what makes you feel free even if you live in the mid-west!

The other very important basic for a Sagittarius is to have a least some open spaces in your home so you have room to move! You like the feeling of freedom and don’t like feeling trapped by too many knickknacks and furniture so keep this in mind when you decorate! A Sagittarius is often at home in a hotel room so getting them to decorate can be a chore at times. You want to make your furniture theme based on things like period pieces from another time in history, wicker, or any country’s style you feel at home in. Go for anything from Chinese to Mexican when choosing furniture or do a mix of cultures to really get you moving.

You respond well to maps, anthropology styles and items you have collected in your travels. You can hang a great wall map on your wall as a centerpiece for the room or use a great globe of the earth for accent. You would do yourself a service by collecting and framing items from your favorite places, even mixing fabric, paper and objects in three dimensional frames made for just this purpose. Frame your graduation photos to remind you of the fact that you love education and show any sports trophies that lighten your mood because you love athletics. You can make collages of photos from travels to different places or places you admire and frame them for your walls. Don’t be afraid to choose more than one destination to display if you so choose. People enjoy your homes because they are so all inclusive and you can easily create a comfortable living space with your memories or dreams of adventures to come.

Framing a piece of clothing that is from a different culture is interesting as is showing old maps of places that have since changed their borders or cultures. Having a great bookshelf is important for you because you love to read so try having one made by a handy person you know if you can’t afford to buy the one you love. You can even design your own bookcase to meet your needs and find someone to construct it to your liking. Mardi Gras and places like Rio where they have great celebrations get you going as do impromptu photos of yourself and your friends when taking vacations. Some Sagittarius like to think in terms of history as well as other cultures so things like masks from different countries and items that were used long ago also enrich your space.

Don’t wall yourself off by using too dark colors on your walls because lighter colors give the illusion of larger spaces. Choose outdoorsy colors that you find in nature and make sure the color flows from room to room to give you that feeling of freedom. Pets are often your friends so if you have a favorite pet or more than one, go ahead and show the items your pet uses like his or her bed and toys so long as no one trips over them! You love animals so if you don’t live where you can have a pet, think about photos of animals either in the wild or of a pet you once had. You’d be surprised how many people love animals and pets so having that as a theme for one of your rooms is fine and can be very popular.

Going back to color, remember to have enough light reflecting off your walls to allow you to feel the outdoors and think about windows when finding your home. You want to be able to see the outdoors from where you live and if that is not possible it is great to have prints or paintings of great landscapes to remind you of being outside. Let the sun in however possible in your areas by using windows, light reflecting objects that reflect from a window or even artificial lighting if you live in the city and have very little view in your home!

Try finding a large bowl or lovely piece of pottery to hold all your mementos from your life’s experiences and throw things like ticket stubs, inexpensive travel collectables and even costume jewelry you have collected in your adventures so you can touch them and use them as conversation pieces. Make sure your home is open enough to encourage conversation and your dining room area should have a table that allows you to see others when dining without the interruption of large objects on your table. Have refreshments on hand for your friends that tend to drop by and remember their favorite things so you can have them handy at a moment’s notice. Open up your home for parties by using less furniture and choosing seating that has room for as many people as possible.

You never know when your friends may bring friends by and you want to be prepared in every way possible so as not to take your ability to converse away. You love people and often have friends that stay over so if you can, have an area where they can sleep if they end up spending the night or staying with you on holiday! Sometimes it is as fun to travel as it is to have friends in from other places so if you don’t have a spare room try things like blow up mattresses and sofas that make themselves into beds. Welcome your friends as they welcome you when you travel and try having things on hand that they find treats or to replace things they might have forgot. If you’ve not had friends over much try to develop a habit of doing so to broaden your horizons and learn from others as much as they learn from you.

A good sized bag is best for you to carry so try an oversized bag that can double as a shopping bag or a messenger bag that goes over your shoulders. You are the master of the backpack so try a fancy designer backpack to hold all the things you might need when you are out. Try having a “smart phone” to keep all your contacts close and so that you can take them with you anywhere and equip yourself with things like travel chargers for your laptop and phone. Have a kit with travel sized bottles for your lotions and potions ready to fill when you decide to spend the night away and try to buy your most beloved beauty products and hair products in doubles so you can pack easily and so you don’t run out when you are on the go. Keep in mind the airline size that is legal when you are buying anything for yourself and ask yourself if whatever you are investing in that you love can travel with you.

A great camera is a must for you and you should invest as best you can in this item. Often the Sagittarius is so much “on the go” that they forget to take photos of places and friends and find themselves at a loss when remembering trips and people or describing them to others. Get in the habit of snapping photos at parties, events and when traveling and if you can’t find the time to make photos just download to your computer after each event and file into a labeled file whatever it is you have recorded. Sagittarius are great story tellers so don’t get caught without your memories documented so you have great recall of your eventful life. Try old fashioned travel journals for recording everything from great parties, dinners and trips and use your own handwriting if you’d like to delight your family and friends with reading from your adventures. If possible, use a lap top for your computer so it can travel with you and try to get computer literate enough to record and file your adventures well enough to separate them so they can be accessible in the future, even if you decide to write about them later! Also, keep writing instruments handy in your purse and on a desk so you can write your friends in the way of “snail mail” and make their day! Everyone is cheered to hear from their Sagittarius friends so make sure those notes you take on people include dates and such to remind you when you decide to look up an old friend!

