Holiday Gift Ideas for Leo 2020

leo giftThe holidays are upon us! 2020 has been a crazy year, and with all that’s happened, many of us are a little less prepared for holiday shopping than we normally are. To that end, I’ll be releasing a gift guide for each sign. So if you’re stumped about what to get someone or just too exhausted to think about it, check out the guides for inspiration!

Leo is known for their big personalities and generous hearts. Nothing pleases a Leo quite like a sincere compliment. When shopping for a Leo, think glamor and heart.

  • Despite their flashy persona, Leos even Leos need a little pick-me-up from time to time. And nothing works better than a gift straight from the heart. So make your Leo feel like a million bucks by writing letters for them to open all throughout the year. This book comes with prompts to help you find the words to tell them how much they mean to you, and the letters can be opened whenever they need a boost. It also comes in multiple versions depending on whether the Leo you’re writing for is a friend, relative, or romantic partner.
  • Leos are famous for their gorgeous manes, and that kind of beauty takes work! So help them out with Restorative Treatment Mask or Split End Serum from Virtue Labs, which has pioneered a version of keratin that is almost bio-identical to human hair, meaning that it bonds to the hair and actually repairs it from the inside out rather than just coating the exterior. It’s a game-changer!
  • If you’re looking for a bit of sparkle with a personal touch, try this dainty, custom-engraved necklace. Add their name, a special message, an important date, or whatever will fill up your Leo’s big heart.
  • When all else fails, remember that Leo is the sign of royalty, and most Leos firmly believe they should be pampered like one, at least sometimes. So indulge your Leo with a full spa day, including a 24k gold face mask, a gorgeous satin robe, and luxurious bath set complete with a golden tote bag to keep them looking stylish all year long.

Whether you’re helping them look their best or speaking directly to their big, soft hearts, this list has everything you need to make your Leo feel like the center of the world.

What do you think fits Leo? Add your ideas!



Holiday Gift Ideas for Leo 2020 — 8 Comments

  1. Due to the fact that there were no leos in real life near me , except a male distant relative that I see once in a couple of years, I’d be in the dark with it but still wanting to write something. Golden ear cuffs and lots of bracelets. A statement piece, a karaoke set- hi leo roars. A hair/head piece like a dramatic hat with lace near the face(can’t remember how those are called) or just something that pops out and looks hot. A huge make up kit. A puffy and fancy carpet (you know the kind), a cat statuete with small diamonds instead of eyes, when you press on its head, her mouth opens and there’s a ring. (umm,yea) Also something related to their reservoir of creativity. For example if they are in the process of writing a book- A papirus kind of thing with a bold pen and a golden feathers for symbolism. If they are in theatre, a reinterpreted costume of their favorite character.

      • I got a bit carried away there. Oddly this came from my subconsciously thinking about movies//leo-entertainment it just flashed big rings, egyptian cat statuette with fluffy carpets and luxurious chandeliers and thought, there’s a leo in that room. ✨ They exist but the diamonds aren’t real or they are bronze, not gold. But we will find that one. ?

  2. My son is a 5H Leo Sun. He enjoys “fun” events/venues like receiving concert tickets and gift certificates for trending restaurants.

    When he was younger, he kept his signature curly hair long. Also, “Words of Affirmation” is his key love language pick. How Leo-like!

    • Those are great ideas!

      And the words of affirmation – absolutely! Not going to lie, part of me hopes that someone I know sees this and gets me that book of letters. 😉

  3. I have lots of Leo in my chart and I am a sucker for gifts from the heart. Also, people donating to charity on my behalf as a gift is something I like too.

  4. This is a great post for sparking ideas, Midara!
    An everyday “gift” that I do, for my Leo Moon housemate, is laundry… no joke. He has three long (below his knees length) “shirts” for wearing after a shower, or sleeping. One is washable (woven) wool, another linen, the third tightly woven cotton (this last one, from the Sahara). Modestly covering, cozy, and airy. Three or four buttons below the collar, and long sleeves.
    I’ve learned: many “dry clean only” fabrics can be washed, and, hand washing can be facilitated by a washing machine – briefly – plus a bucket for rinsing, then drip dry over the bathtub. The rinsing bucket is because, after removing the delicate care garment to rinse and hang, the soapy (detergent, actually) water will clean a load of towels, or darks/jeans… Saying this so that others may experiment, maybe, with fine fabric clothes bought from a store selling previously worn items. Nothing compares to silk, or linen, feeling on your skin.

    Another everyday gift: I cook rice, legumes, potatoes… basics, often somewhat seasoned with herbs & spices, and then say, please use your culinary skills to make a meal from these. By which, I’m the sous chef, and he, the artist. And although we both know, and he says, I could do the last steps to making a tasty meal, this is a tangible way to communicate that I appreciate his food cooking talent.

    ::brimming with ideas for gift shopping, inspired by Midara::

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