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How we live is just as much of a statement about who we are as what we wear. Here are a few ideas to help you jump start your life each day and give you more of a comfortable environment!

Aries HomeAries
Try decorating your home with large open spaces to clear the clutter from you life and your mind so you can create with the most clear mind and ideal area for your very creative life. Clear away any knick knacks that have no place cluttering up your life to get space for what is “you” and what inspires you. Don’t decorate as you think you should, decorate in a way that feels best to you no matter how different that may be.

Accent your home in reds that will give you energy while remembering that there are all sorts of red and you don’t have to stick to apple red. Red wall paper in a classy pattern in great for you and accents like red candles cheer you because of your love of fire and the energy it gives you. Keep your home scented with candles that have a fresh, clean scent and nothing that is cloying and clinging will work in any positive way on your senses. Grapefruit, lemon, ginger, or any mixture with these scents should give you the feel of open and free life. Throw pillows with prints that have red in them are great for you and you can find them in red prints such as red flowers of different reds that brighten your day and lighten your mind.

Buy a nice set of crayon colored markers and a large sketch pad to scribble your ideas on and to draw. You can also learn to journal with these tools and find yourself drawing ideas and making the most exciting entries using colors of the rainbow that all inspire you to think and create. Have space on your floor or carpet to sit on the floor or lie down and draw or write. Don’t underestimate the use of old fashioned writing and drawing with bright colors because we live in a world of computers. You respond to the most basic of stimulation and you will find yourself jotting and drawing all sorts of ideas you never found a way to express by using big markers and big paper to make your mark!

Clear your bathroom of all unneeded product and makeup that you never use but bought on a whim and instead stock it with what you really do need in the way of product. Pare yourself down to the hair product you really use, such as a styling product to use in a hurry on wet or dry hair when you are ready to get up and go as you usually are. Only have makeup products you use everyday and keep tinted moisturizer, some mascara, a lip product and perhaps some powder in your makeup bag to keep things simple for yourself and add space for you to create in your mind.

To avoid impulse buys try holding things in stores for a short while and leave the store or the area while you consider if you really need what you are in love with at the time or you are only going on an impulse that will leave you in a couple days.

To isolate is bad for an Aries so make you home inviting for friends and surround yourself with people who support your dreams, and have less friends that argue with your over your plans when they seem to worry too much. You should have a sort of open door policy for your friends to stop by on your whims with just a quick call to warn you. You should have friends who will support your dreams and even help you follow through with them no matter how big or how outlandish they sound. Set yourself up with coffees, teas and beverages that others enjoy so you have something to offer your friends when they stop by and populate your reality with people to help you achieve your dreams and motivate you to dream more!

Taurus HomeTaurus
Lush and comfort are important to you so decorate your home with furniture that welcomes your body when you lie or sit on it and allow you to rest and relax when you come in the door. Plump pillows are great for you to curl up with and buy them in soft fabrics that comfort you and in colors that suit your earthy palette!

Decorate in earth tones that soothe you. Browns, greens found in nature and blues all relax you and remind you of the outdoors while keeping your mind open and clear. Try blending your own earth tones instead of choosing others’ colors of beige, brown and taupe. Mix colors that are similar in look to get a continuous flow of color from room to room. Try doing the same seamless flow of color for all your collectables by buying them in similar colors that suit your tastes.

Soft candle light suits you and relaxes you so set up your bathroom with candles and bath salts that will soften the water in your tub and light it in the most relaxing way. Get yourself a bath pillow to relax on in the tub and try cucumber products or slices on your eyes while you rest them for the most natural of treatments for your skin. Use bath products that remind you of nature in scents that are natural such as green scents made from the most natural of ingredients to keep you close to reality and ground you after a hard day in the world. Keep your computer away from this area and stay away from your blackberry or phone while dressing or bathing because you need things simple for a bit to keep your head on straight and present the best “you” to the outside world.

Try yoga or meditation as a hobby while relaxing and turn off the television and all music so you can commune with yourself and turn off the outside world. Surround yourself with plants if you have a green thumb to breath fresh air and don’t forget to put some in your bathroom that thrive in that environment! Decorate with plants whenever possible and if you have the good fortune to have the space, try gardening and growing some of your own vegetables and fruits to give yourself a practical yet relaxing hobby that is close to the earth.

Use pictures of loved ones as knickknacks and photos of friends on the walls and shelves to remind you of those you love and who love you. You respond to the most basic of things, love, and you can remind yourself of great times and people in your life that inspire you in this way. Try framing all your photos in wooden frames or frames of color that are earth tones to dial down the drama and show off the more loving of your times in life. Knickknacks that remind you of loved ones are great for you and things your children or loved ones have given you give you a feeling of calm. Make sure all of your knick knacks give you good energy and are not connected with stressful times and edit them according to how your life is going and what is relevant to you at the time. Don’t remind yourself of friendship or loss with what you have on your walls and shelves, remind yourself of being with loved ones and those that share with you and lose the object associated with loss or pain in any way.