Keep your dressing area clear and dispose of all purchases made on a whim that you never use on a regular basis. Try the trick of walking away from a purchase until you have lived with the thought for short time to avoid impulse buys. Try to do the same with food by avoiding over eating by eating slowly and waiting the fifteen min. it takes your brain to tell your body that it’s full. If your eyes are bigger than your stomach or pocket book make sure you have little tricks to avoid over doing it and ways to stall yourself that make you think twice about spending or eating.

Keep your closet full of clothing that goes from day to night in a flash by buying clothes that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Try plain dresses and classic pants that you can use jewelry and shoes to change it up and keep yourself in clothing that is easy to move in and that can be thrown on at a moments notice! Some easy casual pieces like active wear can be used to both lounge in at home and to run to the store in so stock up on those inexpensive items for your wardrobe that do double duty. Changing up your shoes is often a good idea and the Sagittarius should have a good shoe wardrobe as much as a good clothing wardrobe. Often a Sag finds themselves in a position where they have to dress up and don’t have the clothing to do so and the way to be ready is to have classic “little black dresses” in lengths that are not too short so you can wear them year after year by only changing accessories.

Have your hair cut into a style that is easy to do yourself and remember that you may be traveling or visiting friends and won’t have the time to do your hair every day. Try a dry shampoo for your purse to spray or dust on your hair on those days when you are in a hurry to give you more freedom! Get a makeup routine that is simple and natural so you can carry as few products as necessary in your luggage or bag. Try products that do double duty such as lip and cheek products and eyebrow and liner pencils. A good travel brush or comb is great for you as are hair ties that you can carry or barrettes and bobby pins to clip back your hair or to put it up when you need to in a hurry. Try collecting accessories from places you travel like scarves to wrap yourself in while going from a warm place to a cool place. The busy life of a Sagittarius is no excuse for not appearing a bit polished and with a bit of planning you can be ready for your adventures at the drop of a hat!


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  1. Thanks annalisa. We’re re-doing our bedroom for the first time in 20 yrrs haha. It’s going to be grayscale & black.

    Going for a Fritz Lang thing. I think scorpSpouse will like it.

  2. I totally agree with a lot of what you say here Annalisa. I like to mix my whites and blacks with teal, and other rich colors from nature. I have a Modigliani that I match my bedroom colors to and I have a black duvet…which picks up the black in the painting. The only thing is it picks up lint like crazy!! Maybe I need to get a satin one : )

  3. Thank you Annalisa 🙂

    It’s kind of interesting,I’m a scorpio,but even though I like the color black, I wouldn’t decorate my home with it, at least not completely,maybe some pillows and some of my furniture,but I would get depressed if it were the main color. I would decorate it more like an art piece, I guess more like a Libra,but I didn’t read the whole article for them. I want to feel inspired when I look at my home. 🙂

  4. Thanks I really enjoyed your article… I did have pictures of animals around the place until I got a pet dog. I do love very light colours as it creates light and space, considering I have a small place.

    I might add more finishing touches to the place and to myself especially with the shoes and LBD.

  5. I have noticed as well that the IV house, cancer planets and Moon position (by sign and house), has a lot to do with your home style.
    I know a guy who has a Moon conjunct Jupiter in Gemini X house with a Mars/Uranus conj in scorpio IV house; his house is full of african (Gemini)figures (scorpio)

  6. I don’t know how I missed this when you first posted… This is awesome Annalisa! I love decorating! I’ve got a Scorpio rising/moon and I could really relate to most of what you said. I kept having those ‘I do that’ moments! I had to laugh about the pics on the fridge. I had them at one time, and finally got sick of it and when we moved last, I packed them all up and didn’t replace them. I thought it a little over the top when I walk by the fridge now and sigh in relief, but now I know why! 😉 I also really resonated with the part about family heirlooms, photography, and lighting… OK, pretty much everything! 😉 Can’t wait to read what you have to say about Aries-

  7. Just the insight I was looking for! I’ve moved around a lot and never settling long enough to “decorate” or buy proper furniture. My kids have lived in 6 homes and they’re under 10! We recently moved near family after leaving my husband in CA. Friends and family keep telling ms I need to make my place more “homey” for the kids – hang some photos, get window coverings and rugs, get more furniture to sit on! Maybe they’re right, but I hate to bother since we’ll likely move again soon. I also feel overwhelmed by all the decorating choices. I also loathe doing projects like hanging curtains. Your suggestions based on my sun sign really helped clarify why I hate to decorate. I kept thinking it had to be done a certain way and then I’d be stuck with those choices.

  8. Very interesting.
    To the point and detailed to a hilt.
    Yet somehow, I relate to decoration sensibilities of libra, libra venus and purposefulness and functional usefullness of goods, scorpio sun and love for travel, photography, education and souveniers, I dont know how and why – may be saturn in Sag.
    I am quite a mixed bag!

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