Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Sign 2021

holiday giftsThe holiday season is here, and we’ve made it through another whirlwind of a year! Things are still unsettled for most of us, but that’s no reason we can’t indulge in a little holiday cheer!

This year, with supply-chain snarls and a looming Venus retrograde, I strongly recommend getting your holiday shopping done early. To make this a little easier, I have compiled my trademark Shiny Leo List of Goodness to help jumpstart your gift giving. Check it out!


For the Aries in your life, think fun, fast, and competitive. Like Exploding Kittens, a hilarious, action-packed card game that can be completed in 10 minutes, but will probably be played all night!

For the Aries who likes to cook but doesn’t have time to stand in the kitchen for hours, try Granny PottyMouth’s Fast as F*ck Cookbook. It’s funny, vulgar, AND will give them quick, delicious meals. Pair it will a spoon rest that looks like a splash of blood or tomato sauce, and you’ve created the perfect Aries kitchen.

And to turn up the heat just a little bit more, dare your Aries to try this Hot Sauce Challenge Gift Set. Talk about spicing things up!


With Taurus, it’s all about luxury. Take this Weighted Eye Mask, which relieves headaches and eye strain, helping them sink into their body and shut out the world. I have one myself, and a mixture of this mask, clean sheets, and soft music is my personal heaven.

For the Taurus with a sweet tooth (which, let’s face it, is all of them), nothing beats homemade. So give them the kitchen gadget of their dreams in this Mini Donut Maker. Sprinkles, glaze, ganache – the world is their carb-loving playground! Or, if you can’t wait to give your gifts, try this Advent Calendar filled with unique, artisanal jams and honey.

And let’s not forget furry friends! Let their pet indulge in some sweetness as well with these French Macarons made just for dogs! Now everyone can enjoy some luxury.


Gemini needs constant stimulation and loves novelty. So why not try this Shower Curtain Liner with clear pockets just for screens? Now they can watch their favorite YouTubers or put on some soothing meditations while getting sudsed up! And once they’re clean as a whistle, make sure they actually use their sunscreen by making it fun with this Unicorn Snot Bio-Glitter Sunscreen! They’ll never forget their UV protection again!

Gemini also loves to multi-task, so help them out with this new Echo Dot, which provides sound that carries throughout the house, letting them listen to their favorite podcasts while they clean 5 different rooms simultaneously.

And if your Gemini is geared more toward the analog than the digital, try this The New York Times Crossword Book. With this many puzzles to solve, boredom is not an option!


Cancers are known for their sentimentality, so why not give them the gift of memories with this KODAK Digital Instant Print Camera so they can get their gallery wall started right! Or if your Cancer is a little more minimalist, try a Digital Picture Frame so they can store ad display their favorite memories whenever they want.

If your Cancer is a little more old-fashioned, there is absolutely nothing they would love more than this book of letters for them to open all through the year. Every time they need a boost, BAM, there’s a letter filled with the exact mushy comfort they crave.

And finally, Help your Cancer get in touch with their lunar roots with this gorgeous Moon Lamp that fits every type of décor and will have them drifting off into a sweet moony dreamland.


Everyone knows that Les are absolute rays of sunshine. This year, give a little light back with this Sunset Projector Lamp, which is perfect for selfies, videos, or just mirroring that signature warmth that every Leo exudes.

Leos are also known for their artistic flair, so get their creative juices flowing with this gorgeous Paint by Numbers Kit! There are tons of paintings to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that fits their unique style!

And no post about Leo would be complete without hair products! This year, help them protect their mane with a Satin Sleeping Bonnet. I’ve been using one for months and my hair has never looked shinier! And then help them show off their healthy locks with a gorgeous, crystal-covered padded headband. It’s sure to make them feel like the royalty they are.


Virgo is all about efficiency. A gift that makes their lives easier is always a hit. Like this Smart Notebook, where they can write and store all their notes digitally, then wipe it clean and start a new project!

Speaking of efficiency, anything that helps Virgo keep their life clean and organized is a go. So throw in some oven liners or this UV phone sanitizer as a stocking stuffer to make their lives just a little easier.

And finally, Virgo is known for their love of furry friends. Make them laugh with this Squirrel Feeder Picnic Table that is sure to delight them all season long.


