Holiday Gift Ideas for Taurus 2020

taurus on blueThe holidays are upon us! 2020 has been a crazy year, and with all that’s happened, many of us are a little less prepared for holiday shopping than we normally are. To that end, I’ll be releasing a gift guide for each sign. So if you’re stumped about what to get someone or just too exhausted to think about it, check out the guides for inspiration!

Taurus is one of the easier signs to shop for. Their tastes are simple yet refined. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking pizza and chocolate will cover it. When pondering what to get Taurus, think comfort and quality.

  • To combine comfort and quality, there’s nothing better than curling up on a cold winter’s night all snuggly warm with a nice cup of tea. So why not make that happen for them with a lovely set of herbal tea  as well as some ultra-soft, high-quality merino wool socks  that will last for years? The socks are moisture-wicking and prevent odor, which makes shoes last longer too!
  • Taurus is the ultimate earth sign, and they love to be in touch with nature. And with Uranus hanging out in their sign right now, most Taurus natives could use a little grounding. A great cure for those Uranian ills is a living terrarium necklace or keychain  so they can carry the great outdoors with them wherever they go.
  • If you really want to go all-out on comfort, try the Big Blanket, which is 100 square feet (!) of temperature-regulating, stretchy, cuddly bliss.
  • If you can’t resist gifting your Taurus with culinary delights, check out Goldbelly, which allows you to order from hundreds of iconic restaurants across the US.  Want a jiggly Japanese cheesecake or a classic New Orleans muffuletta delivered to your Taurus beloved? Goldbelly has you covered.

Whether your Taurus is a nature-lover, culinary mastermind, or someone in search of good quality and comfort, this guide has you covered!

What do you think Taurus would appreciate? Add to the list!



Holiday Gift Ideas for Taurus 2020 — 8 Comments

  1. I have a mother who is a Taurus.
    And my mother-in-law is a Taurus as well. Both of them knit a lot and likes good food.

    Some of my successful gifts so far has been:

    – lovely handdyed yarn from small franchises
    – nifty/smart knitting tools
    – good quality knitting needles
    – Good food (eh olive oil, delicious conserved stuff like olives in glasses etc)
    – homemade jam made from this year’s harvest of strawberries
    – something for the garden or a certain speciality plant for the garden in a unique color, eg black tulips, blue azalea etc
    – Soft and luxurious towels for the bath time
    – Good quality leather mittens
    – something made of silk or other ‘nice to the touch’ stuff

    All of them has been well received 😉

      • Haha, exactly – I would love some of those as well…. Scorpio is also fond of luxury stuff for the senses (don’t believe it all has to be mystical and sexy and whips ??)

  2. A great smelling perfume, a box of exquisite pralines, a cashmere pastel sweater, essential oils for freshening the room, bath lotions. I’d also say a hammock. If taurus has a lovely garden and trees in there, he’d gladly use up that hammock in his spare time relaxing among the flowers and the bees. Taurus indulges in all 5 senses, so something among these lines. 🙂

  3. For some reason I want all of these, especially the terrarium necklace and the merino socks. Useful! Merino is very flexible, good for the practical signs too.

    All I’ve ever wanted as a present is a poison ring or a boombox.. or a bike. I like little tchotchkes and rings and minerals. Stickers and notebooks and things. I’ve grown out of it and don’t need much stuff.

    • I still welcome the occasional mineral.. I do like thoughtful small material things.. my exes used to bring me spicy chips or a special coffee.. or a motorbike trip.. small things..

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