Gemini HomeGemini
You respond to stimulus that sets off your senses and you have a great time in homes that have rooms of different colors as you pass through the house. You love the Mardi Gras reality in color so don’t spare it when decorating your home and keep the colors flowing from room to room by using the walls or your accents! You can make your own colors for you walls and set the rooms off that way or collect different colors for each room to give you a need charge as you walk through your home! A Gemini house is a party of color and they mix it up well so let your natural instincts come out and don’t spare the color!

You love a great party so have your home done in a way that is perfect for having friends over and having that sudden get together that everyone loves you for! Make room for seating in your home for friends and neighbors to come over and entertain or be entertained by you. Games are something you love so have your favorite video games ready or even board games if that is your hobby. Have theme parties for your friends, family and co-workers and make sure you allow them to do some of the work and contribute to your collective gatherings so you have a lot of stimulation which you love. Mix your friends together for more exciting parties and watch the interaction that thrills you so much!

Try making collages of your times with friends and trips with family in the form of photos and paper memories and frame them to keep yourself lifted up and keep yourself company while you remember the good times and you beloved friends. You are a great communicator and work well with your hands so think about using “snail mail” to send your friends and family fun notes and cards that are creative and very “you” to cheer them! Nothing beats a great piece of stationary for a Gemini so try shopping for fun stuff on sites like “KnockKnock.com” and find things to send that are as bubbly and fun as yourself!

Set up an office space for yourself to do all your communicating from and make sure you try to get all the gadgets you love so much to help you stay in touch! All your friends and family are usually thrilled to hear from you and you can make your self a colorful office space somewhere in your home to use as “headquarters” for your communication. Use colorful covers for computers and cell phones and brighten up your desk area and day. Consider getting a “smart phone” to help you keep track of everyone and everything that is going on in your world because the more you keep up with everything the happier you are! You deserve a laptop so you can travel with your tools and stay current and remember to have enough reading material to keep you busy because you know that sometimes you are reading two or three things at once! Give yourself a gift of a great bookshelf in a style that suits you. Modern is great for you as far as style and you can find bookshelves in all sorts of styles so try looking for modern materials such as metal unless you are a fan of classics in which case collecting them in wooden bookcases can be a great idea!

As far as personal products, remember that scents like vanilla invite people to you and draw people in which always interests you. Try vanilla and other scents that remind people of food they love to scent yourself, your home and your area at work! You love color so if you are a makeup wearer remember to buy yourself plenty of color to work with in regard to your eyes and cheeks so you can pick which one suits you for the day. You also look great in textured hair so try different hair products that produce different looks. You can buy hair wax for a stand up look or a strong gel or hair spray. You may like your hair smooth one day so buy a good cream product and a good glossing product to use on those days that you decide to wear your hair a bit smoother. Draw attention to your mouth by taking great care of your lips and having different colors to apply whether you wear lip gloss or lipstick, it cheers you to have choices. You also like choices when it comes to bath scents so invest in a few different ones to scent up your shower and body when you are dressing!

What are your ideas for your sign if you are one of the above for making your life more livable?


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  1. these all apply to me so much! which is interesting, because sidereal i have sun in aries, tropical taurus, and my progressed chart shows me as a gemini! i am huge on interiors, and our home has a neutral palette with many accents in the way of pillows and blankets in very bright warm colors, ikat, chevron, lots of prints. but it is free of all other knick knacks, very clean and functional. lots of candles and soft lamps. lots of plants. free of electronics in the living room and bedroom as a rule. an office with the latest in technology – 27″ macs for my husband and me, iphone 4’s, ipads, good stereos. we have a very open home and entertain constantly. i guess what i’m saying is, who am i?!

  2. That red room looks like my dining room, between 2000 and late 2005! The same red on the walls, and a white ceiling/edges/border through the middle (because of the way it connected to another room). I loved that red. (I’m an Aries.)

  3. I love these! Can’t wait to read the rest. The bed in the Taurus pic looks almost exactly my mother’s in the sense of colors and pillows (a Taurus!)….I couldn’t believe it.

  4. I have a Libra sun and lots of Libra throughout my chart. However, my moon is in Aries and a few weeks ago, I bought a manual typewriter just exactly like the one in the pic! I got it for $5 at a yard sale. I’m using it for decoration but haven’t decided how to incorporate it yet. For the time being, it’s on my dining table which doubles as a desk/library.

  5. You are so good at this Annalisa!!! I’m Aries and I love having some floor space , I usually dance a lot and when I need to get creative I lay out huge fabrics all over the floor, mostly sheer ones that I colour with water colors ..just splatter around really (like kindergarden) …simple and fun for me!! Good for Aries to is if they like minimalism it’s better to go for functualistic softer furniture. We hurry alot , and I usally end up full of bruises if my furniture is pointy…I go in sharp turns…and ouch there I hit my shoulder, head or hipbone again:-/

  6. I started laughing here

    *You love the Mardi Gras reality in color so don’t spare it when decorating your home and keep the colors flowing from room to room by using the walls or your accents!*

    My apartment is painted in shades of buttery yellow and a bright spring green, with deep purple accents. Mardi gras, indeed.

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