Libra, above all, needs beauty, love, and balance. Make them feel extra special with this dainty necklace you can customize with their name or whatever sweet words will make their face light up.

And speaking of lighting up, this Magnetic Balance Lamp is a sure hit. This sleek, gorgeous lamp turns on by bringing two magnets near each other, and they hang in perfect balance. A description really can’t do it justice. You just have to see it!

And finally, help them level up their love life with my Relationship Review. It’s my best-selling consultation for a reason! It’s deep analysis that is full of heart, and with a real human writing every word.


Scorpios are notoriously hard to shop for given their dark and mysterious nature. But if you match them mystery for mystery, darkness for darkness, they’ll be in love. To that end, I recommend Werewolf: A Party Game for Devious People, in which anyone could be a villain, and it’s their job to discover who.

You can also lovingly indulge to their famous ability to hold a grudge with this Grievance Journal. It’s important to keep those grudges organized! Or you can give them a pack of Shakespearean Insult Bandages that will keep them laughing and give them a little inspiration for their next battle.

Finally, everyone knows that no one is as proud of their sign as Scorpio (well, Leo might be a close second!). So get them a candle made just for them from Malicious Women Candle Co. They smell great and will make them feel like the badass they are.


For Sagittarius, think adventure. Like this Water Filtration Straw, so they have clean, drinkable water no matter where they end up. Whether they’re camping, hiking, or wandering the wilderness, this straw will be their best friend.

Help them adventure a little closer to home with a Hoverboard! They’re silly, fun, and easy to learn while being difficult to master. It’s the exact kind of gift that will bring hours upon hours of enjoyment, but that they’d never think to buy for themselves.

Finally, engage their ribald humor and honor their famous equine haunches with this firming Butt Mask. It’s sure to help them show off their assets.


Capricorn is known for their ambition, work ethic, and dark humor. So why not engage all three with I’m Dead, Now What?, an hysterical but incredibly practical and detailed estate planning journal. It’s dark, but every Capricorn I know would get a great laugh…and then get to work actually planning.

Even Capricorns need a little fun in their lives, so help them lean in to their natural tendencies toward building with this gorgeous LEGO Architecture Set. Or if your Capricorn is a little more crunchy, try this Geode Kit. They get to hit a rock with a hammer AND get gorgeous natural décor out of it? Win-win.

Finally, help them embrace their inner Saturn with this elegant wooden puzzle clock that will fulfill all their steampunk dreams.


When shopping for Aquarius, think novel and cutting edge. Like this Virtual Reality Headset that will help catapult them into the future and let them explore new dimensions of reality.

You can also help them bring their sci-fi aesthetic to every inch of their home with this Cyberpunk Night Lamp, the décor of their futuristic dreams.

And to relieve from tension from all the pressure of fixed signs, get them this set of Human Face Stress Balls. They’ll be too busy laughing at the weirdness to be upset!


With Pisces, think dreamy and sweet. Like this Smart Bulb with over SIXTEEN MILLION color combinations, to no matter the mood, the ambiance will be *chef kiss* just right. Or even better, take them camping with a packet of Magical Flames. Just throw it on the bonfire and watch the fire turn into a kaleidoscope of rainbows.

To help them get into their state of spiritual flow, grab a Reversible Yoga Mat with gorgeous art on both sides. Finally, a mat as mutable and adaptable as they are!

And to help them rest after a long day, be sure to pick up this ultra-luxe foot bath with heat, vibration, bubbles, and massage. It’s a quadruple threat!


No matter who you’re shopping for, this list is sure to give you a little boost of inspiration! And for even more ideas, check out last year’s list! Also, feel free to add your own ideas in the comments!

What are you buying this year?



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Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Sign 2021 — 5 Comments

  1. Your gift ideas gave me a chuckle, more than one, and a surprising jolt of Scorpio insight about holding grudges. First thing in the morning, after a long night of dreams, your shiny Leo post was a gift! Lol. xo

  2. These are great! I love the squirrel picnic table.

    Also, I bought the Bonne Maman preserves advent calendar for all 4 of my siblings last year and had rave reviews all around. 🙂

  3. I resonated more with my ascendant for this post (Virgo) rather than my sun, which didn’t appeal to me at all in any way (Aries).

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